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- What's nice is that they made a little costume adjustment
so your boobs are out.
- Hi, I'm Allie Haze, I'm an adult film star.
- We don't have the same job
but we do spell Allie the same way.
- I'm Danny Wylde.
- I'm Paris Kennedy.
- And I'm Conner.
- And we're gonna watch Conner's movie.
- It's called After the Heist.
- It's called On My Dirty Knees.
- I don't like watching my own porns.
- It's probably gonna be a little uncomfortable for me.
- I have met Conner before
but I've never seen one of your movies so
maybe I'm a bad friend.
- This is a Star Wars XXX and I play Princess Leia.
- But, let me just say, you really look like her!
- Everybody's favorite part is this
- The music is like... - The music on the tagline.
- It's called Free Hot Dogs?
- Yes. (laughs)
I wanna go to the roller rink for free hot dogs
but then he stops me.
- A hot dog you certainly got. (laughs)
- We have a lot already happening on the screen.
- Not a lot of cutaways, just a single shot
of the tits and the vagina.
- Are you guys good friends?
- Yes, we are. - Oh good.
That makes it more comfortable.
- So you literally just met her before you did this?
- Yeah.
- Are you ever nervous?
- Yeah, before every scene.
- Wait, so did you all do a heist?
- I only read the parts of the script that I was in.
- So this goes on for a while.
(both laugh)
- Do you remember at all
what could be going through your mind
during things like this?
- "Where should I go for food afterwards?"
- I think I'm more awkward than you are right now. (laughs)
- What's Darth Vader doing this whole time?
- Because right now I'm blowing him to get out of prison.
- See, that's a back story I could have used.
- His penis is enormous. - Yeah, what the--?
- This is how big my hand is so it's like
three of my hands.
- Respect just went from here to like here.
- We are in third base now, I guess you would call it.
- Oh, okay.
- I'm just gonna keep it going.
- Alright, there's some sex.
- I really wanted my roller skates to roll.
- (laughing) That takes skill though,
to do that in roller skates.
- It was hard, I was like, "Please don't fall!"
- I'm trying to concentrate on what you're saying
but I'm concentrating on the blowjob.
- I forgot that the penis flops, when you're...
- When it's hard it just sort of bounces
like one of the things that stops a door when you open it.
- More things are happening 'cause there's two men.
You guys get it!
- Is a lot of this acting?
Or is this how you're actually feeling?
- Pretty sure this more or less unfolded naturally.
- Anything we're saying is just ad lib.
- I actually really love doing it.
- Aww. - This is all genuine.
You have to perform it but I really actually like it.
- I'm not a faker, I'm with my partner and I'm like,
"You will make me cum today."
- I'm sure they listen.
- It's weird hearing my sounds.
- I'm surprised at how comfortable this is for me.
- Oh boy, that's a thing! - Okay, alright.
That's a close-up.
- (laughing) I like how you're having
the same reactions to it.
- The socks are just a great touch.
- My only thought here, honestly, is just like,
you must have such strong legs.
- Am I blushing? (laughs)
- Do you like watching yourself?
- (laughing) No!
It's funny to me.
- Do you ever just, for your own pleasure, watch yourself?
- (laughing) Sometimes.
- It's okay, I probably would too.
- This is the money shot.
- Did it happen, did I miss it?
- Oh no, oh no, here it comes!
You shouldn't have to clean up after it, he should!
- She makes it really comfortable, 'cause she's lovely.
- It was hard for me to be like,
"Oh, that's you and that's you."
- I'm like, "Oh god, don't look!"
- You did a really good job.
- This was so cool, you have a whole new perspective.
- Yeah, it's like an educational thing for me right now.
- I'm just so impressed with how many squats
you can probably do.
- I don't think I've ever watched porn with somebody else,
so I'm glad that it was with
the person who was in the video.
- Well thank you for watching my porn.
- Thank you for letting me watch it with you. (laughing)
- I don't know how I go back to work after this.


Women Watch Porn With Porn Stars

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