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- When Chris Pratt was here,
we talked about his new role in "Jurassic Park."
Mainly he talked about it. I listened,
and we decided to have him play a trivia game
with our dinosaur expert, Noah Ritter.
Here's how it went.
Hint: Chris did not win.
[jungle music]
[jungle music] [cheers and applause]
[music continues]
[music ends]
Who better to play against you
than our own little dinosaur expert, Noah Ritter.
Come on out, Noah!
[conga music] [cheers and applause]
Look who that is!
- Let's go!
- All right! [cheers and applause]
[cheers and applause]
Whoo! [cheers and applause]
[cheers and applause]
- Do you know who that is?
- Chris Pratt. - That's Chris Pratt.
[cheers and applause]
Do you still like dinosaurs?
Good, okay, 'cause it's a game about dinosaurs.
And you're a big fan of "Jurassic Park," right?
- Yep! - Okay, great.
All right-- - Can't wait to see the movie!
- Yeah, it's gonna be good--
- Can't wait to see "Jurassic World."
- Yeah, it'll be really great.
[cheers and applause]
So, Noah--
All right, here's where we're going to ask questions,
and it's all about dinosaurs.
The first person to hit their button is gonna get a point.
Noah, I know how much you love our P.A. Robbie,
and so he's going to come out.
He's going to be the host of this game show.
Come on out, Robbie.
[cheers and applause]
- All right.
- Okay. - It's your friend!
- Let's go. - Let's go, Noah.
- Yeah, all right. So the first person
to hit the button and answer correctly gets the point.
Okay, hands behind your backs, gentlemen.
- All right, first question.
A person who studies dinosaurs is known as what?
[buzzer sounds]
- Palentologist! - Yeah!
- That's right! [bell dings]
[cheers and applause] - Whoo!
- Whoo! [cheers and applause]
- Good job, Noah!
[cheers and applause] - Chris.
[cheers and applause]
- All right, second question.
What's the difference between an herbivore
and a carnivore?
[buzzer sounds] Noah?
- Is that they're-- is that one of them
is a meat eater, and the other is a plant eater.
- That is correct. [bell dings]
[cheers and applause] All right, whoo!
[cheers and applause]
- Boppity boppity bop!
- Look, he's throwing it in your face, dancing and celebrating.
- You're going down, Noah.
- All right. Next question.
How many horns did a triceratops have?
[buzzer sounds] - Yah!
- Three! - That's correct.
[bell dings] [cheers and applause]
- Good job! - Yeah!
- Look at that. - I'm on fire!
- You are on fire!
All right, all right. - All right.
- Come on Chris, come on. - Hands behind--he's cheating.
- When did the dinosaurs go extinct?
[bell dings] - Chris!
- 65 million years ago. - That's correct.
[bell dings] - Yes!
[cheers and applause]
- I got three!
- We'll see, we'll see. - All righty, next question.
What came first, the Jurassic or the Triassic Period?
[buzzer sounds] - Triassic!
- That's correct. [bell dings]
[cheers and applause] Good job, Noah.
- [yells] In your face!
Yeah! - Okay, okay, okay.
- So it is 4 to 1, and he says, "In your face."
So let's-- [audience laughter]
Let's see. - All righty.
Which is bigger, a T-Rex, or a Brachiosaurus?
[buzzer sounds]
- Noah.
- Brachiosaurus! - Yep.
[bell dings] That's correct.
- Oh! Oh! [cheers and applause]
Oh! Oh! Yeah! Yeah! [cheers and applause]
- Jeez! Noah!
[audience laughter]
- All right. - All righty.
How big was a Stegosaurus's brain:
the size of a car, or the size of a walnut?
[buzzer sounds] Chris?
- The size of a walnut. - That is correct.
[bell dings] - Good job.
[cheers and applause] There you go.
- It's...5.
- 5 to 2? - 5 to 2,
still Noah is in the lead. - Basically, best of 11.
- True or false: Pterodactyls are dinosaurs.
[buzzer sounds] - False!
- They're not? - That is correct.
- What are they?
- Flying reptiles. - Flying reptiles.
They're not dinosaurs. Wow, impressive!
[cheers and applause] All right--
Noah, you won!
- Yeah, give it here, buddy.
[cheers and applause] [bell dings repeatedly]
- Noah wins. [cheers and applause]
[cheers and applause]
- Chris-- - Good job, Noah.
- You get a consolation prize. Bring it up.
- Oh, yes. - Yes.
- This is for my sweet friend Noah.
Look at this, buddy. None of these toys
are even out in the store yet.
- Wow! - And you get 'em all!
[cheers and applause]
- Yeah! [cheers and applause]
[cheers and applause]


Ellen Replays the Chris Pratt & Noah Ritter Face-Off

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