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Hey there, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business and a life that
you love. You know, over the past 5 years this show has been an incredible part of my
life. I am so grateful to you, our audience, for tuning in each and every week and you
watch us and you support us and that is amazing.
We’ve done over 250 shows so far, which blows my mind, and I have learned so much
both from the actual making of the show and from what you bring back to it each week.
So today I wanna share 7 lessons that I’ve learned along the way.
Lesson number one is starting small leads to big success. So people often say to me,
“Oh, you know, that show, it’s easy for you to do because you've got this big team.
What about me? I’m just starting out.” I’ve gotta tell you, my videos started with
just me and my webcam in my kitchen. There was no editing, there was no lighting, there
was no highlights in the hair, there was no nothing. And my team evolved very, very slowly
and organically over the years. So no matter what you’re trying to do whether you wanna
start a show, you wanna start a business, you’re trying to form a new habit, or even
if you’re trying to start a new career, starting small is something I so recommend
because those small, consistent steps always lead you to big places. Which brings me to
lesson number two.
Lesson number two: consistency is not an accident. So a lot of people ask, how do you do this
each and every week without fail? Well, I’ll tell you. The consistency of our show is just
simply not an accident. We plan our entire year around MarieTV and we shoot about 4 to
5 times a year and everything that we need to do to make this show come to life is actually
scheduled out months and months in advance, from writing days to booking the crew to securing
our interviews. And once we get everything lined up it is just a go. I mean, no questions
asked, things are pretty much non-freaking-negotiable. Unwavering commitment is really what makes
consistency happen. So no matter what the size of your project, if you want to get it
done you have got to put it in that calendar. And if you’re fully committed, I promise,
your life will bend to support it.
Lesson number three: get real used to Murphy’s Law. So if you don't know what Murphy’s
Law is, it states that anything that can go wrong, will. And after 5 years of doing this
show I can tell you, it does. I mean, lights blow out, we blow fuses, I get sick, rented
furniture just doesn't show up, helicopters and fire… helicopters and firetrucks ruin
take after take, and often I can’t seem to pronounce really simple words. (Those bloopers that you see, those are real.)
My point here is that no matter how much you prepare, things will go wrong. Like, major
things. All the time. You’ve gotta stay flexible, you’ve gotta keep your sense of
humor, and remember my life motto which is everything is figureoutable.
Lesson number four: you can’t make everyone happy, and it’s a losing game to try. Oh
my goodness, this lesson has been so deeply seared into my soul from MarieTV and our other
work. So let me repeat, you cannot make everyone happy and it is a losing game to try. There
are tons of people who tell me, “Stop doing the goofy stuff,” because they think it
detracts from my credibility or that it just makes me seem narcissistic. Or, “Why y’all
fancy now? Can’t you go back to the brick wall?” And then there are tons of other
people, like my mom, who say, “Can’t you just dance and sing more or can’t you do
even more silly stuff or can't it just be all bloopers?”
When it comes to your creativity, you have got to do what you wanna do. Make everything
about what makes you smile, what makes you laugh, what do you consider joyful? That’s
what’s most important for anything that you're doing.
Lesson number five is let yourself evolve. So if you’ve watched any of my earlier work
you know that I was very comfortable using, shall we say, colorful language. But over
time not only did I grow and change, but, more importantly, so did my audience. And
I started to realize that a lot of parents were watching MarieTV with their kids. And
then I started to notice a lot of teenagers and young people watch the show on their own
too. So for me, I really just made a conscious decision to adjust my language and do warnings
if we happen to have episodes that are a little more on the racy side. Not because I’m trying
to cater to everyone, but because those young people are really important to me.
Lesson number 6 is only work with the best. So this isn’t necessarily about hiring the
most expensive people, it’s about only working with A players, with drivers, with people
who are 100 percent committed to doing an extraordinary job, no matter what. So I’ve
gotta brag on my crew for a second. I love them so much and one of the pieces of feedback
that I hear all the time when people come to MarieTV or they interact with my company
is they say, “OMG. Team Forleo is amazing. Everybody is so kind and they’re funny and
they’re present. Where did they come from?” And I’ve gotta tell you, great teams don't
happen by accident. I’m super clear on my standards, I also consider myself really fortunate,
but you’ve gotta know that if you surround yourself with people who just get it and,
most importantly, get you, you can create extraordinary things.
And lesson 7 is stay true to your vision. So over the years many people have tried to
get me to take on sponsors or sell advertising or they wanted me to pitch this show to a
real TV network. Those things are all fine and they might be awesome for other people,
but that just hasn’t been my vision. You know, everyone says, “But you should really
consider that. It’s a great opportunity.” Just because something is an opportunity,
it doesn't mean it’s the right opportunity for you. So no matter what you’re creating,
it’s really important to be ultra clear on what success looks like and feels like
for you. It’s fine to listen to other people’s ideas, but at the end of the day please trust
yourself. You know what’s best for you.
You know, every episode we’ve done, every guest we’ve had on, it’s all grown out
of my hope to make something fun and useful and inspiring for you. And this is why we’re
still here over 250 episodes later. So thank you so very much for watching and supporting
and I hope we’ll do another episode like this after the next few hundred.
Now I would love to hear from you. Which lesson from today really hit home, and how can that
make a difference in your business or your life right now? Or if you’ve been in the
trenches really creating something consistently for a while now, what’s the single biggest
lesson that you’ve learned so far?
As always, the best discussions happen after the episode over at the magical land of MarieForleo.com,
so go there and leave a comment now.
Did you like this video? If so, subscribe to our channel and I would be so grateful
if you shared this with your friends. And if you want even more resources to create
a business and life that you love, plus some personal insights from me that I only talk
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Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special
gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on MarieTV.



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