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Greece- a country that has it all: beautiful islands, ancient buildings and amazing cuisine.
HotelsCombined presents Greece’s Top 5 hotels.
At the family run Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites, 18 pool villas and 10 suites offer breathtaking
views over the azure waters of the Gulf of Mirabello. With even a Private Beach Club,
sunbeds, luxurious sunshades and plush beach towels await guests on the sandy shores.
Katikies in Santorini is renowned for its leading luxury, unparalleled services, warm
atmosphere and sense of romance. With awe inspiring views, an infinity edged pool and
the famed white cave pool, a stay at this hotel would be an unforgettable experience.
Stretching along the Mediterranean, Navarino Dunes, The Romanos Resort features extensive
grounds with olive groves, indigenous trees and plants as well as golf landscapes. A private
beach, sublime views, stunning sunsets and luxurious comfort are also some of the main
draws of this resort. Located on the island of Paros, Archipelagos
Resort Hotel offers modern apartments with views overlooking the Aegean Sea. Onsite restaurants
and cafes let you enjoy a night at the hotel or the hotel's free shuttle service helps
get you out to explore the rest of the island.
Nestled in the village of Oia Santorini, the Kirini Suites & Spas is amongst one of the
most luxurious. Guests can enjoy mesmerizing views of the Volcanic Islands from the outdoor
swimming pool or take a break from the sun in the white cave pool where there is also
a lounge & cocktail bar.
HotelsCombined, the world leader in hotel price comparison.


Top 5 Hotels in Greece

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