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The Three Little Pigs
Once upon a time, high up in the mountains, there lived a mother pig and her three piglets.
One day, she called her piglets together for an important talk.
My sons, you are now old enough to go out into the world and build houses of your own.
Our own houses? What? No! I want to live with you, Mom!
You are ready to start your own families, now.
You must have houses for them.
The three little pigs did not want to live the home they had grown up in,
but they could see the sense in their mother's words.
Be good, and take care of yourselves. Beware of wolves and their traps! Oh, be good, children.
We will, bye, Mom! Goodbye! Bye!
The three little pigs waved goodbye to their mother and went off to begin their lives.
I like this shady forest path. I think I will build my house right here.
I will build mine over there.
And I like this spot here.
The little pigs went their separate ways and started to build their houses.
I am a genius architect! I will build the finest house in the world!
The first pig never took anything seriously. He gathered nothing but straw to build his house.
What can be easier than building a house?
I'll just pile together some straw and...
Are you still building your house, little brother? How slow!
So what if I am?
It was no effort for me! Come on, finish up quickly and we can go play!
The second pig was frustrated that he couldn't keep up with his brother,
so he quickly finished up and left it at that.
Why should I spend more time on this than he did?
It is probably a bit shaky, but it will serve for now. There! It's done!
Well, are you coming or not? Come on!
I'm ready! What do you think our youngest brother is doing now?
Oh, he's probably sweating away, constructing his palace.
He always tries too hard. Let's go and play! What do you say?
Ok! Wait for me! Ha ha ha...
The third and youngest pig had always been a hard worker.
He was building a strong, sturdy house out of bricks.
What's all that noise? Could my brothers have finished already?
Phew...my brothers can play all they want, but I will have the best house in the end.
It will be the safest house in the world, and I will never have to worry about wolves! Oh, there's bad wolves.
The two older pigs were tired from playing all day, and decided to go see what the Third Pig was up to.
Do you think he's still building? We haven't seen him all day. What do think let's go tease him? Let's go! Come on, I think he's still there.
That'll be fun! He's such a little snob, and so slow! Ha ha ha!
Well, well. What do we have here? Still building your house?
You can never leave well enough alone, can you? You are always last!
Come on, leave it alone and play with us!
But brothers...I must build a safe house to protect myself from wolves, like Mother said.
Wolves? I see no wolves here? You're such a coward! Just let it go... Come on!
I can't. I have to finish...
Ugh...forget it. Let's leave him do it.
Yeah. We'll have more fun without him!
The first and second pig went away and played the rest of the day.
The third pig finished his brick house and went out to gather some firewood and food to prepare for winter.
Then one day, a wolf appeared...
What nice, plump pigs! I have to have one...
The wolf concealed himself in the forest and waited for his chance to trap the pigs.
Aha! You will be my lunch!
Ah! Mother! Help us! Save us!
Wait, Brother!!! Wait for me! Ahhh! The wolf has come!!!!
The little pigs ran off to hide in their new houses.
Here...hide in my house, come on over!!
The two eldest pigs ducked into the straw house.
When they looked out, they were horrified to see that the wolf was already outside.
Oh, well what will I do now? What a strong, well-built house...how will I ever get in?
Maybe...I should just blow it all away with a single breath! How about that?
Help! My house, my house.....Help me!
You can't hide from me!
Come we can still hide in my house!
The two pigs ran as fast as their little legs would carry them to the second pig's house.
My house should be stronger...I used logs. -I hope so...
A log house this time? My, my what a dilemma!
But wait, maybe it's not so strong after all! Let's see....
As the wolf blew on it, the house fell to pieces leaving the pigs unprotected again.
Ahhh, help us!!!!
Seeing his brothers running to his house in panic, the Third Pig let them in right away
Once inside, they stuffed themselves under the bed, whimpering in fear.
Look out, is he coming after us? Is he...
Hurry, lock the door! We're all going to die!!!!!
We're not going to die...
But that wolf has just blown away the log house...
Ha ha! Let him try and bring my house down!
Come out, little piges, wherever you are! You know I can blow this house away just like the others! You know...ha ha ha...
You can't, can you! Why don't you try?
Well, watch, you arrogant piglet! Watch me destroy you!
The wolf huffed and puffed, but not a single brick would budge.
Hmph... How can this be? Why can't I destroy it? Hmph....
But no matter how hard he tried, the house stayed where it was.
There must be another way...Aha! Got it! Help me, little kind piggies.
Please, please let me in before the big bad wolf gets me! Oh, help me please piglets... would you please open the door?
We can see your tail wolf, we know it's you! Ha ha ha!
That's it! I am coming to get you! Just you wait!
The infuriated wolf clambered up to the chimney.
You have nowhere to run now!
He's coming down the chimney! Oh, now we're lost for sure!
We will be alright, I have a plan!
The third pig grabbed a large cauldron filled with water and set it on the fire.
Are you making soup at a time like this?
Just wait and see.
At that moment, the wolf slid into the fireplace...
Ah, my tasty piglets, I have come for you! What...Ahhhh....
Help! Help! It burns!! It burns!! Help!
The wolf had fallen right into the pot of boiling water.
He burned himself, shot out of the pot an ran away.
Look, look! His tail is still smoking! Ha ha ha!
We did it! No, you did it brother, you have saved us all! Ha ha ha!
The clever and resourceful little pig protected his brothers from the wolf
and taught them a valuable lesson.
I am sorry I teased you before. I will learn from you and build a strong and steady house.
I am sorry I underestimated you. I owe you my life. Thank you, brother! Oh, really thankful!
Oh,It was nothing! Ha ha ha! -You are the best buddy!
The two older pigs follower their brother's example and built strong, brick houses next to his.
Oh...it burns, it still burns! I will never go near those horrible little pigs again!
Maybe I would become a vegetarian from now on! Yes! That's an idea, ow..it hurts, it hurts...
Our brick houses will stand strong forever!
We will live in love and harmony!
We will never fear wolves again!
The three little pigs worked together to become safe and prosperous and lived happily ever after.


三匹の子ブタ - ベッドタイム・ストーリー・アニメーション|ベスト・チルドレン・クラシック HD

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