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Now, if President Obama
invited me to be the next Czar of Mathematics,
then I would have a suggestion for him
that I think would vastly improve
the mathematics education in this country.
And it would be easy to implement
and inexpensive.
The mathematics curriculum that we have
is based on a foundation of arithmetic and algebra.
And everything we learn after that
is building up towards one subject.
And at top of that pyramid, it's calculus.
And I'm here to say
that I think that that is the wrong summit of the pyramid ...
that the correct summit -- that all of our students,
every high school graduate should know --
should be statistics:
probability and statistics.
I mean, don't get me wrong. Calculus is an important subject.
It's one of the great products of the human mind.
The laws of nature are written in the language of calculus.
And every student who studies math, science, engineering, economics,
they should definitely learn calculus
by the end of their freshman year of college.
But I'm here to say, as a professor of mathematics,
that very few people actually use calculus
in a conscious, meaningful way, in their day-to-day lives.
On the other hand,
statistics -- that's a subject that you could,
and should, use on daily basis. Right?
It's risk. It's reward. It's randomness.
It's understanding data.
I think if our students, if our high school students --
if all of the American citizens --
knew about probability and statistics,
we wouldn't be in the economic mess that we're in today. (Laughter) (Applause)
Not only -- thank you -- not only that ...
but if it's taught properly, it can be a lot of fun.
I mean, probability and statistics,
it's the mathematics of games and gambling.
It's analyzing trends. It's predicting the future.
Look, the world has changed
from analog to digital.
And it's time for our mathematics curriculum to change
from analog to digital,
from the more classical, continuous mathematics,
to the more modern, discrete mathematics --
the mathematics of uncertainty,
of randomness, of data --
that being probability and statistics.
In summary, instead of our students
learning about the techniques of calculus,
I think it would be far more significant
if all of them knew what two standard deviations
from the mean means. And I mean it.
Thank you very much.


【TED】アーサー・ベンジャミン:数学の教育を変えるための公式 (Arthur Benjamin: Teach statistics before calculus!)

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