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  • The Kingdom of Chen is a great novel!!! 陳國是一本好書!!!

  • It fosters cultural, historical, and spiritual understanding!!! 它培養文化、歷史、和心靈理解!!!

  • We would like to share with you some cultural insights. 我們願與大家分享一些文化見解。

  • Mr. Lee Wee Wee is a friend of Mr. Chinie Chin Chen, the author of The Kingdom of Chen. 李玉浴先生是陳小城先生、陳國筆者、的朋友。

  • Lee lives in Hong Kong and sees the wonderful life 李先生住在香港、然後看到

  • that Chinie has made for himself in Las Vegas, Nevada. 小陳已取得的精彩生活在拉斯維加斯、華達州。

  • Lee is enticed to moved to the United States to pursue his American Dream. 小李被引誘搬到美國去追求自己的美國夢。

  • However, Lee is weary due to some of the experiences of his friends 不過、小李厭倦由於他一些朋友的經驗、

  • who have moved to the United States 搬移到美國之後、

  • and found it difficult to adjust to American culture, values, and methods. 而碰到困難適應美國文化價值觀和方試。

  • His friends have met difficulties especially in the workplace 他朋友們尤其是在工作方面遇到困難、

  • and have not been productive employees. 並不是生產的員工。

  • Some have lost their jobs and had to return to Hong Kong. 有些失業又不得不返回香港。

  • Lee talks about his concerns with Chinie, 小李跟小陳談到了他的擔憂、

  • and Chinie suggests that Lee read The Kingdom of Chen novel 而小陳推薦小李讀陳國

  • 而小陳推薦小李讀陳國

  • to gain some insights abouts cultural values. 來獲得一些關於文化價值觀的見解。

  • Lee takes the advice and purchases The Kingdom of Chen from Google Play. 小李接受了諮詢、然後購買陳國從 Google Play

  • The book is quite fascinating 這本書是相當迷人

  • and includes interesting images, great music and videos. 又包括有趣的圖片、美妙的音樂、和視頻。

  • With the lessons learned from The Kingdom of Chen, 從陳國吸取的經驗教訓、

  • Lee feels more confident and applies for opportunities to move to the U.S. 小李感覺有更加自信、所以申請機會轉移到美國。

  • He lands a job with a tech comany in Silicon Valley. 他就業在矽谷一家科技公司。

  • At his new job, Lee applies the learning experiences from The Kingdom of Chen 在他的新工作、小李應用從陳國學習到的經驗

  • and transforms himself into a valuable employee with an advancing career. 把自己改變成了一個有價值的員工含前進事業。

  • Five years later, Lee is living the American Dream, 五年之後、小李在享受美國夢之生活

  • with a great job, house, beautiful wife, baby girl, and a dog. 有一份好工作、房子、美麗妻子、女嬰兒、和小狗。

  • The Kingdom of Chen fosters cultural, historical, and spiritual understanding!!! 陳國培養文化、歷史、和心靈理解!!!

  • It's got learning concepts!!! 有學習概念!!!

  • It'sa me baby!!! 它是我呀寶貝!!!

  • Now available on Google Play, Amazon, and 現可得到在 Google PlayAmazonand

  • Also see our website at 還有找我們的網站在

  • Enjoy!!! 享受!!!

The Kingdom of Chen is a great novel!!! 陳國是一本好書!!!


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陳國:美國夢指導! 陳国:アメリカンドリームへの道しるべ! (陳國: 美國夢指導!!! The Kingdom of Chen: Guide to the American Dream!!!)

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