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The weirdest misheard lyrics of 2015
Hello from the dark side
Oh my god. When Kylo Ren... - That was crazy
Hey, spoilers, spoilers. - Sorry. -Sorry.
Who do you think Rey’s parents are? Ok, so I have a lot
You and me we just don’t get along
You make me feel like a digimon
Digimon are the champions.
I only fuck you when it’s hot outside.
But I’m horny.
Well, it’s winter
Should we go? -No
You stay.
In the club like whoa
We be in the potty in the club like
Now I’m four five seconds
From whinin’
I’m bored - I’m hungry.
This joke sucks.
I’m farting carrots.
On my god.
I’m farting carrots.
Oh shit. They're real carrots.
Oh my god.
Again, again. Oh, Jesus.
To see that ass one more time
And I got the soda
It’s so hard to sleep
I’ve got the shits on the floor
You know what I mean.
Oh no. This relationship is broken.
We really should go.
-NO. You will stay and sing.
You watch me bleed until I can’t breathe.
Chicken falling onto monkeys. -What?
Cause I just need one more shot
Half a Guinness
Oh ah oh ah
Fire a gun
Oh my shit
Don’t tell your mother.
Fish in the cupboard.
Ooh wash me wash me
Ooh wash me
Now do my stanky leg
Now do my stanky leg. -Gross.
Now do my stanky leg -Fine.
Now do my stanky leg
Love me like a dude. - Did you just say dude?
Lo- lo love me like a dude.
Touch me like a dude.
Tou- tou me like a dude -I want a divorce.
Say you will remember me.
Standing in an ice chest.
Staring at the sunset babe
Please welcome to the 1989 world tour stage, my very best friend: Ashly Perez, Quinta Brunso, and Ella Mielniczenko
Cause baby now we got bed bugs
Hey, don’t hit me, Eugene -Alright. - Don't worry about it.
Okay. Oh god.
Oh sorry ass carrots all over you.



Weirdest Misheard Lyrics Of 2015

17285 タグ追加 保存
陳怡平 2015 年 12 月 30 日 に公開
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