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- Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley,
and we just got done with the summer,
although here in LA it's still like 90 degrees,
so, almost 98 degrees.
Oh my God, what is Nick Lachey up to?
I think we can safely assume he's not filming
a Favorite Things video,
but I am!
OK, so my first favorite thing I found at Target
for 74 cents.
It was on clearance.
I am on a budget.
But it's black matte nail polish.
And I've always thought that that's like kinda cute,
and I'm like you know what,
nail polish is not just for girls.
Case in point, I did mine with the ugliest shade
of like goldenrod yellow.
So, I decided I'ma get some cute black matte nail polish.
And maybe I'll give myself a little pedicure tonight,
so if you wanna see that, follow me on Snapchat.
It's not gonna be pretty, but you know,
a boy's gotta try.
OK, so another thing that I'm absolutely loving right now
that I just picked up a physical copy of
because I feel like if you like something,
you gotta support it,
it's Carly Rae Jepsen's new album.
I love every single song on it.
This is not, Carly's not paying me to say this.
But it's like so good.
It's honestly pop album of the year.
If it's not nominated for a Grammy,
I will be so disappointed.
If you need new good-- (phone dings)
Who is texting me?
If you need new good pop music,
Carly Rae Jepsen's album, incredible.
OK, so for my next favorite thing,
it's something that I just got.
I haven't even opened them yet,
but it's these gloves.
And I was attracted to them because they're for women,
and I figure, why would you gender gloves?
But I was doing this workout last week
and I got blisters on both of the palms of my hands.
And I was like, "I need gloves for my workout."
So, I got these.
I'll let you know if my manly, manly hands
can't fit into these delicate, feminine gloves.
We shall see if these needed to be gender.
Who knows?
OK, so my next favorite thing,
I was talking about it on a Slumber Party Tour stop.
And I was talking about how like
back in elementary school there was this cart
that would go classroom to classroom like on Fridays,
and you could buy like pencil tops,
and like erasers, and like grips for your pencil,
and like mechanical pencils.
And I remember they would also sell Airheads.
And I wanted to be cool (laughs)
because obviously I was not cool,
and so I remember bringing in 20 bucks,
like a crisp 20 dollar bill, and thinking,
"I'ma buy out all the Airheads
"and treat my class."
And I was like the queen of the classroom that day.
And I told that story at a Slumber Party stop,
and somebody must have tweeted it or something.
Airheads saw that on Twitter,
and then they reached out,
and they were like, "Hey, we wanna like work with you."
And I was like, "If you wanna work with me,
"send me some Airheads."
So, while I was on tour, Airheads sent me
a whole bunch of Airheads Bites.
And they kinda became me and Korey's like go to snack
while we were on the road.
They're very delicious, and tangy, and sweet,
and, oop, oh no.
And perfect for on the go, which I was for the tour.
These are my favorite thing right now.
Speaking of fabulous little care packages
from people while I was on tour,
I got a gift from a girl named Ashley Newman,
somewhere in Australia, I don't really remember,
maybe in Melbourne?
Maybe, I don't know.
But she gave me these pieces of art
that I had previously like reblogged.
Look how incredible this is.
If you would like to check out Ashley's art,
which you should because she's like incredible,
the link is gonna be below.
OK, so for my next favorite thing
I kind of have to preface it.
As somebody who just bought like every wig possible
from a wig store for my birthday roller rink party,
wigs are expensive,
but during Halloween wigs are super cheap,
so I just went and got a whole bunch of wigs.
They're cheap and gross, but like I'm not trying
to be some classy drag queen,
so I figured I would just like get some new wigs.
This one's called the Princess Braid,
but it looks like Katniss Everdeen.
Here we have like a short bob,
but that's kinda like Selena Gomez
in that Taylor Swift music video.
This one is Renaissance Princess,
but it's really that like medieval TV show where
I think there's incest?
I forget what the name of it is. (laughs)
Is it like armor, and swords, and dragons?
It's like a game of, not cards,
game of cards.
What's that show, (laughing) what is that show?
"Game of Thrones", "Game of Thrones."
This is a "Game of Thrones" wig.
And then obviously I needed a wig
that is called Glam Glitz because
look at how classy I'm about to be.
OK, so my next favorite thing has to do with you guys.
My book comes out October 20th.
This is my book.
You saw me open a package of the very first book,
this is it.
Y'all have been so supportive of it,
so if you want one of these,
I have 100 of these bookmarks.
So, if you read the book,
you can also have like a matching little bookmark
with like the candy wrappers on it
that match the front cover of the book.
I have 100 of these that I'm gonna sign
and make out to you guys.
If you would like one of them,
I'm gonna be giving a few of them away
every single day leading up to the book
coming out on October 20th.
All you gotta do is click the link below in the description.
It is a Twibbon little link, and it adds the little book
to your icon on Twitter.
It's my way of saying thank you for doing that.
If you would like one of these,
click that link below.
And I can't wait to give a few out every single day,
and mail them to you with a little bit of love.
OK, so my next favorite thing is kind of the most ridiculous
thing in the world.
I have to take off my glasses for it,
so get ready, but look at this.
So, if you liked this video, give it a thumbs up.
I wanna know what your
(laughing) favorite thing is right now.
Let me know in the comments what your favorite
thing is right now.
If you wanna see my latest video, click right there.
If you wanna hear my latest podcast, click right there.
If you wanna be my person of the week,
(laughing) click right there.
But yeah, that's all.
I hope you have a good,
(laughing) I gotta go.
Who lied to me with this wig?
Who called it a glam glitz wig?
This is what I get for paying $10
(laughing) for a wig.



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