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- I don't know, it feels like what creepy men do.
- I've never seen porn because I guess
it just never came up.
- I've never been really curious about it.
- I've been able to find satisfaction
in more physical means.
- I bet it's pretty different than what I think it is.
- The clitoris, it's deep down in the bottom of your throat.
- Also, he is not cute.
No one wants to deep throat on that.
Oh, here we go.
My God, it's going to happen.
- But it's so uncomfortable.
Like the, it's just like oh I'm watching
this like intimate thing.
- Oh my God, and now he's convincing her
to (gasps).
- (laughing)
This girl is crying.
- She's wearing a cute cowboy outfit, I like that.
No one's having sex yet.
- Her boobs are smaller, they look normal.
- Mr. Greenfeld, where are you?
Yeah, she's just looking for a friend.
- Mr. Greenfeld, oh my God (laughing).
- This is again like sexual harassment training
one on one, but acting it out for you.
- She like likes the animal.
It's like not (laughing).
- He has a big penis, he's letting her know.
- That's a prop.
That's not a real dick, right?
- It's a whore, it's a whore.
Uh oh, no what is going to happen.
- And now he just whipped out an already
very erect penis.
- That's James Dean.
- This is like too much sex for someone to see.
- He can't even stay in character.
- Who does that?
You steal my lemons, now you give me head.
That doesn't even make sense.
You usually go to jail.
You don't like give a human...
- Cocky boys, gay porn.
Oh they're talking about how they met.
I love it.
- Still like boring couple talking.
- How do you feel comfortable
like just being on camera?
- This is the most intimate of them all
and I think that's really cool.
- So weird and everyone's penis
was like huge,
like that's not real.
- It just seems really clinical and like
now you go here and do this.
- You know, there's kind of like a stigma
over like people who work in the sex industry,
but like some of this can be really artful
and I think that's really cool.
- And they're best friends,
but could they have a relationship?
And then they have sex,
but you see them have sex.
That would be my porn movie.


Women Watch Porn For The First Time

1590 タグ追加 保存
阿多賓 2015 年 8 月 29 日 に公開
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