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Hey guys Ken Tamplin back here again at Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Were going to take
on AC/DC next. I put together a cool little medley. And talk about a long-standing career
these guys have had, and they’re still out there doing it. So we’re going to do it
first and then talk about it after like we always do, here we go.
Okay. So most of this is a head voice, like a reinforced falsetto or head voice,
bright head tone. Now, I actually, in this track, I pulled up chest for most of it because
I like a thicker, fatter kind of a, you know, David Coverdale sort of sound, so I didn’t
mix quite as much is he does, but you know if you’ve got that “Back In Black!” and he's got that real
High-pitched “Hit The Sack!” You know, right? And I actually brought a lot of girth
up into that sound, but if you watch my video on head voice, you can actually get a whole
lot of information to help you grow this sound and be able to negotiate bringing your chest
and handing it off to the head to be able to create the sound. So, thank you for joining
me, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, and more on your way.


How To Sing Like Brian Johnson-AC/DC-Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy (歌詞/lyrics)

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