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Today we determine which one of us is the expert burger taster.
Let's talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
- Good Mythical Morning! - We eat a lot of burgers together.
- We do. - (emphasizing) A lot of burgers together,
- and we were talking the other day. - But we eat different burgers.
We don't eat the same burger at the same time.
- Right. - We've never even thought of that.
- Nope. - (both laugh)
But the thing that we were talking about the other day is,
we think we've eaten so many fast-food burgers that--
- We're experts. - --we know what burger tastes like what,
and we think that we can blindfolded. I could tell you if that was a McDonald's
cheeseburger or a Burger King cheeseburger or whatever.
- It seems like-- - Especially if I was in the restaurant.
--It seems-- well that would kind of be a giveaway-- but we thought,
well, let's put this to the test. If we think that we're really good at
tasting burgers. Let's find out who is the better burger taster.
- Me. - So, what we're going to do is,
- we're playing Guess That Burger. - ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
Okay, so this is what we have devised. We have five burgers from five common
fast food chains: McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Carl's Jr. / Hardee's,
depending on your neck of the woods, and local favorite, In-N-Out.
So, the first five rounds are worth one point apiece, blindfolded,
using the Pizza Plank, well the Burger Plank.
- (Rhett) Burger Plank! - We have to taste and identify
which burger it came from,
- which restaurant it came from. - And then the next-- Right.
It's just guessing the burger, but then the next two rounds after that,
(in unison) six and seven, they're going to combine--
The crew is combining two elements from two different burgers,
and we have to tell you where the bread is from and where the meat is from
- of those two. - Frankenburgers!
Right, and so that's two points for each one of those rounds, and then the final round,
they're combining three elements from three different burgers.
Three points up for grabs, and you have to get all--
If you get all three right, you get three points,
you get one thing right, you get one point.
- So. - Okay.
And whoever gets the most points
- is crowned King Burger. - Yes.
- And we actually have a crown. - Yes we do. I see it right there.
- It's on my side. - We got out blindfolds
- so let's get started with-- - Here we go.
And we are just going to guess after the count of three, two, one at the end of
- each round. - Okay.
We will not be told whether or not we are right or wrong until
- the end of five rounds. - I am blindfolded, are you?
(yelling) Let's taste that burger!
(Rhett) Round one! ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
(eating noises) Been out for a while, huh?
Kinda cold!
Pretty confident. Pretty confident!
I've been to this place a few times! (chuckles) Maybe a few times more than a
- many bit of a time. - Is it really close to your house?
I don't know. Is it really close to your house?
- Why are you asking me that question? - None of them are really close to
- my house. - Okay. All right.
I wish I wouldn't have swallowed it because I could still be tasting it.
(Stevie) Three, two, one. - (in unison) Burger King!
- (both laughing) - Yeah!
- We're both right or we're both wrong! - We know our burgers, buddy!
- Yeah! - We're both-- Oh.
- Sorry. - That's my face.
- I felt a five coming, I'm sorry. - Fives should be up here.
- Okay - Up here, this is five region
- right here. (makes clapping sound) - Yeah.
- (Rhett) Round two! - ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
Okay. That's a big one.
Oh yeah!
- There's a lot of pickle happening. - I thought I knew.
- A little. - You got-- There's a lot of bread!
A lot of bread, a lot of pickle happening.
- Okay. - (Link) All right.
- Pretty certain about this one. - I don't usually know of a burger that's
- really pickle heavy, so. - (mocking Link) I don't usually know of a
- burger that's pickle heavy. - (giggles) I got this, though.
(Stevie) Answer in three, two, one.
- Hardee's! - McDonald's!
You're kidding me. You think that's McDonald's?
- It was all bread! - Didn't you feel the bun, dude?
- It was all bread! - Carl's Jr. all the way.
- (Rhett) Round three! - ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
- I'm so confused. - What is this?
There's a lot of burger in the mouth. Where it came from I know not.
You sure that was a burger?
I've lost all confidence. I knew I was going to be good at this,
- but I know I'm bad now. - They put a burger in my mouth,
I tasted it, and I know what it is, and you don't. (laughs)
- Okay. - All right, here we go.
(Stevie) Answer in three, two, one.
- Hardee's! - McDonald's!
- (laughs) - That's McDonald's.
- (yelling in surprise) What?! - (Link) It is!
- What?! - It's a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, dude.
- (Rhett) Round four. - ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
(Link) Oh, a small one.
Mm. My brain's just been thrown for a loop.
- Oh wow. Man. I feel like an idiot. - I'm afraid to say anything. (laughs)
- (laughs) - We both gonna have to say an answer.
- Oh man! - All right, I'm ready.
- Okay. - (Stevie) In three, two, one.
(both) McDonald's!
- That was McDonald's. - Yeah. easy, man.
(Rhett) Round 5!
I haven't guessed Wendy's or In-N-Out yet.
- What? There's a cucumber on this one. - (laughs)
I know the comments are gonna be like, "Ew those chewing noises are driving me crazy!"
What is that? That is not from any place, y'all made that!
- That's not from a place! - I got this.
(Stevie) Ready? Answers in three, two, one.
- Hardee's! - Wendy's!
(shouting) Boom! Yeah! Pulling away! Burger master!
- I'm taking my blindfold off. - I've already taken it off.
- So, how much am I winning by? - (Stevie) The score is Rhett: 1, Link: 2.
- (laughs) - What? (laughs) We suck!
What?! We're horrible! The only thing I got right was McDonald's.
- I got McDonald's right. - I got that one and one more right.
How can you think that you're so smart about burgers and be so dumb about them?
- That is the question of the hour. - Well I've never-- In fairness, one: I've never
eaten one that cold. Two: I've never eaten one off of a paint stick.
And three: I've never gone into a fast food restaurant blindfolded.
- Yep. - You know, can you blame me?
- So-- - But I'm still going to win.
So Link has two right and I have one right.
We thought we were gonna get all those right
and the Frankenburgers were gonna be a little bit of difficulty.
- (laughing) We, we, we-- - We're really out of our depth.
We were so confident at the beginning, like,
- "Maan, this place, is this next to your house?" - (silly voice) Hey!
- "Yeah, Burger King!" - (silly voice) Yeah, we know what's up!
Why did we both think it was Burger King?
(silly voice) 'Cause we eat a lot of burgers, man.
(silly voice) We know all of the burgers.
(silly voice) Yo, any burger you wanna bring me,
- (silly voice) and blindfold me, - Why you making the burger mouth, man?
- (laughing) Burger Mouth? - (silly voice) Yeah! (laughing)
Burger Mouth has no teeth.
(silly voice) Yo, Burger Mouth in da house!
- (laughing) - (silly voice) Burger Mouth here to eat some burgers!
Ah, Burger Mouth is up 2 to 1, I gotta hand him that.
- (silly voice) Burger Mouth is in da house. - But are you King Burger? I don't know.
So we're moving on to Round 6,
which is a combination of two different things.
We're twice as likely to be wrong,
is basically what is happening here.
(silly voice) All right, let's bring the blindfolds down!
- (coughing) - So this is the inside of one burger
and the outside of another burger?
Don't tell him anything.
Well, that would be like an official rule.
I think I get that much.
Here we go.
(Morgan) Frankenburger! (organ music, electricity and thunder noises)
(eating noises)
(mouth full) I don't need that much bread.
I'll throw that aside. (crew laughs)
(mouth full) That's a lot of bread.
Imma hold that piece.
I'm completely in the dark.
All right, let's go.
(Stevie) Bread answer in three, two, one.
- (Rhett) McDonald's. - (Link) In-N-Out.
I'm just guessing now.
(Stevie) And innards answer in three, two, one.
- (Rhett) Hardee's. - (Link) McDonald's.
Yep. Mmhmm. That bread is some In-N-Out bread.
(Morgan) Frankenburger! (organ music, electricity and thunder noises)
(crew laughs)
That bread got hard!
It tastes exactly the same as the last round.
My burger's twice as big. I don't know if you noticed that.
Who makes big burgers though?
This is a much better tasting burger.
- (Stevie) Okay? - Hold on.
Um, wow, where is that bread from?
- Okay, I know what I'm gonna say. - Okay.
And I'm definitely gonna be wrong on one of 'em.
(Stevie) Okay, bread answer in three, two one.
(in unison) Wendy's.
Oh, we agree! We're both equally stupid.
Check this out, what I'm gonna do on the next part though.
(Stevie) Innards answer in three, two one.
- (Rhett) Wendy's. - (Link) Hardee's.
- (laughing) - What?
I double-Wendy'd.
You're hedging your bets here.
- I did the old "Double Wendy." - Okay.
Should we find out where we are right now for the last one?
Yeah, let's find out where we're at going into round three.
Round last.
(Stevie) Okay, the score is now Rhett: 2, Link: 4.
Oh! So you have to get all three of the final ones right,
and I have to get none right in order to win.
So... so let me prepare my King Burger acceptance speech.
(Morgan) Frankenburger! (organ music, electricity and thunder noises)
(eating and surprised noises)
I got a little of the "special" on my lip. (crew laughs)
All right, I'm taking it apart in my mouth.
There's a little patty.
A little "special" happening on my left cheek.
I'm not getting a lot of special.
I think I got two of the ingredients.
But I gotta get all three to get right.
(Stevie) Ready?
All right, bread first.
(Stevie) Okay, here we got bread in three, two, one.
- (Rhett) McDonald's. - (Link) Hardee's.
I don't know, I'm just... bread.
Hardee's bread. And then the burger was kind of big.
(Stevie) Meat in three, two, one.
- (Rhett) Burger King. - (Link) Hardee's.
I'm hedging my bets here.
I didn't guess Burger King for--
(Stevie) And special in three, two, one.
- (Rhett) In-N-Out. - (Link) McDonald's mustard.
McDonald's mustard.
I thought it was special sauce from In-N-Out,
I thought the burger was a Whopper,
and I thought the bread was I can't tell what it is.
All right, so.
(Stevie) Okay, and the final score is Rhett with 3, Link with 5.
(victory noise) Ho!
You suck a little bit less than me.
Yeah. (Rhett laughing)
All right, kick in the celebratory music. ♪ (celebratory music) ♪
And here, I'll let you crown me. I'll take it.
I got it honest.
What? (Rhett laughing)
Come on, man.
You let the loser crown you,
he's gonna crown you upside down, sucka!
- We got-- - In Good Mythical More we'll discuss
exactly who was right and wrong in what area.
Well, we had some licensing issues with the crown
so we had go with "King Burger."
(Rhett laughing) But I will gladly take that.
Thanks for liking and commenting on this video.
Feel free to do this on your own time
and discover that your burger should be warm.
And you probably will discover you're bad at it too, maybe.
Make us feel better.
Support the show and go to lynda.com/rhettandlink
to learn all types of video tutorial amazingness.
Video, photography, audio, you name it, check it out.
You can get a free trial at lynda.com/rhettandlink.
You know what time it is.
My name is Keith from Palm Bay, Florida.
And I'm Sarah, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
If you enjoy Good Mythical Morning, you might also enjoy
our other YouTube channel. It's called Rhett & Link.
Music videos, sketches, local commercials, et cetera.
Yeah, click through to Good Mythical More where we
perform the Unblindfolded Burger Challenge,
which might be more our speed. Join us. Click through. Smile.
(Rhett) Link is Rhett's evil stepmother.
(high voice) Rhett?
(high voice) Have you been eating my burgers?
Is that a gun?
- (high voice) No, it's just me pointing. - Okay.
(high voice) I'll do it with all my hand like at Disney World.
- (laughing) - (high voice) Now listen!
(high voice) You're gonna be whupped,
(high voice) and you have to polish the floor.
(high voice) Don't look at my crown.
(high voice) Don't look at my crown when I'm talkin' to you, boy.
(audible intake of breath) (high voice) Do you obey?
(crew laughing) In gen-- Like, generally, do I obey?
(high voice) No, what I told you. Are you gonna obey?
(high voice) Do you obey?
I don't know yet.
(high voice) Well then, where's my burger?
(laughing) Oh, I don't follow, step-mom.
(high voice) I'm crazy!
Oh! Okay, got it.
[Captioned by GMM Captioning Team]


Blind Burger Challenge

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