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Hannah's in trouble.
She's locked in this house and her dad's a psychopath.
Does she have a friend?
The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena.
These are all Goosebumps manuscripts.
Why are these books locked?
Did you unlock a book? Oh, no.
I'm sorry. I'll put it back where it belongs.
Look. Here is it. I'll... No, don't open it!
Well, Odeya, the Goosebumps series is so iconic.
There's almost 200 titles in total.
How does the film approach all of that incredible content
from a plot point of view?
Well, the film doesn't follow a specific story.
We have all the monsters included
and we've included an element that's not even in the books,
which is R.L. Stine,
so we get to see the genius behind the whole Goosebumps phenomenon.
I could have killed you!
You play the real-life author of the series.
What was your approach to playing Stine
and how creative were you able to be with your character?
Well, let's be honest -
I play a character named R.L. Stine,
but I'm not playing the real-life R.L. Stine.
None of this stuff happened in R.L. Stine's life.
It's a work of fiction, obviously.
There's real-life monsters roaming the land.
Uh, and I'm...
I crafted my character in a way that I thought fit the movie, you know.
He had to be, um, very dark and intimidating and a little scary,
and so that's what I did.
What are you doing here? Go home!
Not until you explain what's going on.
I can't explain it.
We were almost just eaten by Frosty the Snowman, so try!
OK, look, when I was younger I created my own friends -
monsters, demons -
to terrorise my neighbourhood and all the kids that made fun of me.
How excited were you to, um, land this part?
I would never assume that I would be associated with anything
that has the Goosebumps title.
Like, just having the logo casually sitting there right now
is just crazy.
It's surreal. I...
If I went back and told my lil' Dyl self...
Lil' Dyl. ..I would, uh...
I don't know how I would react.
I wouldn't believe me, you know.
Your head would probably explode. I know.
You just released every monster I've ever created.
Run! Go, go, go.
I'm stuck. Go on without me. Save yourself.
OK. Good luck.
No, I didn't mean it!
I scare pretty easily and I read that you kind of do too.
Yeah, that is true. What you read was true.
I am confirming it right now. I am terrified of everything.
Were there any genuinely scary moments
during the filming of the movie?
OK, there was a scene where I was supposed to be scared
but I was actually scared
because the ghouls, the zombies, they were chasing us,
but they were also kind of, like, coming alive as they were doing it.
They were really in character when they did it.
So that...that terrified me.
Every reaction shot that they have of me...
That's all real. I was terrified.
The film is a veritable monster smorgasbord.
Which one did you find the creepiest?
It was Slappy. Slappy is the ringleader.
He's the smartest monster in the room.
He's always two steps ahead of everyone.
He's an evil genius.
There's nothing scarier than an evil genius.
I don't want this day to end and it doesn't have to...
..as long as we get rid of Stine!
There are some epic horror movie screams in cinematic history,
but you just take it up a whole other level.
Does that come naturally to you,
or did you spend years mastering that amazing scream?
Unfortunately it comes very naturally.
People have been like, "How did you prepare for that scream?"
And I was like, "Uh, it just... it just came out."
(WHISPERS) Nobody make a sound.
And then guys, just finally, why should people see this film?
Why should people see Goosebumps?
Um... Besides your screaming.
Yeah, besides my screaming, it's fun, scary...
Um, action adventure film with a bunch of kids and Jack Black.
It's going to be cool.
I think people should see this film
if you've read the books and you want to see all the monsters,
if you want to really laugh
and get to experience Jack Black, um, and all of us
and, uh, I think it's really great for families.
There's not that many family movies. So, yeah.
I agree. Thank you so much. Thank you.
VOICEOVER: Experience more monsters than you've ever imagined...
Hurry! This way!
..in one incredible adventure.
Can't you drive any faster?
Does someone else want to drive? 'Cause I'll pull over right now!
Maybe they're friendly.
Not friendly. Definitely not friendly.


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