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Here, check out my shirt.
What is it?
You know what that’s made out of?
Boyfriend material.
How to Date Japanese Girls?
For 3 years now nearly every other question I’ve received seems to involve the keywords Japanese, girls and how.
Firstly, YouTube is already littered with a never-ending list of videos covering this topic
and I’ve chosen to ignore such questions out of principle; to me, it seems absurd to try to generalise the views of 65 million women in a 10 minute video.
It is christmas, and in the spirit of christmas, what better time to dispose of my principles,
massively overgeneralise and give the people what they want.
So with that in mind I recently caught up my good friend Chiaki,
an actual real life Japanese girl, to interrogate her on the secrets of dating Japanese girls,
discuss our own dating experiences and review some groundbreaking chat up lines.
So thanks of meeting with me today Chiaki.
Thank you very much for having me here.
I’m hoping we can unravel the secret to dating Japanese girls.
We will, yeah.
You’ve got the nice, evil, scary chair.
It’s very comfy actually.
I’ve got the rocking chair. Brilliant.
It makes you look better.
Yeah definitely. I wish I had a rocking chair with me at all times.
Let’s dive straight in. The first question;
do you find Japanese girls like a certain nationality more than others?
Is there a certain nationality that comes out the most popular in your opinion?
Yeah I think so. Americans are quite popular, as we learn American-English at school.
It’s kind of rigged isn’t it - for American guys. After that though?
Yeah after that I think Australians are seen as quite fun and cool…and sporty.
Sporty, right. And after those guys, is there another one perhaps?
Irish guys - they’re quite funny and fun.
Right. Funny and fun…but above all that, is there like another nationality that comes up.
Yeah there is - French guys tend to be popular as well because…
Let’s just move on. Next question.
It’s funny, you’re supposed to be the expert here - but it feels like you’re getting some of the answers wrong.
But that’s fine…
But what characteristics do you think a Japanese girl would go for in a foreign guy?
What three personality traits would they look for.
Personality…definitely a gentleman.
A gentleman. What do you have to do to be a gentleman?
Well, always ladies first.
Always ladies first. After that?
Great. And the third one?
Kindness. Good. Well it’s looking good…for most guys.
And what about appearance? What three things would you look for there?
I think girls quite like if you have a big back.
A big back?
Yeah so when girls look at you from the back and we want to hug you, you know.
Right…how the hell do you get a big back?
I don't know.
What does that entail? And the second?
You mean like veins…
Yeah, you got one! The more you have clearly, that’s better.
You’re not making this up are you?
We haven’t got a script here, she’s actually said veins. Having a good vein.
If you ask girls, I think 70% of girls will say yes.
Out of 40 girls.
You heard it here first. Have a good vein…and the third one?
The third one…I think a sharp chin.
A sharp chin. How the hell do I do that?
Train your chin. Maybe, take something out.
Well let’s move on.
So they need to have a big back, a good vein and a sharp chin.
Yeah, that’s me out of the picture for that.
So when you were a student, how many girls in your class do you think would have wanted to date a foreigner?
Out of 40 girls.
Well, not many I think. May be five.
Maybe five.
I remember when I was a teacher, I asked some students, some girls what their views on foreigners were
and a lot of them would say foreigners are cool.
But not that many wanted to actually date a foreigner,
they say it would medoukusai, it was difficult, it was stressful, the language barriers and cultural barriers.
Yeah, that's true.
I think loads of girls want to date or want to chat with foreigners but…
it’s a bit difficult to explain how we feel sometimes.
Because of the cultural barrier and the language barrier…
and we are shy and we need the confidence to talk to foreigners.
I think the language barrier is a bigger issue for Japanese girls dating foreigners,
than foreigners realise perhaps.
And if you can speak some Japanese that makes us feel kind of comfortable
and make us want to speak more.
I think if you know just a little bit of Japanese it really gives you the edge.
Oh yeah definitely.
When I met a girl at a house party who later became my girlfriend,
I had to go to her and talk in bad Japanese
and that lulled her into a sense of security that I can use some Japanese and can talk.
That's lovely.
That makes a huge difference. Even if you know even rubbish Japanese it works.
So you don’t even need to be that good at Japanese?
Not at all - some phrases, some vocabulary is enough, so we can start the conversation.
from this.
I’ve got a friend in Tokyo and a friend in Sendai who use Tinder.
That Tinder app.
Yeah that’s that dating site isn’t it?
Yeah but they always talk about how brilliant it is and how well it works.
I had a friend in Tokyo who used it and he had a date everyday for two weeks through Tinder.
Oh really. So that means many Japanese girls do it.
Perhaps. I don’t actually like Tinder.
Though I’m making it sound really good - this isn’t a sponsorship video for Tinder, I don’t like it at all.
Do you have one though?
Maybe. But I swear I don’t use it, I hate Tinder so much.
Show me the picture later.
No…because you just judge someone by their appearance. It’s like there’s a good face, there’s a bad face.
Yeah, by one picture, isn't it?
Can you upload a couple of pictures?
Yeah you can upload four pictures.
Oh do you? Ok.
Show me later.
Ok. Maybe…
that’d be quite interesting. A video about trying Tinder in Tokyo.
Yeah right, you should actually try it.
Alright. I’ll give it a shot. That’ll be the next video; Tinder in Tokyo.
Let us know how it goes.
So I’ve collected a list of about 20 pick up lines or chat up lines.
Half of them are in English, half of them in Japanese.
I figured if you can rate them on a scale of 1 - 10,
we can try and build a picture of what Japanese girls might like or what might work.
I’ll be pretty surprised if any of them are good to be honest.
Well that is to doubt the poetic beauty nature of a chat up line.
Yeah, I probably shouldn’t be too quick to judge.
No…are you a microwave, because you just melted my heart.
Wow! You look a lot like, my next girlfriend.
Is your name Google? Because you’ve got everything I’m searching for?
Wow, 7.
Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?
Did it hurt?
Did what hurt?
When you, fell from heaven.
Here, check out my shirt.
What is it?
You know what it’s made out of?
Boyfriend material.
Are you a parking ticket? Because you’ve got fine written all over you.
Is it ok if I took your picture? I want to prove to my friends that, angels really do exist.
Alright. 5.
Ok, so you actually liked some of them. Which surprises me.
For the record, I haven’t used any of those.
Are you sure?
I might use the dinosaur one.
I like that one.
Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist right?
Alright, now let’s try some Japanese ones.
Yeah, let's do that.
Next year, we’ll be laughing together.
Next year, we’ll be laughing together.
I like that, it’s quite nice.
I’ve got no-one to eat my ice cream with.
That’s so sad.
I’ve got to no-one to eat my ice cream with. Why ice cream specifically?
You relax me more effectively than a dolphin.
You relax me more effectively than a dolphin.
That’s cute.
Yeah sure.
I want to say the English equivalent of that as a chat up line.
I’ll substitute you into my love equation.
I’ll substitute you into my love formula.
That’s beyond complicated.
I’ll be your pajamas tonight.
I’ll be your pajamas tonight.
2? That’s the best one of everything!
Do you think?
Won’t you be my Japanese teacher?
Will you be my Japanese teacher?
That’s really common.
I think so yeah.
I find when I meet a girl, they’re like, won’t you teach me English.
And it’s kind of like an easy way of getting to meet someone.
And actually, my Japanese girlfriend last year, that’s how we had our first date.
I pretended to teach her English and her teach me Japanese.
Okay. It’s more causal.
It is casual isn’t it. It kind of gets rid of some of the awkward situations, that would arise from these chat up lines.
I won’t lie, I might use some of these Japanese pick up lines…
in a bar in Tokyo and see what happens. In the same way, I might use some of the English ones.
I think they could work, if you don’t take them too seriously.
Yeah, maybe.
Ok so to wrap it up, if you want a Japanese girlfriend you need to go to your friend’s house party,
be nice, use some Japanese and have a good vein. Apparently.
There you go.
Or if you don’t have any friends, just go to Tokyo, to a bar, in Roppongi perhaps
- and use some of those pick up lines.
Definitely, yeah it works.
You relax me more than a dolphin. Brilliant.
It never fails.
We want to be like a dolphin, so if you say that girls will fall in love like that.
Like that, brilliant!
Well thanks again for today Chiaki, thanks for coming in and giving us this invaluable advice.
I hope it will work for you.
So if you’re learning Japanese, check out Chiaki’s videos as you can actually listen and try to learn it.
And don’t forget to hit the like button, if you want more videos. I’ll see you again next time, thanks for watching.
Thank you.


イギリス人が教える日本女性の口説き方 (How to Date Japanese Girls)

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