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Hi and welcome to our...
You've just watched AlexiBexi's and our version of the Song.
We hope you liked it!
And we also hope that Clean Bandit liked it...
We want you to take a look behind the scenes
That's why i took you outside to our balcony
Just kidding.. I mean, no. That IS our balcony...
The weather appears to be sunny...
but actually it's really 'effing' cold out here...
Here comes our Making Of
The kitchen scene took place right here
The real challenge in making this video
startet with us being in Cologne, and Alex located in Hamburg
How we managed it... Take a look
Yo Alex.. hi
What's up?
The lyrics of the song are about searching your loved one
They could write down their names
or part of the lyrics on a piece of paper
tear it apart and throw the pieces in the air
they would make it rain down on us
Each of us needs to produce an announcement video
We could throw the Lumia handy down or up to the other one
or up...
It'll look weird...
Alex, are you there?
He's down there in Hamburg
Dude, you'll throw it down...
No, we..we'll throw it upwards...
Can you throw it up to me?
up like this
probably even higher...
You know what? We'll shoot both versions and choose later
It would be weird if you let it fall downwards, but I'd catch it coming from below...
OK, we've managed our collabo like this:
Alex is going to shoot more of the 'storyline'
And we will take care of the post production and parts of the story
Together we built up the idea
I'm working on the post-production right now
I'll let you take a brief look at it
This is one of the waking-up scenes
Since Alex shot more of the storyline and did a great job on this...
...we decided to take more of his shots
But I'll let you see our (deleted scenes) material real quick
I'm waking up. Phone rings...
This is Christina, who send us a nice video!
Kitchen scene
Another 'interactive' picture right here
This one didn't work out for a few times
It'll start to rain...
I'm starting to wonder...
Even more
And here we got another nice video from the 'Crazy Pack'
As you could see, we got really cool stuff from you
Your ideas helped us create this video!
In the announcement video we asked you to upload your own video
And we've got a winner for this Lumia phone, that we used creating this video!
You can find the winner in the description below
Btw: The reason why we let Alex shoot more for the storyline...
...was because we released our 'YouTuber Song 2015' right at the same time
We want to thank you for your awesome feedback for that, too!
We even managed to get into the charts
Thank you for that!
That was our version and the making of
We hope to be successfull in this tournament
There are very good other competitors in this tournament from all across Europe


Clean Bandit - Rather Be - OFFICIAL #LumiaMusic Videocontest (歌詞/lyrics)

1262 タグ追加 保存
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