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  • Hey guys! So today we are back with another video and we are in a... different setup here back in my, uh, house in Los Angeles.

    みんなこんにちは〜 新しい動画だよ〜背景が違うことからも わかるようにLAの実家に戻っています

  • And, uh, I am accompanied by my good friend Eli over here who is from America.

    アメリカ人の友人のイーライと 一緒にお届けしております

  • And, um, today we want to talk about 10 things that we missed about America when we were in Japan.

    今日は日本にいるときに アメリカが恋しいと思ったことを10個を挙げるね

  • Um, Eli has been in Japan about four times. -Um-hum.


  • Um, I have been living in Japan for about three-and-a-half years or so.


  • I am back in L.A., uh, my hometown, for about a-week-and-a-half vacation.


  • So let's start with a list that is not in any order, okay, so number one is: [Spacious Living Quarters.]

    順位ではないけれど まず一つ目は...

  • So here in America, spacious rooms, apartments or houses, um.

    アメリカの広い部屋、 アパート、家だね

  • When you are in Japan, things are so... compact.


  • -So compressed, right? -Absolutely.


  • Um, even hotels you were talking about, right?


  • Yeah, I mean, (a) typical hotel room in the US is at least double the size of an average hotel room in Japan.

    アメリカの一般的なホテルの部屋は 日本の平均の2倍くらいの広さはあると思う

  • Number two has to do with food and beverages, so here in America, you get more quantity, uh, you have more options, and they're cheaper.

    2つ目は食べ物と飲み物に関することだ アメリカでは量が多い、 バラエティも豊富、それに安い

  • -Um, so whenever you go to like any restaurant and you order like a soda in America, you get free refills almost all the time. -Yeah.

    アメリカではレストランに行くと ソーダのおかわりが自由なんだ

  • Um, I think that goes for soda, iced tea, lemonade.


  • -Um, I think coffee you can't get free refills but... -Yeah sure you can get free refills for coffee yeah. -You can?

    コーヒーは確かおかわりは 自由じゃなかったと思うけどコーヒーも出来るよ

  • But basically, in Japan, if you order one coffee, that means you get one coffee, if you order one soda, that means you get one soda.

    日本では基本的に コーヒーは1杯頼んだら、1杯、ソーダも然り

  • And the price is a little more expensive than it would be here in America.


  • Um, so that's a really big plus that America has, and that's the reason why we are so healthy here.

    それはアメリカの利点だね だから僕たち超健康なんだ(笑)

  • Number three has to do with food again. -[Free Appetizers.]


  • Here in America, you basically get free appetizers in, like, all restaurants.

    アメリカでは 無料のアパタイザー(前菜)が基本的についてくるメキシカンレストランだったら 無料のチップにサルサとか

  • Like in a Mexican restaurant, you get, like, free chips and salsa.

  • Um, an Italian restaurant, you get free bread, um, steak restaurant, you get free bread.

    イタリアレストランだったら 無料のパンとかステーキハウスでも 無料のパンがついてくる

  • And it's also, um, all you can eat, so you can keep ordering that, uh, for free.


  • They'll give you free bread if you want more bread.

    もっとパンが食べたかったら パンをもってきてくれる

  • Um, in Japan, like, I think there's like, maybe if you go to an Outback Steakhouse is the only place, which is an American chain.

    でも日本ではアウトバックのステーキハウスくらいだと思う アメリカのチェーンレストランだけど

  • But they have, they have free refills for bread.


  • But typically in Japanese restaurants, um, you do not get any free appetizers - You are actually charged a table fee usually.

    でも典型的な日本のレストランでは前菜は無料ではないし テーブル代も取られるしね

  • Um, and they don't give you any free appetizers.


  • What's a table fee?


  • So, like, a table fee maybe if you go to like an izakaya, they'll charge you like 500 yen each person for just sitting down.

    テーブル代は居酒屋とかに行くと一人につき500円くらい チャージされるんだ 座るだけでね

  • I'm not even joking, and plus you need to order one dish.

    冗談じゃないよ しかも必ず1つはオーダーしなければいけないじゃあ次にいくね 4つ目は

  • So moving right along, number four, we have better parks or recreational areas.


  • So in America, you can, like, go to a park and there could be like a nice public, uh, basketball court that you can you know use for free.

    アメリカでは公園に行ったら みんなが使える大きなバスケコートがあるしかも無料で使える

  • Um, or there (could) be big parks. where you can just, you know kick the soccer ball around, throw the football around.

    大きな公園でサッカーしたり フットボールしたり出来る

  • Um, but in Japan because it is so small, uh, nothing against Japan, it's just that Japan is so small that you can't have those areas.

    でも日本は小さいから、 日本を批判してるわけじゃないけど日本は小さいから そんな場所がなかなかないんだ

  • Um, and even if you want to play like "Futsal," um, "Futsal" is like indoor soccer or like small sided soccer.

    フットサルをしようと思ってもフットサルはインドアのサッカーで サッカーの小さい版ってことだね

  • Um, it's really expensive, It's almost like 20 bucks to 40 bucks per person.

    それをしようと思ってもすごく高いんだ 大体20〜40ドルくらい

  • Um, and that's, that is something very different from America.


  • Um, you know, I grew up in Los Angeles, so, um, we played basketball all the time, you know, in school playgrounds.

    僕はLAで育ったからいつも学校の校庭で バスケをしてた

  • So, it was kind of something that I kind of missed while living in Japan, you know, I couldn't play basketball really ever.

    だから日本に住んでいると そういうことが恋しくなる日本でバスケをやったことがない

  • Yeah, and I play a lot of golf, especially in Japan, the driving ranges are much smaller than compared to the US.

    うん、僕もゴルフをやるんだけど 日本はドライビングの幅がアメリカに比べてすごく小さい

  • It's like, US, you can hit at least up to 300 yards, um, in almost every driving range whereas Japan, some of them that I have been to, in like Osaka, you can only hit maybe 80-90 yards.

    アメリカでは最低300ヤードはいくからね毎回のドライビングレンジで 日本にいた時、大阪でゴルフに行ったけど 80〜90ヤードくらいしか打てなくて

  • There are four levels, It's a totally different style of golf.

    4段階のレベルしかないし まさに全然違ったスタイルだった

  • I don't know anything about golf, so...

    僕はゴルフについて 何も知らないから

  • Uh, so number five, um, shopping!


  • So, in America, you have the Nordstrom Rack.


  • You have a bunch of these, like, department stores that, um, have really big sales and discounts for, um, high end goods.

    同じようなデパートが山のようにあるハイブランドからお手頃なものまで 大規模なセールをやってるようなデパート

  • Um, in Japan, you don't really have - Yeah you have sales obviously, but um, the price for clothing or items are a lot higher than you would see in America.

    日本でもセールはあるけどでもアメリカで見るより ずっと価格は高い

  • Um, I am not sure if that's because a lot of those products are made in Japan.


  • Um, but basically shopping wise, I find it so much easier and convenient to buy whatever I want here in America compared to Japan.

    でも僕が感じたのは買い物をするならアメリカの方が 何でも好きなものを買えるから楽だし便利だ

  • -Did you have any experiences like that? -Yeah, no, the one store that I liked a lot in Japan was Uniqlo. -Uniqlo.


  • But now they have a lot of Uniqlos in the US, and it's growing so, um, no complaints there.

    でも今アメリカでも たくさんユニクロあるからね急成長しつつある

  • -I just saw one in the Beverly Center actually. -Yeah exactly.

    そこに文句はないビバリーセンターでも見たよ うん、そうなんだ

  • And I think they're growing, they had one in New York City for a while right? -Um-hm.


  • Yeah, so hopefully Uniqlo grows here because Uniqlo is great with that Heatech, baby!

    ユニクロがこっちでもっと展開してくれるといいな だってヒートテックって最高だもん

  • Moving right along, we have watching sports.

    では次にいこう お次は...スポーツ観戦だ

  • So you know I am a big NBA fan, um, I watch the NFL.


  • Um, you know obviously those are American, uh, leagues, so It's just hard to watch - If you're a sports fan, it's hard to watch any of your favorite sporting games in Japan.


  • Um, you know, I wanted to keep track of the Warriors and Stephen Curry, my boy!

    ウォーリアーとステファン・カリーを ちゃんと見なきゃいけないからね

  • But, uh, you know, it's hard to, I gotta watch the highlight reels, but that's all good because he's, you know, throwing dishes and 3's and stuff.

    ハイライト映像を見るしかない3ポイントとか入れるシーンを 観れるからいいんだけど

  • Um, but even like the NFL, I-I don't even know where to find an NFL, uh, channel.

    でもNFLでいうと 一体どこで見ればいいのかもわからない

  • Um, so yeah, it's just difficult to keep track of all of those, uh, sporting, um, sporting news, events and games and stuff while living in Japan.

    日本に住んでるとスポーツのニュース、イベント、 試合について随時チェックするのが難しい

  • Yeah, no, on Sundays in the US, I mean, it's like, football is a religion here.

    日曜にフットボール観戦をするのは こっちではお決まりだからね

  • So I mean people would just park themselves on the couch and watch TV all day.

    みんなソファに1日座って テレビにかじりついてる

  • But when I was in Japan, you know, you can't really get those games, uh, but I got to watch a lot of sumo though, which is one of my favorite sports.

    でも日本にいたときはできなかったから 相撲観てた、相撲大好きだけど。笑

  • -This dude loves sumo! -Love it.


  • Moving right along to number seven are gas prices!


  • So, in Japan, like you might think that gas prices are expensive in America.


  • Oh, no no no! You don't know anything yet! Gas prices in Japan are sky-rocket high.

    それは間違った認識だ 日本のガソリン代は超絶に高い

  • Um, basically driving in Japan is really expensive.

    日本で運転するのは すごくお金がかかる

  • Um, kind of moving along to number eight too.


  • Parking is... whoa!

    駐車代も、やばい アメリカでも高いと思ってたけど特に東京は高いニューヨークくらいかそれよりも高い

  • Like, if you think parking is cheap, uh, oh sorry, if you think parking is expensive in America, basically think parking, especially in Tokyo is basically similar or more expensive than parking in NYC.

  • Um, and, oh, gosh. It's, it's, it's horrible. Like I don't drive, but you always see these parking signs and how expensive they are - it's literally crazy.

    本当にひどいんだ 僕は運転はしないんだけど、駐車場の看板見るとすっごく高くてびっくりする 本当にめちゃくちゃ高い

  • Um, another one with that goes along with it is - what's it called - is valet parking.

    あと駐車と言えば バレットパーキングだ

  • Um, America is really big on valet parking at a department store, shopping mall, but uh, in Japan I think, I don't really see much valet parking, um, so basically you have to pay a really big fee to park the car yourself.

    アメリカではデパートとか モールでバレットパーキングは主流だけど日本ではあまり見かけない自分で駐車しない上に かなり高い料金を支払わないといけない

  • Um, yeah, do you have anything to add to that?


  • Yeah, I mean parking is, you know, much, much easier obviously because we have much more space in the US.

    アメリカの駐車のがずっと楽だね だってスペースが広いし

  • -But, um, it just, it kind of drives everyone towards public transportation over there in Japan. -Yeah.

    だから公共の交通機関を使う人が 日本では多いんだと思う

  • But if you guys don't know, the parking garages sometimes in Japan are really cool. Like, you know, you do this thing where you park and all of a sudden the car, like, would go up.

    でも日本の車庫は超かっこいいんだぜ車を入れたら急に 上に車が上がっていって

  • -Like... -Like an elevator. -Like an elevator, yup, and like park itself.


  • And then you know this thing will come back down and a new car comes on, like It's really cool.

    それから、また降りてきて 新しい車を入れてまた上がっていくハイテクだね

  • High tech baby. Japan!

  • So, our number nine is, you can watch Hollywood movies on time.


  • I'm a big movie guy, I love Hollywood, I love movies - Well, I mean I live near Hollywood so as you know.

    ハリウッド映画が公開と同時に観れること僕は映画が大好きだから 特にハリウッド映画が ハリウッドの近くに住んでるから もちろん映画が大好きだ

  • -But I love movies... -Movie star.


  • We are the movie stars, yeah. We Rockefellers.


  • But yeah, in Japan, movies, Hollywood movies come out sometimes a month to like three months after they come out in America - it's literally insane.

    日本ではハリウッド映画はアメリカで公開されてから 3ヶ月遅れくらいで公開されたりする ありえないよね

  • Like people in America are talking about the movie, and, you know, three months later I can't even watch the movie.

    アメリカに住んでる人たちが その映画について話してても僕は3ヶ月後じゃないと観れない

  • So, like, that's kind of something that I regret, not regret. That's something that I despise about Japan.


  • For how long they take to get the movie rights, It's really insane.

    映画の放映権とか取得するのに 時間かかりすぎだよ

  • Yeah, I mean, especially living in Los Angeles, we have a lot of friends in the movie industry.

    LAに住んでいると 友達で映画の業界に勤めている人も多い

  • So I mean we can watch the movies before they even come out in special premiers, special screenings, things like that so we're are a little spoiled or used to getting things before everyone else so it's tough to you know go some place where you've got to wait a lot later.

    公開される以前にも観ることが出来る プレミア上映会とかでねだからちょっと我儘になってるんだと思う 公開される前に観れるのが普通になってるからだから、待たなきゃいけないのは ちょっと辛いよね

  • And our last one is that in America at almost every single restaurant if you don't finish your food, you can take it out.

    最後はアメリカではほとんどのレストランで注文した料理を残してしまったら 持ち帰ることが出来るんだ

  • That is, uh, leftover, want to take out, you know, doggy bag?

    持ち帰るんだ袋に入れてね 残したら必ず持ち帰ることが出来るんだ

  • It's called doggy bag? Doggy poop bag? Brown bag takeout?

  • But you can actually take out your food if you left, if it's leftover.

    でも日本ではほとんどのレストランで 持ち帰ることは許されていない

  • Um, in Japan, most restaurants do not allow you, so you are basically throwing away your food, which is really annoying, cause, you know, if I have a very nice burger and I can't finish my burger, and I have half a burger left, I want to eat that for breakfast the next day, you know.

    残したものを捨てるのは すごくもったいないからねだって美味しいハンバーガーを食べてても 食べきることができなくて 半分残したら 半分は次の日の朝ごはんとして食べたいと思うじゃん それは僕も変な感じがする

  • Yeah, and to me that's crazy, I mean, if you ordered the food, you paid for it, and you know you are planning on eating it later, why can't you take it out, it doesn't make any sense

    注文した食べものは お金を払ってるからねあとで食べようと思ってても

  • Yeah, I don't understand that policy either.

    持ち帰れないのは よくわからないそのポリシーはほんとにわからないな この話題でいうと

  • Um, and just to you know, round this topic up with a bang you know, America, or at least Los Angeles, has great Mexican food!

    アメリカ、LAは メキシコ料理がうまい日本のメキシカンは ちょっと助けが必要だな

  • -But Japan's Mexican food, they need help with the Mexican food department! -They need more Mexicans.

    だからもしメキシコ料理作れるなら 日本に行ってください

  • Yes they do. They need more, they need more! So if you can make Mexican food, go to Japan, start a business in Tokyo because I am in Tokyo okay...

    ビジネスをスタートさせるといいよ東京にね なぜなら僕は東京にいるから 僕を助けて

  • So if you can make Mexican food, go to Japan, start a business in Tokyo because I am in Tokyo okay.

  • Help a brother out. Give me some burritos, give me some tacos, give me all that - I love Mexican food. Mexican food and I, we are best friends.

    ブリート、タコスを下さい。 僕はメキシコ料理が大好きなんですメキシコ料理と僕は親友だ だからメキシコ料理作れるのなら 東京に来てください。

  • So if you know how to make Mexican food, come to Tokyo, okay?


  • -I am talking to you people right there. -And make sure the guac's good.

    ワカモレ美味しく作ってね美味しいワカモレをお願い サワークリームもつけてね

  • Make sure the guac's good, give me the sour cream! Yeah. oh yeah!


  • But yeah, if you guys enjoyed this video, please leave a like, please share it.


  • If you guys want to add anything else, please leave a comment down below.

    何か意見があれば ぜひコメントで教えてね他の意見もみんな聞きたいと思うから

  • Uh, I think that would be, uh, appreciated by many viewers to see, you know, different sides for, you know, this topic.


  • -And I guess I will see you in the next video. Peace. -Peace.

Hey guys! So today we are back with another video and we are in a... different setup here back in my, uh, house in Los Angeles.

みんなこんにちは〜 新しい動画だよ〜背景が違うことからも わかるようにLAの実家に戻っています

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