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The Frog Prince
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess.
She was very vain and selfish, and cared only about showing off her beauty
and collecting expensive things.
Ugh! What is this? I can't wear this old, grubby dress!
One day, her father the King told her he had a present for her,
and showed her a magnificent ball made of pure gold.
My dearest, a neighboring kingdom has sent this golden ball as a gift for you.
Oooo! It's so pretty!
It is. It is also the only one of its kind in the world.
The princess was thrilled, and played with her ball in the garden every day.
Soon however, the Princess began to grow bored, because she had no friend.
I'm so lonely, I wish I had a friend to play with. That would be great.
Suddenly, she heard a voice that seemed to come out of nowhere.
Why don't you play with me?
Surprised, the Princess looked everywhere trying to see where the voice had come from
but she saw no one.
Who are you? Come out if you want to play with me.
As soon as she said those words, the owner of the voice came out of hiding and revealed himself.
He turned out to be a frog.
You are the most lovely princess in the world, would you let me be your friend and play with you?
The Princess was shocked and disgusted, because she thought the frog was hideous.
Ahh! How dare you presume such a thing! I can't play with a repulsive, slimy frog!
Get out of my sight!
I may be ugly but I am fun to play with!
I would rather play by myself than touch something dirty and horrible like you. You will make me dirty!
Furious, the Princess turned away and stalked off back to the castle to get away from the frog.
One sunny afternoon, the princess was playing with her golden ball as usual
when it slipped out of her hands and splashed into a well.
The princess was very upset and started to cry.
Oh, what can I do? My beautiful golden ball is lost forever!
At that moment, the Frog heard the Princess crying and came out of hiding to stand before her.
Don't cry, I can help you get your ball back.
Leave me alone! How can a small ugly frog help me get my ball from that huge well?
It's easy for me. I jump in and out of the well every day.
Then you can really get me my ball back?
Of course! But you have to promise me something in return.
I will bring you your ball if you promise that you will be my friend from now on.
You will allow me to eat with you when you have your meals, and sleep next to you in your bed every night.
Anything! I promise! Just please get me my ball.
Satisfied, the frog leaped into the well.
He emerged a few moments later, holding the golden ball.
Princess here, I have kept my promise. Now, let's play.
My golden ball! I got my golden ball back!
The Princess turned and ran towards the castle without stopping to thank the Frog.
Princess, Princess, wait! You promised you would play with me!
I lied, of course! Did you really expect me to play with an ugly, slimy frog like you?
I never want to see you again!
The next evening the Princess was having dinner with the King.
Suddenly, they heard a loud knocking at the door, and the Princess recognized the Frog's voice:
Princess, it is I, the Frog. I have come to keep you to your promise.
You said you would allow me to eat with you. Please let me in.
Who is that, and what is he talking about?
Embarrassed, the princess hesitated, but she told the king the truth about what happened
between her and the Frog by the well.
The king grew very angry.
Are you telling me you broke your promise? Open the door at once!
Hesitantly, the Princess opened the door.
The Frog hopped in right away and jumped towards the Princess.
Ugh..go away, you nasty thing! Princess, be nice to your friend.
Invite the Frog to the table to eat with us.
That evening, the Frog ate beside the Princess.
As for the Princess herself, she was so disgusted that she couldn't swallow a bite.
Princess, I am full now and ready to go to bed. Will you bring me to your bedroom?
The princess was horrified. She didn't want the Frog in her nice, clean room, but the King insisted.
The Frog helped you when you were in trouble, and you made him a promise.
Take him to your room.
The Princess had no choice, so she took the Frog to her room.
Stay away, disgusting creature!
But Princess, aren't you forgetting your promise? I want to sleep in your bed.
Please let me lie down, or I will go tell the King.
That is enough! How can I sleep with a dirty ugly frog like you!?
Furious, the Princess hurled a pillow at the Frog.
Go away and never come back!
Suddenly, something very strange happened. There was a glow of light...
...and the Frog transformed into a handsome Prince!
The Princess was shocked.
Princess, I am the Prince of the neighboring kingdom.
I was cursed by an evil witch and turned into a frog. Thank you for breaking the spell, my Princess.
Would you agree to be my wife?
The Prince was so handsome that the Princess fell in love with him right away.
But then, she remembered how rude she was to him when was a frog and she felt very embarrassed.
But Prince, I was so horrible to you before. Can you ever forgive me?
I understand, Princess. I will gladly accept your apology if you make me another promise
- from now on, you will never judge people by appearances.
Yes, I promise.
The Princess learned her lesson, and from that day on, she was kind and polite to everyone she met,
regardless of their appearance. The Prince and the Princess lived happily ever after.


The Frog Prince - Bedtime Story (BedtimeStory.TV)

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