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Hey guys! This is a reaction video to Adele's new song, "Hello."
But it's a little bit different because I already watched the video.
Yeah, so I watched this yesterday in the middle of a Starbucks and I cried.
It just happened. The emotions came over me and then I listend to the song
for like 5 hours straight and everything is normal.
So, I won't be watching the video for the first time in this video.
So, I'm just not going to even...I'm not going to do that.
I'm just going to talk about it.
And say some things.
Number one, I didn't realize how much I fucking missed Adele.
I love this woman. She is a goddess. But this song -
was brilliant. It was brilliant.
It was brilliant, guys. It's brilliant.
She's been gone for three years, I believe, maybe four.
And it's just like, here, here is my music, please enjoy it.
I fucking enjoyed it.
Anyways so we'll get into it. I'm going to watch little snippets of the video
and I'll talk about it.
Yeah, that's how this is going to happen.
Okay, so to start out. It's like a story kind of thing.
There's a car driving up this path to a house. I don't know. It's a story.
Okay, Adele. First question. What's up with the flip phone? This is 2015. Come on. Come on.
When I first saw it, I thought it was going to be
a hello I'm back song 'cause
she was in the old house and it was dusty and she was uncovering all the furniture and whatnot.
But no, it's a song about heartbreak so...
She is such a goddess. God, do not look at me like that. Do not give me that face.
When I first saw that dude, I was like are they friends?
Obviously in the music video he is supposed to be her lover or ex-lover or whatever.
But my first thought was, "I wonder if they're friends in real life?"
I don't know why I thought about that. But I did.
Also, this video has really cool cinematography.
That telephone booth in the middle of the forest. Oh my gosh, it's beautiful.
That was my favorite image that they depicted. But the whole thing is-
really cool. It's not black and white but it's not color. It's a yellowish in-between area.
I think it works perfectly for the tone.
I also think it was kind of cool how they filmed it
where she wasn't...she was in the video obviously
but she didn't actually have on-screen altercations with
the dude. That was so eloquent.
She was the camera's viewpoint and he was just looking at her
which, I mean you can see when you watch the video.
I just think that was even more of a powerful thing because you saw
You heard what she thought and you saw what he felt.
I hope it's not me who listens to songs and just gets this
flood of feeling and emotion.
I hope that's not just me.
I mean it's not. I'm just hoping that you also feel that.
But the chorus, just hits home.
It is so powerful like all of her songs and it's just
It's mindblowing.
It's like this woman somehow got better.
I didn't think that was possible. I thought she had hit the highest caliber-
and then all of a sudden, she swoops back in after
four, three, four, whatever years and just blows my mind.
And this song is about heartbreak like I said before, like all of her songs are
I don't think that is any reason to think her songs sound alike.
And if you only listen to the songs they play on the radio
then yeah, they do kind of sound alike.
Because there is a structure for song that become popular.
There is an actual formula for what song is going to be popular.
And so obviously they are going to sound somewhat similar.
But if you listen to some of her albums
You have "Rolling in the Deep," "Set Fire to the Rain,"
those are big ones.
And they kind of sound similar.
But then you have "Daydreamer" which doesn't sound anything like
the other two. So, don't give me that shit.
Most people write songs about heartbreak. That's kind of a theme through most artists' music.
So, also, don't give me that shit.
She is sweeping the Grammy's. There's not doubt about it.
They might as well not even have them.
They might as well just be like, "Every award goes to Adele."
I mean she's winning. It's not...
It's not even going to be argued. It's just a fact.
Everyone else can go home.
Basically, what I am telling you in this short, review video, where I don't actually show the video
entirely, because that's long and I also, copyright, and you know.
What I'm telling you is go watch the video
Go by this song and have your life be changed [phone beep]
Just have your life be changed by this miracle of a human being.
If she is able to do this with just one song, her album
is going to be spectacular.
The album comes out in one month, actually a little bit less than one month
but you know, one month, November 20th
I don't know what's wrong with me today. I'm just in this very strange place.
Well, that is that.
I am just blown away by the fact that she has such
a magnificent voice.
Oh my gosh
And it is so effortless for her.
She just let's it out and it's so beautiful.
Sorry for how terrible this video probably is
especially with this sunlighting that is happening right now.
And the fact that I just winged this.
Go watch her video. Download this song.
Get ready for the album in a month because you will not want to miss this.
What's that noise? It's like somebody was breathing next to me
Is there a ghost in here? 'Cause i'm not good with that.


REACTION: "Hello" - ADELE (歌詞/lyrics)

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