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NOT a Review Warning! Spoiler ahead!
From the clown studio that’s infamous for fucked up some of the big series …
comes the anime adaptation to prove once it for all that bleach is superior to Naruto
and One Piece combined
when comes to Cleaning Product…
by the troll author that had a great concept but sucks at execution
Gotta admit, some of these fights are fucking entertaining…
and of course, there’s the boring ones
*sigh* What are waste of my time.
Like any good long-running series, Bleach must also suffer from the unbearable fate
of dragging on forever with its SlowMo pace…sorry excuse for a plot…
even Tite Kubo doesn’t know what he’s doing sometimes,
leaving tons of characters undeveloped.
So brace yourself and prepare to embark upon the greatest arc in Bleach history…
that got you into buying bleach for laundry…
before Kubo achieve a Bankai to blow his asspulls all over your clothes.
Meet… Ichigo, the uninspired ball-less protagonist that treated everybody kindly but Kong,
like a true Nazi…
The coolest thing about him is that he’s voiced by Adam Park
or whenever he goes Hallow Mode… And the first few times he goes bankai…
Aizen, one of the most badass Villain in Anime History,
he had the power to ditch the lame glasses to become a Badass…
he came back stronger every-time he’s at Death’s door (like a true Saiyan) …
Makes you wondering why he barely kills anyone…
(and screw Yhwach... whatever his World War Crap name is)
Yoruichi, she proves once it for all that Black chicks can be fucking hot & sexy when
drawn right…
not to mention, fucking cool and badass even without a Zanpakuto.
Kenpachi, the coolest and most interesting character of the series.
And poor Chad, who unexpectedly got tons of character development but quite unpopular
‘cuz he’s Mexican?
I’m Rukia Kuchiki, the most miserable person of the series
I was saved by some random people I barely know, not that I’m complaining but gosh...
Congress still debating whether or not I’m the true heroin of the show.
Of course, I am Moron! I mean, I’m the one who kick-started the entire plot for Shinigami’s sake.
My strength is amazing, my chest is bigger than Sakura, my drawing skills is second to no one,
it’s so Great, it Surpasses even the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Tite Kubo.
Just think about it logically, who else is there but the great me?
Run along as Ichigo and his friends cross-over to the Soul Society,
Japanese’s After Life (The Segregation of Tokugawa Era… a very-very crappy version of Heaven)
to save their friend, whom they barely know, with the help of a really-really suspicious man
lead by a talking cat without a second thought…
But screw the small details ‘cuz how else is the plot’s gonna progress, right?
Wait... do we even have a plot? … Ichigo had no goal…
just imagine how cool it would’ve been if Ichigo went around yelling,
“My dream is to become King of the Shinigami!”
…Hmm, nope, that sound stupid.
Meet the strongest and most incapable captains of Soul Society that’ve lives for centuries---
perfecting their powers, who didn’t even get their backstory told…
for refusing to release their bankai no matter how Dire the Situation gets.
Together, they will Leave Everything to Ichigo,
who’ll easily surpass them in couple days of training with Kubo through
the Power of Main Character Bullshit!
And what the hell's with you?
Couldn't you like obliterarte us all in one go?
And yet, you just stand there.
And who could forget the Espada that got stomped horribly by the “good guys”
when it’s convenient to the plot,
even though they’re clearly superior. Yet for some reason, they got no healers.
So get ready for the Bitch of Fillers, so inconsistent and complicated to wrap your head around.
You’ll forever wondering why these idiots kept explaining how their powers works
to their enemies…
WHAT?! How can you still be alive?
Hah! I made a decoy out of ice...I can only use that technique once
and I'm telling you this with full knowledge that you may use it against me in the future.
and still manage to leave you with unanswered questions like…
Doesn't anyone think it's weird that we can walk on air... but still fall?
Oh yeah and you can’t say the “B” word.
Kaname, what do you doing? You have to be a blind fool not to see
the destructive path you've chosen.
He didn't say anything.
I said, you have to be a blind fool...
I really think you shouldn't push the matter...
You! What kind of sick bastard just call someone the B-word?!
Oral Sex
Tits Kubo
Super Bull
Shirtless Genocide
Big Mom Truepachi
Captain Wolverine
Riku The Winter Soldier
Fuck You Attack
Wonder Retarded
Red Pineapple
Hag (Hot Arrancar Girl)
It's a Nerd... It's a Dork ...It's Superman!
BLITCH – NOT a Cleaning Product!
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Honest Anime Trailers - Bleach

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