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  • Hello and welcome to the Humber College Learning Skills Workshop Series.

  • Today we will be talking about presentation skills.

  • In many of our classes, we are faced with presenting in front of many of our peers and this often

  • leaves people feeling nervous, shy and anxious.

  • Before we get started, let’s complete a presentation skills questionnaire. Choose yes or no to the

  • following 8 questions:

  • 1) I get butterflies just thinking about presenting in front of a group.

  • 2) I often try to get out of speaking.

  • 3) I experience physical reactions such as sweaty palms, red face, dry throat, pounding heart,

  • etc. when presenting in front of a group.

  • 4) I freeze or I lose my train of thought.

  • 5) I start speaking fast.

  • 6) I often feel unprepared.

  • 7) I would rather die than give a speech.

  • 8) The audience knows I am nervous.

  • If your total number of points falls between 0 and 2, you are in control. Although you may feel

  • slightly nervous at the beginning, you are confident and have the skills to present effectively.

  • If your total number of points falls between 3 and 4, you may be nervous most of the time,

  • but you can work through this and make your point.

  • Your confidence will increase as you continue to practice. If your total points falls between 5 and 8,

  • your nervousness is getting in the way. You may try to avoid public speaking whenever possible;

  • however, if you face your fear and work with a supportive coach or counsellor,

  • you can reduce your nervousness and present effectively. Did you know that 95% of the

  • population admits to having a fear of public speaking and stage fright?

  • Even though it can be a daunting experience, it is a valuable skill that you can use

  • in many aspects of your life.

  • So take a minute and think about how you feel when you are presenting. Consider one or two

  • specific skills that you would like to work on today.

  • Let’s start off by discussing what we will be going over today.

  • Preparing for your presentation.

  • Non-verbal techniques

  • Engaging the audience.

  • The content sandwich.

  • Using audio and video equipment.

  • Dealing with questions and how to really shine through with your presentation.

  • It is important to practise the delivery of your presentation before you are in

  • front of your audience. This includes a complete understanding of your topic,

  • reviewing the information on your slides, and even practising with friends and family.

  • This helps increase your confidence and comfort level with the information that you will

  • be sharing with the group. Remember to take a deep breath, keep your voice steady

  • and calm and continue to show your enthusiasm throughout the entire presentation.

  • Above all, remember to relax and let your confidence shine through. It helps engage your

  • participants better when they see you being a strong presenter.

Hello and welcome to the Humber College Learning Skills Workshop Series.


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プレゼンテーションスキル - モジュール1: 導入と自己評価 (Presentation Skills - Module 1: Introduction & Self Assessment)

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