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  • hellooo there everybody, my name is jerbanie and welcome to my review on kyoukai no kanata

  • aka beyond the horizon. now, beyond the horizon started airing back in october of 2013. this

  • was the first series that me and my girlfriend sat and watched together from start to finish

  • and to be honest with you guys, i didnt really know what i was going in to. i didnt really

  • know a lot about anime as i usually do my research before hand, but this anime i just

  • went straight in, right into the deep end like a hardcore mother fucker.. what did i

  • think of it? keep listening to find out and i hope you enjoy this review, bare in my mind

  • this my first review of a full show so i may be a bit shit i dont know, anyway lets get

  • to it!

  • beyond the horizon for those of you like me who didn't know what it was about before watching

  • it, this one is for you. it's about a boy named akhito and although he appears mortal,

  • he is actually invulnerable to most wounds as he can heal quickly. he meets out protagonist

  • girl who is about to plunge to her death. the main girl is isolated from the everyone

  • else due to her supernatural ability of manipulating blood, even in the spirit world where she

  • is the last survivor of her clan.

  • so as i mentioned, the series starts off by chucking us into the world of where a descendent

  • from a cursed clan and an immortal school boy become friends. meerai, the main girl

  • finally realises that no matter how many times she stabs akihito that there is no bringing

  • him down and they become best FRIENDS (aw clip). we are also introduced to two main

  • friends who attend the same club as akihito.

  • the one thing i noticed straight away is the animation. you can immediately tell that the

  • animation is done by kyoto animation. it's pure, slick and fancy and it's an orgasm to

  • the eyes. i think they did a really good job on the animation as it lives up to their standards

  • and goes the extra mile and effort into this production. the characters, scenery and all

  • that jazz just looks absolutely beautiful and i truly believe this is one of its strong

  • points.

  • however, the story was unique. but was this a good thing? i really did like the story

  • because it was unique but when they threw in things like where they had to end up dancing

  • to kill a monster, at that point in time i really started to question what i was watching.

  • sure, the ending was pretty fantastic but i believe that show only just held itself

  • together on some of the episodes. i would of also loved to see a bit of background information

  • on the spirit world and the clan she comes from as this would of been really interesting

  • but unfortunatley they did not. im not say that the story was bad but it's just they

  • could of done so much more with the story instead of piss arsing about dancing to arouse

  • a one eyed monster.

  • the story, thank god, picked up nearer towards the finale. im not going to spoil what happened

  • in the end as i dont plan to ruin any major stuff in this review but i believe the show

  • is worth watching for the end as it is really something amazing. i don't mean that in the

  • sense of school days where the ending calms you down from all the anger that has built

  • up inside you, it's not quite like that haha. however, the ending makes the show seem really

  • good and that's why i gave it an 8/10. the story was nothing really really special but

  • the animation really sprinkled the icing on the cake and gave it an 8/10. i really don't

  • think they needed the fillers that they used in the show like dancing and it could've been

  • filled with better mind bending plot but oh well, it's all over now.

  • so overall, i would recommend you go watch knk. it sounds like ive bad mouthed it through

  • this review but really it isn't that bad and it's actually pretty good. i just got a little

  • annoyed at the story because

  • there was

  • so much they could do with it.

  • anyway,

hellooo there everybody, my name is jerbanie and welcome to my review on kyoukai no kanata


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