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Hey guys! It’s Kelly and I just wanted to do a quick update video
I’m extremely busy cause there’s some changes at work
and my hours are kind of cut from doing any editing and stuff
I can still do editing, of course, I’m still working very hard on my next videos
But, this week I’m just gonna put up an update video and
I’m going to talk about the September 5th Youtube meetup
So, if you are interested in coming, you can definitely can come
I’ll put the information in the links down below
You can also watch Victors video, he also talked about it as well.
So please check out his video about the party and even if you aren’t a Youtube you can totally come.
I’m definitely going so I’ll be there, so if you guys are there that’s cool too
because I definitely want to meet some of you
I wanna thank you for watching all of my videos
This has been such a journey and I am super surprised at how my channel has grown
It’s you guys that keep me motivated so thank you so much for watching.
If you are new to this channel, please stay tuned for some crazy awesome videos in the future.
There’s a lot coming up and a lot that I’m working on
such as part II for the Japan Ghosts & Legends series that I have
I hope you guys enjoyed that one
I’m into ghosts and stuff like that. I like creepy stories and things like that.
So I’m definitely excited to put out the next chapter of that.
Also, there will be more music. I know I haven’t been doing a lot of music lately but I will be.
And, I have a lot planned
I have a whole notebook of ideas. You guys have been messaging me and commenting
on ideas for me and I appreciate that so much
I definitely am listening to each and every one of you
and writing down your ideas and my ideas and combining them
So stay tuned for some really awesome informational and adventurous videos in the future.
I also recently went on a trip to Kyoto so,
There's a lot of things I filmed that were kind of off the beaten path that you wouldn't expect to see in Kyoto
So, I'm excited to put those videos up as well.
I know that you guys really like information about Japan
I'm definitely listening to that and I'm definitely thinking of some more ideas and information to give you
So you guys can come to Japan and you guys can prepare yourself for Japan
It's definitely a big change when you move to a different country
so I have a lot of topics on that
My channel is still starting out! It's only been six months
I definitely have an idea for each week
I'm trying so hard to put out at least two videos a week.
That has been a challenge but I wanna do it because I'm so excited to share with you my life
And, videos about Japan and things like that
But I'm also gonna do other things not really related to Japan like fashion
and day in the life and routines
I'm not a big make-up person I kind of just do whatever in the morning
I've seen some comments about me doing a get ready with me video so I'll definitely try to do that
And I'll do my make-up the best that I can
But I really am into fashion. It's still technically related to Japan. It's fashion in Japan
So, I'll be doing that
I'll also be doing hauls and giveaways, too coming up so please stay tuned for those types of videos
I definitely want to make my channel my own
It's going to be focused on Japan but it's also going to be me
And, if you are new to this channel and you wanna see more of my videos please subscribe and hit the like button
The like button kind of helps my videos be known out in the Youtube world
By hitting the like button it helps me a lot
By subscribing it motivates me so please subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for more
I hope to see you at the party
I'm definitely juggling between three jobs
I'm modeling and I'm teaching
Teaching is a big focus in my life and that's something that I'm very passionate about
It's what I studied in college
And, Youtube is now a big part of my life and my heart
So, please keep watching and I hope you enjoy all of my content that I put up
And if you have any suggestions or questions. I am going to do a Q&A eventually
I'm trying to wrack up all the questions that you guys have.
Please comment below if you have any questions
And, I hope to see you at the party!
See you guys later! Thanks! Bye~


ユーチューバーサマーパーティー Update #3: Youtube Summer Party & What's Coming Soon

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