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Hello guys!
For this video I'm going to show you how you can take notes from your textbooks
in order to make the most condensed summaries to help you study before your exams.
Just grab your book and some paper and let's get started!
The first thing I do is to reference the title of the material I'm going to summarize
and the pages of the book my notes are referring to.
I like to have a little bit of fun with the titles of my notes,
and that also helps with visualizing your material
and making this process more creative.
Skim through the text you want to summarize
and try to divide it as much as possible
into manageable chapters or paragraphs.
The more structure your notes have,
the easier it will be to memorize them.
Afterwards, I just start to take my notes.
I try as much as possible to divide each subchapter
in a clear way, so I can reference back easily.
To select relevant information
I'll read a paragraph from my textbook
and after reading, I'll then proceed to write down what I thought was important.
It's crucial to always use your own words for this process
and never copy exactly what you read in your textbook.
Also, don't rush!
Read slowly if you have to, and write short sentences.
You don't need to write a long phrase to summarize the page or paragraph you are working on.
The shorter the sentence, the more impact it will have
and you'll memorize it a lot better.
You can also group those sentences in bullet points
Studying through a bullet-form let's you categorize information
And grasp the relationship between different portions of your material.
Highlight things that you think you need to remember on the long run
or are perfect to summarize a big portion of information.
Use symbols to make relevant phrases pop out.
I like to draw warning signs before a sentence
that is crucial for me to remember.
Don't use too many colors!
Working with colors in your notes
is good when you're taking lecture notes
because you are categorizing your information as you hear it.
But it's actually better to keep a monochromatic scheme
if you are taking notes from your books.
This happens because book summaries are the ultimate piece of information
that you read and they're already stripped out of
everything useless for you to learn.
Since you have to remember everything that's on that paper,
using colors would only make some sentences seem more important
when they all have the exact same importance.
So keep your color scheme minimalistic!
A good way to learn how to summarize your textbooks
in an efficient way
Is to use sticky notes previously to writing down your notes.
You can stick a note on top of a paragraph
and summarize the paragraph through your own words on that sticky note
without reading what's underneath
Then, without looking at that same sticky note,
You should write what you've READ in your notebook.
That represents a double effort
in memorizing your material.
Also, summarizing a textbook
through sticky notes
is a good way if you are cramming for an exam
and lack the time to make extensive summaries from your books.
try to incorporate your in class notes.
If the information from your classes overlaps with the information from your book,
don't write it twice.
if you find certain pieces of information
in your lecture notes that don't appear in your book,
be sure to write them down
so you have the most thorough possible summaries.
If you want,
signal those parts with a symbol
so you know where that piece of information comes from.
Also, don't neglect supplemental material!
This means that, if you find charts or tables
you need to find a way to incorporate them into your material
or your notes will be incomplete.
One way to do this is just to draw them on your summaries
directly on paper or on a sticky note.
If you don't have the time,
you can also write down the pages where that supplemental material appears
so you can go back and check out what's missing in your notes.
I hope you've found this video useful for future studying!
If you are new here,
don't forget to subscribe to my channel
and give this video a giant thumbs up!
I will see you on my next video!



教科書のノートの取り方 // ノートの取り方のコツ12選!

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