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The Blind Side which is the movie that was based on the Michael Oher story, right?
has been you know
debated about a lot, right? And
we came across a blog known as "stuff black people don't like" and they talk
about this movie... -Alright, who doesn't love that blog? -I know, seriously.
-That's an awesome title. -It is an awesome title.
I like the title.
but uh... they are against The Blind Side, right? Because they believe that the
movie portrayed a lot of messages about Blacks and African-Americans uh... that are
not favorable and not true, right?
And I think what they're most upset about is not that
are... that are some African-Americans living in poverty in this country, "Oh, cool!" So
they recognize that everybody recognized that
And could they get a leg up if they were really rich family and white or
otherwise decide to help them
uh... sure of course, right?
I think what they object to is
you need a white guy to rescue you, right
and that you don't have any hope
uh... until the white
Christian family comes in to the rescue
and they didn't put the Christian angle of it too much in the blog as far as I remember
uh... and then
all of a sudden they turned this black giant you know who doesn't say much
uh... but has a lot of raw athletic skill
into a better athlete and he makes a lot of money and we all know he is happy
-I agree and disagree in parts. -Right.
-So now you saw the movie? -I did see the movie.
Look, I like the movie and I could totally see
uh... Why the writers of this blog would have an issue with it, right? But at
the same time this isn't something that's made up this is an actual story.
Was this dramatized? Absolutely! Every movie in hollywood is dramatized, right?
But Leigh Anne Tuohy,
the woman that Sandra Bullock is playing, right
do take this boy into her family and i think that the fact that people are
giving this movie a hard time kind of
it kind of be-little as what she did because what she did was a good thing
she didn't do a bad thing and it kind of makes people point fingers at her and
say like
there was one part of this blog that indicated "Oh, they only took it man because
they could see that he had athletic ability and it kind of indicated "Oh, well
he's going to uh... somehow become a football star and that somehow gonna
benefit everyone else, right?
And that bothered me because i don't really think Leigh Anne Tuohy's intentions
were to do that. I think that she saw a child that was in trouble she took
him into a her own home
and acted like a mother for him and I don't want to be-little what she did.
I have a lot of mixed feelings about this and which we will get to in a second but i will
say this uh...
I agree with you that i don't think that she
certainly didn't want to take advantage of like "He's gonna go to NFL. He's
gonna make a lot of money."
They don't need the money at all. Her husband owns like sixty fast food
restaurants, Taco Bell's, KFCs, etc.
I was in the movie, they said 85 in the movie, and in real life it's 60. Okay.
They don't need the money, so that's...
That's not why they did it. But before I get to the rest of my thoughts, I wanted to ask
JR, your perspective about it. -When you guys sent this, I said "Oh!"
I said I've been
been kind of just thinking
How much I would despise this movie to myself
and I told a couple of friends uh... but i've never actually put it out there.
It was on a different line, though.
uh... I don't think this is going to make people who don't... who never heard or
touched the black person
to think, that um..
Oh you know black folks are nothing unless white family rescue them.
If they're gonna believe something like that they're already believing it.
So those who are lost cause.
What annoyed me was the dramatization of it.
I saw the preview... I may even say this to you
I didn't want to see the movie simply because of the preview shots of it. He's this big
oof. It's like the Green Mile.
This kid couldn't fucking speak, he couldn't look at you straight in the eyes
he always looks down like this.
Yeah, they are..
So I'm a mess....
..I just don't know how to speak...and listen..
and this is a big fucking oof
Oh, and then you put him on a football field and he blocks for the quarterback 'cause
they don't told me that's what i do
uh... I stopped him. What the fuck is that? It's so annoying, I...
I'd be watching and hoping maybe as... you know because i don't watch those stories about
the all Black basketball team from back in the day
and coach Carter...No, I don't watch those movies.
I think it's all dramatized but this is on a different level, I thought. I didn't see it
cause I refused to.
As soon I saw him look like a fucking idiot. I was like
I wanna interview
Oher? Michael Oher.
What do you think about the ... portrayed you, 'cause I saw him on the football field
I saw him like a money in that football game or something and ... starters
I said this guy is nothing like what they show on this movie
If I was that guy I'd go
"Oh my god! I look like a fucking idiot in this movie!"
You know, look, I will say one thing that the movie did that i thought was really
unfair. They made it
seem like he didn't know how to play football like he needed everyone to
teach him how to play football. -Yeah it's funny. -And that wasn't true at all he knew how to
play football he was very athletic when he got accepted into this private
Christian school. -You know you talked about an interview with Michael Oher and
Twenty Twenty did interview him. And he said one thing about that movie
was like, he's like "I played football alone." It's not like
they came and they're like "Oh, this is how you block." It's like "I know how to block." Right, absolutely.
Now having said that. JR, I did go to see the movie.
In the movie they made a number of references to how bright he actually was
but that he had fallen behind and he was shy, etc. Right?
and they tried hard in that respect. But
Yes, he did look like an oof.
And you look at the real Michael Oher and he doesn't speak like that now he's gotten
...and he really was shy in real life, etc. Right? But
he just doesn't you know, there was this gentle giant kind of thing, etc.
And the real Michael Oher, his IQ
went up twenty to thirty points
which you know you're told, a lot of people are told your IQ can't go up.
Your IQ is what it is.
Your test scores can't go up, right?
But it's not true, of course. It depends on the education you get it depends on
the context that you took in the testing, etc, etc. Right? So
was Michael helped tremendously by the tutoring, etc, and did he turn out to be
bright even though he was shy at the beginning? Yes, all that stuff is true.
They dramatized so much, JR's right, that you think like
Oh this poor dumb guy but with the help of the good white folks
he comes
now he is accomplished, successful, he even becomes smart, right?
Having said that, okay
look, things aren't black and white. Ironic. Okay.
The Tuohy's, did they do a good thing?
I think criticizing the Tuohy's in this case doesn't make
any sense at all, right?
And is it a lovely story overall? Yes! Or do I wish more people did it? Absolutely!
I don't care black or white. I mean
you find a poor kid and you bring him to your house if you're rich and you help him
and you tutor him, etc. Great!
Now would they have tutored him that much
If he didn't need to get to a 2.5 GPA to be able to play football
But that's nitpicking
that's nitpicking, okay. So I love what they did in the micro picture and I got no beef with
them whatsoever. And Michael Oher says it himself he was tremendously helped
and he couldn't be happier about it, he loves those guys.
And he should.
Now when you look at the macro picture that's a little different when i came
away thinking from the movie is
and the Tuohy's are republicans in the movie, okay. They never even met a democrat until later
or whatever, right?
I don't want to make it too political, but
so i'm not saying about the Tuohy's, but overall
they are republicans in the country who are like
Let them pull him up....bootstraps
and you know i will need to help him and stuff
and then when somebody helps them
they are so proud of it. Look at how we helped this young black man
well how about we help them
not just one guy at a time
but we help them on a larger scale and by them I don't
just mean black people, I mean
poor people whether they're in the.... or they're in the urban environment
look at all those kids who have so much potential
if you gave them the right context
and you give them the right situation. So many of them could be Michael Oher
So many of them could be Bill Gates. So many of them could be so many different things.
If we didn't just dismiss them out of hand.
So I love what the Tuohy's did, I just wish we do it as a society. Together, you know.
And that was, I guess
It's not my beef with the movie, it's my beef with the situation.
Well I think with the Tuohy's they were able to personalize it. I mean the
saw this young kid, you know.
This is how Leigh Anne Tuohy found him. He was trying to break into
school to stay warm, and she was like "what are you doing?"
Oh it was freezing, and he was in a t-shirt, I was like why he was walking around in a t-shirt
So she was able to visualize you know the lifestyle that he was
living and just
the terrible situation he was in.
A lot of republicans especially rich republicans right? Can't visualize that.
They don't see that. It's somewhere far off in..... for them. So they
don't have that sympathy.
Yeah, and look
If what they got out of the movie is, my god
there's so many
people that have so much potential in this country that's getting wasted
and we should do something about that then I would love the movie.
I'm afraid some people might have gotten that message but i'm afraid a lot of people
got the message of
what good white folks
and they helped this kid out and look he now has a better life.
Thanks to this good White Christian family.
Which is true
but i wish you get the larger lesson instead.
Most open minded man in the United State of America.


Why Do Some People Dislike 'The Blind Side'?

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