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so you know I was just thinking you two have been talking about the film
premiered in September
and that's a long time to to talk about
these to roll to do you ever feel like you're going into sorta
wrote never right never no I never feel now
no Naku and that's the first time I've been asked that question
yeah died and didn't know what
just let me fight nah let you speak for
ok thanks kinda be idea is its Randy VV other film or a row that you
you can talk about to this extent that she for Phil's
part to the purpose so why we did it in the first place which is to get the
story to his broader audience as possible
and so while summer that is
the summer the timing is a bit odd not least tonight but you know it's summer
is the repetitive in his nature but weirdly you don't need you don't regret
it don't you
the churning out something the if it's felt
it doesn't matter what you say how many times he said if it really matters then
it comes across and that's certainly the case with maturing story
on I've opened so yeah
I mean its it's gonna be nice to talk less about after the weekend but
who I when I was today fun is what we have she see a clip for the film ago
that was it that's why we're doing this is what we're talking about it it's just
work we did on the day
and that's very odd because he said he was there is this Aitken gap between
the end but with the day's a production and little and then seeing it let alone
talking about it again and again in this in this context did you wrap up
production on it
last november yet December the first so so so I think yeah
ok to me his name yeah right step a long time ago me
I with Alan Turing it did you grow up knowing much about him
about landing sent to what he went through
not really I mean I I was aware of him through a.m.
the he went was play breaking the code which though jacki starting
I'm is sublimely and he was the I saw the televised version of that play
a while ago I mean that we must have been 92
running in a district 8 anything about it until we started yet
thank you I V CAST insight
the US you read the article in The Guardian about guiding which would have
been about 2009
which is the best time night had to them well tell me what with this article in
The Guardian
it was basically his story and it was one of the push is trying to impart
before he finally was a and it was sort of saying
his part in the second world war two break Nick MacLeod and
what happened to him what the British government did ten and I remember
reading and being completely shocked
an angry I didn't know who he was when he done in what has been done to him
and particularly as somebody who is a bit of a history buff you know I II and
particularly that period I really enjoyed reading about that period how
missed it completely and and I think it's the same unit the same
reaction that people have when they come to fill in when they do find a out into
the first time you can't help but be angry
that to a large extent his his name was
was last not too much petitions scientist but to people outside
arena what drew you to agreeing to do it are
you know going for it I think it really was what your everybody to the project
which was just that
cents that there had been a great injustice if you could possibly get
beyond ensuring story out that too
a wider public then then we'll want to be apart trying to do that
you know and I think that's why when you look at this cost it's an extraordinary
cost about $2 is
who are coming in for a very small little bit because they want to be a
part of that so it was it was really that
and then you know i i completely lucky for me that it was also a
an incredibly interesting character and
somebody's USA 7 inspiring initially a pioneer in her own right
and she I was thinking you know everyone around him kinda was obviously her
specially because she was just
forging ahead she was as brilliant mathematician who with
recommended to that post booth yet her actual story a slightly different than
the one in the film
I'm upset really annoying thing we go unnoticed is it the documentary and I
have to remember this is a documentary so I kept going in there to ground the
right again even if this is a
this isn't quite right and he's like knowing I i take 10 more pages to
explain that way but i wasnt
okay but yes she was actually recommend to the post by her Oxford perfect
so is it was she'd got a double fast from Oxford
and a and he'd he said right you need her
actually and it still took a two years she went in initially as a and
secretary and it took a two-year even though she didn't broach and they
wouldn't accept that she should be in the room
it to get two years to get in there and then when she was in the retreat
should've been an she was paid a fraction what the men will pay
so eventually all the guys can appoint okay we're trying to be more money
so they said that she was a linguist even though she couldn't speak any other
language apartment
so that they can get a tiny bit the pay rise just not that not gonna
rights effect do you feel like there is this expectation
these featured movies that is unrealistic a
you know this this is our history lesson seems to be off and I think it is
it also undermines intelligence voices I think people that we can enough now is
is a populace going to see films about topics that reality to know
you know that these are the they stretch credibility they complete timelines they
complete characters sometimes people know they're not going to watch
a solid truth from start to finish & Noble you know
based on true events this is what its its at nine
I don't any film i've seen love this a look that does it say that
no fan film is a film is a two-hour piece of material
the tail takes on a narrative journey I think it's what more days drama as
opposed to what is document religion and nobody's trying to pretend this is a
document you're trying to get to the truth
that national Corp something which is different from
absolutely every single fact being completely 2833 Picasa gonna kill you
know just like do you not get understand emotional the intention %uh this
distorted image of destruction through
the abstract you need a photograph a bit to understand it now you got painting
you get
lot but what gonna come us the felt like that destruction the terror the horror
that blood in the College in
E but coming off and got up to that the concert but you know there is that does
that rift between reality not which is
and thus the fascinating furs me whether that fictionalized story is a magical
realism or symbolism in any form other than
assorted pictorial reality am I think that's why we
we gravitate towards poems in a week we do
our lives maybe pros but but but art is
poet reason it's about extrapolating things and
creating a broader deepening understanding that goes further than
reporters yet year after year
it seems like film after film this is something that seems to be in Evergreen
you know expectation or something there's like what you're saying
absolutely make sense this is art yet there's a tricky
balance right because there's this huge expectations especially if
your playing
real people people who knew those people
but not whiplash boyhood
that three fictional films up outstanding prints and uniqueness
I don't think you know there's always room in their pre
cultural moment for both
I don't see that there's any more weight to one than the other
and as long as I think you have to be honest about you go if you want to
him reality then with the Android Andrew Hodges
biography and that is absolutely you know trying to tell the reality
through his point to be by the way yeah everybody in the place in case a
you know who knows but but no that is not what film drama
is for yes you're trying to tell us much the tree as you possibly can
but actually in two hours I mean when I said before I come up with
things that were true about Jane clock and say yeah but what about this i mean
equal pay for anything okay in two hours about by a pickup at ensuring
how do you fit the equal pay story for Joan Kroc in there
and it is 10 more pages and that is 10 more minutes in the film a 15 more
minutes and actually need to hand in its got to be
whenever this is an hour and 45 were two hours inside me that isn't you know I
its there's a tear there is nobody to feel protecting it is an active love
the legacy the personal plan you the argument to the tree
yeah as well but you also understand the other side him


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