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So not only is Karuizawa a nice place to get out of the big city, Tokyo
but its really cool because there are many outlet stores...
and there are also a lot of nice restaurants. It really is a tourist destination that people should go to.
Also Karuizawa is famous for its jam if you guys didn't know that!
This dog responds to Japanese commands, pretty funny
So we have all of this food
There's Watanabe-San
Oh my goodness...so good?
And we are barbecuing today!
So this is a heater for vegetables and fish
usually used in the olden times...traditional times...
Its really cool
So we are having a little yakiniku right here
So if you guys didn't know, Karuizawa is famous for its corn and tomatoes...
Its called "meibutsu" in Japanese but thats what its famous for...
We are going to the outlet mall...with the DOG!
and there's Watanabe!
So this mall opens at 10am and we got here at like 10:15am and there are already maybe...
5,000-10,000 people here already...its pretty crazy...
So beautiful...look at that...oh my
So as you guys can see, a lot of nice brands...
but yeah we will keep going and see what other brands they have
Look at the koi fish
Those are all bees...oh my goodness...
So we just finished shopping at the mall...Watanabe got some Deisel stuff
I didn't get anything...
You didn't get anything?
Ya but it was fun...window shopping baby window shopping!
Asama mountain
We are now in Kusatsu and Kusatsu has one of the 3 most famous onsens in Japan!
We just finished the onsen and oh my god it felt so good!
I feel so tired...
So relaxing...


軽井沢旅行 のブログ (Japan Vlog: A Day in Karuizawa)

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Chris Okano 2015 年 12 月 8 日 に公開
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