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  • Hey guys! This one’s for all my Arianators out there, whoop whoop! Draw My Life have

  • invited me to draw my life. Thanks guys! Here it is….

  • I was born Ariana Grande... which was ironic because I was actually really small, on June

  • 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida. My mum, Joan Grande, is the CEO of a telephone and

  • alarm systems company. My dad, Edward Butera, owns a graphic design company. I have one

  • older brother, Frankie, who is a musical theatre actor and he has his own YouTube channel.

  • My name was inspired by Princess Oriana from the Felix The Cat cartoon... which is funny

  • because I’m allergic to cats... and because I dress up in cats ears all the time. Meow!

  • I’ve always liked dressing up. When I was a kid my mom thought I would become a serial

  • killer because I used to dress up in Halloween masks all year round. Growing up I only ate

  • organic food... and fish. Meow! ... just to clarify, I am not a cat.

  • My inspiration to pursue a career in the music industry came when I was eight and the legendary

  • Cuban singer Gloria Estefan complimented me when she heard me singing on a cruise ship

  • (pause)... that was also the age at which I stopped growing.

  • By the way – I don’t think the two are linked.

  • When I was ten I co-founded my own youth singing group, I also joined the Fort Lauderdale Children’s

  • Theatre, my first stage performance was as Annie, and that was before I even had my red

  • hair! I made my US television debut singing the Star Spangled Banner before a Florida

  • Panthers ice hockey game. I loved singing so much when I was 14 I flew to LA to speak

  • to music agents and pitched them the idea of my own R&B album ... OG Gangster Grande.

  • They said no ... sad face! But then I landed a role as a cheerleader in the broadway musical

  • 13, even though I was 15. Ssssshhhhh!

  • In 2009 I auditioned for a new Nickelodeon TV show, Victorious. I was cast as the bubbly

  • aspiring singer actress Cat Valentine, meow! The rest of the cast were brunettes, so the

  • producers asked me to change my hair colour to red. I agreed to do it, but the show got

  • picked up for 3 seasons! It was a hairtastrophe... no wait, a total night-hair! Yeah that’s

  • better. I wanted to just curl up and die ... but instead, I had to curl up and dye ... my hair,

  • every other week for over 4 years! That’s why I wear my hair in a ponytail so much,

  • dying it all the time totally weakened it and now I have to wear extensions. Even though

  • I love acting and had so much fun on Victorious, what I really wanted to be was a singer.

  • Even while I was on Victorious I would upload videos of myself singing Whitney Houston and

  • Mariah Carey songs to YouTube. Somewhere out there in the deep space of the internet, past

  • all of the cats playing pianos and beyond the Game of Thrones memes, somebody found

  • my videos and sent them to the CEO of Republic Records. He liked them so much he wanted me

  • to Stick Aroundstick around around and offered me a record deal.

  • I released my debut album Yours Truly in August 2013, it took almost 3 years to make, but

  • it was worth the wait and debuted at number 1 in the Billboard chart. I won the New Artist

  • of the Year award at the American Music Awards. I was even invited to the White House to sing

  • for the President. For my second album I didn’t have as much time, so I got some help from

  • One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, he helped me produce it. I also teamed up with Aussie rapper

  • Iggy Azalea, (australian accent) G’day, and German super producer Zedd. I released

  • My Everything in August 2014 and it debuted at number one... again. I’ve even got to

  • collaborate with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj Bang Bang into the room!

  • It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. I’ve had a couple Problems problems problems problems.

  • During my performance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show I got hit in the face

  • by one of the angels wings. Ouch! And there was that time I might have told some of the

  • Ariana Army to F*** off and die, I guess some things are Better Left Unsaid. I dated Australian

  • YouTuber Jai Brooks and then The Wanted singer Nathan Skyes ... and then Jai Brooks again,

  • I gave him a chance to Love Me Harder, One Last Time. But he didn’t, so I started dating

  • rapper Big Sean. The Big Grande should have been a colossal collaboration ... but in the

  • end I had to Break Free.

  • I have 6 dogs, they are called Sirius Black, Cinnamon, Fawkes, Coco, Toulouse and Ophelia.

  • I follow the teachings of the Kabbalah religion. After watching the documentary Blackfish I

  • urged my fans to boycott Seaworld, and I became a vegan. I’m hypoglycemic, I’m allergic

  • to shellfish, bananas and dark chocolate. And pretty soon you will be able to see me

  • back on the small screen acting in a new comedy horror TV show with Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee

  • Curtis, Lea Michele and Nick Jonas. I’ve won American Music and MTV video music awards.

  • I have an estimated net worth of $16 million (pause)... and I’m only 21. That was my

  • draw my life, thanks for watching guys, don’t forget

  • to subscribe.

Hey guys! This one’s for all my Arianators out there, whoop whoop! Draw My Life have


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