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- She told me today you quit smoking.
Congratulations, you quit smoking.
- Thank you.
[cheers and applause]
- That's really good.
Now, how did you do it? Just willpower, or...
- Yeah, it was cold-- it was cold turkey.
I realized that I'd been smoking for ten years,
and that's bad. - Mm-hmm.
- And I was, like-- 'cause it always--
like, I started smoking when I was younger.
And I'd always say, like, "I'm gonna quit, I'm gonna quit."
And then, like, I'd always been, "I haven't been smoking
for that long, it's been for, like, four years," like that.
So then when I got to ten years, I was, like,
"Mm, I'm probably getting to the point of no return here."
So yeah, I, uh-- - How long has it been?
- A week and a half, but that's, like, that's--
- A week and a--yeah. - No, no, come on.
[cheers and applause]
- Here's the thing. - I usually--I usually
start again after, like, three or four days.
I feel like if you make it past a week,
the rest of the year will be good.
- Well, the fact that you're talking about it now,
it'll be embarrassing if people see you smoking
because you've said this, and-- - Yeah, well, no.
I've given up before. I gave up for a year before.
And then I started again. It's usually so--
there's certain things that will--
- I thought you just said if you get past a week, you're okay.
And now--now you said you've stopped for a year.
- I did. I stopped for--I stopped drinking and smoking
for a year in 2011. - Yeah.
- The reason I kind of, like, smoked so much
is, like, it was just a-- it was--it was like a routine.
Like, I'd do--do a sound check, have a cigarette,
do a gig, have a cigarette, have food, have a cigarette.
And now, like, I'm not really gonna be touring for a while.
Or working, so I don't need to.
- Sounds like now's the time to smoke, really.
There's nothing going on.
Can we talk about your latest tattoo that we're not gonna see
because the polar bear is covering it.
You can see a little bit of it.
It's a--well, we have a picture of it, too.
It's--this--I thought it was--
- No, no, no. I finished it, I finished it.
Like, that's--that's-- - Oh, that's the beginning
of it? - That actually looks--
when that went up, everyone was, like, "It looks so bad."
That is--that was actually bad. I finished it.
- Uh-huh. - It goes--it goes up there now.
And up there.
- And the reason for putting a lion on your chest is?
- Well, this is the thing.
A lot of people had a go at me for this.
They were, like, "That seems like quite a stupid tattoo."
But I played the biggest venue you can play in England
and sold out for three nights, which was Wembley Stadium.
- That's huge. - And England's national emblem
is a lion, so I want-- and all my tattoos are things
that I've done in my career, and they're all leading to
the middle bit, which is the lion,
and that's the stadium.
And I feel like, this is, like, every part of my career
put into one, and I think it looks cool.
I don't really care if anyone else does.
- Well, that's all that matters.
[cheers and applause]
I mean...
Listen, I mean, this is incredible
to sell out three nights at Wembley Stadium,
and it's you and a guitar. - Yeah.
- Most people have all these huge shows and dancers
and all kinds of things going on.
Your voice, I mean, we all love you.
Your voice is incredible. You're an amazing songwriter.
But that's impressive. - Thank you, thank you.
- Congratulations. That's really impressive.
[cheers and applause] That's really good.
Okay, so let's talk about--
the reason you're here is you're introducing us
to a new artist, Jamie Lawson.
- Oh, you guys are going to love this.
This is, like, this is totally up your street.
This is--so, yeah, this is a guy that I--
I've played gigs with this guy, like, six years ago,
and I've always thought he was amazing.
And I was always, like, "He needs to get signed."
And then someone was, like, "Well, why don't you
set up a record label and sign him?"
So I did.
But his--his song made me cry.
And I know that your audience, they like a cry.
- Yeah. - So this is--it's gonna be--
- I try to make 'em cry as often as I can.
And he flew in from Copenhagen to be here.
- And he's flying out tonight as well.
- And he's flying out tonight, so he flew in just--
- I flew in from Paris to be here,
and I'm flying out tonight. We flew in just for this.
- Well, I love you even more than I did before.
[cheers and applause]
And when we come back,
we're gonna hear your new artist.
His name is Jamie Lawson.
He's making his U.S. television debut.
We'll be right back.


Ed Sheeran's New Tattoo

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