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Hi, this is Phillip Toriello, and this is how to swim freestyle. Swimming provides a
wonderful opportunity to exercise, play and compete with the reduce level of impact on
the body. Of the four front primary strokes, freestyle is the fastest. When swimming freestyle,
it's very important to keep your body aligned. To do this you're going to want to keep your
focused on the bottom line of the pool, keep your head down to allow your hips to float
to the top, providing for a more hydro dynamic flow through the water. This will allow you
to swim more smoothly and swiftly and a lot easier. The best thing to remember, as well,
is when you're taking each stroke, go ahead and let your body twist or rotate while keeping
your head focused on the bottom until it's time to breath. By standard, it's best to,
perhaps, to breath every three strokes otherwise known as bilateral breathing. So basically,
it would be one, two, three, breath, placing your ear on your shoulder and your cheek in
the water. The components of your stroke include the reach, the catch, the pull, the push,
and the recovery. It's a five step process, with which, if you take time will come really
naturally. Just take it slow and practice often. The last portion of your free style
stroke is the kick component, which can provide a lot of power or just help balance your body
as you're going through the water. By principal you're going to be using pointed toes to provide
a more extended flipper, if you can look at your leg that way, and straight legs. A small
fast kick is better than a large wide kick, a large wide kick really does not provide
that much propulsion, a small fast kick will propel you through the water helping you to
keep your hips on top and get you across to the other side a lot smoother. For more questions
or information please contact your local swimming expert.


How to Swim : How to Swim the Freestyle Stroke

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