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  • The Internet of Things is dramatically enhancing the way we live with smart technology that makes the impossible, possible. Here's how.

  • Sarah's alarm clock will go off 15 minutes earlier than usual because it knows she has an early meeting. It will also send an alert to her shower to ensure she has warm water when she gets to the bathroom.

  • Meanwhile, Sarah's alarm clock will alert her coffee machine to start brewing, so that she'll have a full warm pot ready when she heads down stairs.

  • Her smart fridge will also know when she's almost out of milk, and it will add it to her grocery list.

  • When there are enough items to qualify for free delivery, it will place the order, so that her groceries arrive at a convenient time for Sarah.

  • When Sarah leaves for work, her smart thermostat will adjust the inside temperature so that her home uses as little energy as possible while she's out, achieving some savings.

  • Sarah's car will keep her on track and let her know when it's due for scheduled maintenance. It will even check her calendar and make an appointment for a day she's available to take it in.

  • At the office, Sarah's computer will recognize her identity by her smart wristband and switch on automatically.

  • It will open up her calendar so that she can plan her day for maximum efficiency and productivity.

  • At lunch Sarah will pay for her meal with her smartphone, automatically collecting points towards a free gourmet sandwich without the need for her wallet or purse.

  • During lunch she'll use her smartphone to check on her dog.

  • At the end of the day, Sarah will wave her wristband in front of her computer to shut it down, after it backs up her work to the cloud.

  • At home, Sarah's garage door will recognize that she's arrived and automatically open, and her wristband will transmit her unique heartbeat to unlock her front door.

  • Inside, her lights will switch on and the thermostat will adjust itself.

  • Her smart TV will ask her if she wants to continue watching the on demand show she paused halfway through the night before.

  • As Sarah settles in for a good night's sleep, her wristband will track her sleep patterns, and send her vital statistics and exercise data gathered over the day to her doctor's office, providing a full record of her activity and allowing for better health management.

  • We're working hard to help you get more from your technology.

  • Another reason you can expect more from TELUS. The connected Canadian, it's possible.

  • Learn more about the Internet of Things at

The Internet of Things is dramatically enhancing the way we live with smart technology that makes the impossible, possible. Here's how.


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