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  • There’s a huge opportunity for us to help guys look good, smell good, feel good,

  • which makes them confident, which makes them more successful.

  • Disruptive to me is challenging an established way of doing things in a particular industry or area.

  • My name is Michael Dubin and I’m the founder and CEO of

  • So, we started Dollar Shave Club to solve a simple problem for guys which was they hate going to the store to buy razors

  • and once they do get to the check-out line they realize the razors are very expensive so, theyre having a tough time buying the products that are right for them.

  • The solution that we have is three great razors, very affordably priced, that we ship to our members,

  • either every month or every other month and they really love that experience.

  • In your first month youll get a razor, a sleeve of blades, the Bathroom Minutes which is our monthly magazine, and a member handbook

  • that tells you about all the different things you can do with your membership.

  • I recently joined Dollar Shave Club as the Senior Vice President of Product Development.

  • When Michael started Dollar Shave Club it was all about disruption.

  • It was how you were going to buy your razors, why youre going to buy it.

  • The whole online membership, One Wipe Charlies, the first shave product with Shave Butter being absolutely clear

  • it was very, very disruptive and now that’s why it had such a big impact on the industry.

  • I think, what people love about Dollar Shave Club is the price, the value, and the experience and that last one is probably the most important.

  • If you have an idea that’s resonate and you put it in the right places to be discovered, it should find its audience.

  • My name is Janet Song, I’m the SVP of Member Services

  • and I’m responsible for how we support our members through the Dollar Shave Club journey.

  • We really want to become a men’s lifestyle brand through our products and through great content, through technology, and through great service.

  • And I think that what’s really cool about what we do is when people start talking about the great video,

  • the great products, ‘wow they have that great technology, that great app and their service is amazingthen you have the whole package.

  • Were creating an experience that’s emotionally resonate, that guys love.

  • I’m extremely grateful for the success that weve had and for the support of our members.

  • When I sit back and have my daydream time its always about where were going next.

There’s a huge opportunity for us to help guys look good, smell good, feel good,


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How Dollar Shave Club is Revolutionizing the Men's Grooming Experience [Disruptive] |エリートデイリー (How Dollar Shave Club Is Revolutionizing The Men's Grooming Experience [Disruptive] | Elite Daily)

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