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It's red, It's red!
Just like the Twin Stars said
It's red, it's red!
What fun we have ahead!
The sky is red
and so are all of the trees
And if we want
we'll eat red macaroni and cheese!
Look there's a red banana
and a bright red Irish setter
There's a nice red apple
If it's red, it's been said
it tastes much better!
So glad, we got
our wish to live in a brand new world
where everything is red!
What could be out in outer space
Maybe I’d find a friendlier place
Book me a seat on a shooting star
Wishing won’t get me very far
I’d say hello to the things I’d see
Make friends with Comets and Galaxies
See if the Moon is held up by a string
Hitch a ride on Saturn’s rings
Oh what could be out in outer space
A place I hope I’ll see
Now my little fish and me
We are the best of friends under the sea
The moonlight on a little moonlight stroll
All right here in your little fish bowl
Sip a cup of tea if you would like
Or go for a ride on an underwater bike
Can you dream a dream when you’re asleep
Snug as a bug counting underwater sheep
What fun we have in store
On a not so distant shore
You’ll see you won’t be lonely anymore
Things aren’t as bad as they seem
My little fish and me
Growing up is hard to take
When you don’t even get a birthday cake
There’s a downside to maturity
It’s time to face reality
No more rides down the playground slide
For kids that lose their kid inside
Well, I refuse to play that part
I want to stay young at heart
The little girl in me
Will stay alive
And for now hold back
The hands of time
Growing up doesn’t have to start
As long as you stay young at heart
I can’t believe I’ve found you
I can’t believe my dreams came true
We’ll start a life together
Somewhere in the stars
You won’t have to scrub all those floors
You won’t be lonely anymore
Up into the sky we’ll soar
Way beyond the stars
So things haven’t gone your way
Here’s how to chase your blues away
When nothin’s right and everything’s wrong
Spend your day just singin’ along
Take your frown and turn it upside down
Grab a friend and spread it around
Even if you don’t know the song
Come on let’s sing-along
Sing along and you will see
Everything’s better in harmony
Even when you sing out of key
Happy days are here again
Because we’re happiest when
We get together with a song and then
Take your frown and turn it upside down
Grab a friend and spread it around
By now you should know the song
Come on let’s, let’s sing-along


かわいい!Hello Kitty(ハローキティー)ソング(Hello Kitty Greatest Hits (Song Medley))

2216 タグ追加 保存
Jason Hancock 2015 年 12 月 8 日 に公開
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