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Thank you for doing that and be with us.
And I appreciate that.
That was so much fun, man.
I'm not going to see it in the past
when you guys send me the email like
hey do you want to do The ragtime gals
that was like "Oh my god I get to do the ragtime gals"
Are you ok to let me introduce now
that as you know that's great because you can actually sing an... for years now
Thank you!
we've... we've done a sync biz(business) together.
Well, that sounds a lip sync
That's right.
You didn't even sing at all.
No I didn't get to sing.
No one saw that by the way
No actually...
50 million hits on Youtube back then
Oh I know Jimmy I check it everyday.
No but actually more people come up to me
and say "Oh I love the lip sync more than like Inception or Darkness Arises or 500 Days of Summer
That's really funny.
More people come up to me and say
The Super Bass man!
Oh, exactly! Niki Minaj was unbelievable.
But now you found a good thing cause you used to be in a band, right?
I mean... you know...
I was in a high school band when I was 16 and 17
Jimmy: I want to know detail. I wanna know...every... Joseph: Enough, that's too embarassing.
What's the name of the band?
It was not a good band
No that's too des(desperate) . Come on you got what it was... what was it... was it one word?
It's not even like funny right there
They're know(n) wasn't one word.
It was called "Foad on the March"
Um... silence of course
Oh my... Foad on the Ma...
What is it mean I'm trying to dig upon any guess
It was a kid at our school.
He was a kid named Foad
We weren't even that close with him
I don't know why we named our band our band after him.
Did he know that?
No. I mean it sounds like our band was popular or anything.
Foad didn't know that we think
Foad on the March?
Yeah, and it's spelled FOAD
So everyone if they saw the written would say you know Foad on the March.
We're like "it's not Foad, it's Foe-ad"
maybe like why Foe-ad
We're like "just no breathing, man!" No one understands this!
Shut the door mom! Yeah, exactly!
We're rehearsing
Foad on March~
What kind of music was Foad on the March?
It was... you know...
It was four 16-year-old boys turning their guitars up very loudly and hurting their ears.
And having a great time doing it
Do you have either original songs or do cover songs?
We did both! We had a catalogue of orignals
Did you ever play any gigs?
We...uh... you know
But we played at the Cobalt Cafe out the San Fernando valley
uh, yeah...
Do I see play the real gig
I mean you know like a friend's
I mean actually those are kind of best kinds of gig zoke
cause you're just doing it for fun and it wasn't like...
I love it. It was so much fun
What're the original song titles?
uh... from the Foad on the March
From Foad on the March
Well, why would I expect if i got full of seats at the Cobalt Cafe
You need to taste a while... There was no seats in Cobalt Cafe
Standing room only!
I wrote a song called “Fido’s Quest for the Meaning of Life”
um... it was about a dog who died of fleas sucking his blood to death
It was the 90s man! We were like into nirvana and stuff.
I’m so happy you became an actor.


【ザ・トゥナイト・ショー】Joseph Gordon-Levitt Had a Random High School Band

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