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The Kingdom of Chen is a great novel!!! 陳國是一本好書!!!
It fosters cultural, historical, and spiritual understanding 它培養文化、歷史、和心靈理解、
and is based on Chinese culture. 並基於中國文化。
We would like to share with you some insights about the Chinese government. 我們想給大家一點中國政府的見解。
Hu Jin Tao is the president of China. 胡錦濤是中國的總統。
Wen Jia Bao is the vice president. 溫家寶是副總統。
Xi Jin Ping is the premier. 習近平是總理。
Any questions? 有什麼問題?
Okay, so who is the president of China? 那麼、誰是中國的總統?
Yes, Hu is the president of China. 是的、胡是中國的總統。
What? That's what I just asked you. 什麼? 這就是我剛才問你的。
So, who is the president? 所以、誰是總統?
Yes, that is correct, Hu is the president. 對的、胡是總統。
You're just repeating the question. 你只是重複我的問題。
No, i answered your question. 沒有、我回了問題。
Hu is the president. 胡是總統。
And Wen is the vice president. 和溫是副總統。
When is the vice president? That's incorrect. 什麼時候是副總統? 那是不對的。
You mean Who is the vice president. 你應該是說誰是副總統。
No, Hu is president. Wen is the vice president. 不是、胡是總統。 溫是副總統。
I don't know who is the president. 我不知道誰是總統。
And when is the vice president doesn't make any sense. 而且、什麼時候是副總統根本沒有道理。
Well, now you know Hu is the president. 好、現在你知道了胡是總統。
And Wen is the vice president makes perfect sense. 和溫是副總統是非常合情合理的。
Also, Xi is the premier. 還有、習是總理。
Who is she? 誰是習?
No, Hu is not Xi. 不、胡不是習。
Hu is the president. Xi is the premier. 胡是總統。 習是總理。
Where is she? What are you talking about? 她在哪兒? 妳在說什麼?
I don't know where Xi is. 我不知道習在哪裡。
I only know who Xi is. 我只知道習是誰。
So who is she then? 那麽她是誰?
Geez, I just told you, Hu is not Xi. 哎呀、我已經告訴你了、胡不是習。
Hu is the president. Xi is the premier. 胡是總統。 習是總理。
How hard can this be? 這會有多難呀?
Oh my god, this is too confusing. 哦、我的天、太令人困惑了。
As you can see, cultural understanding 正如你所看到的、文化理解
is vital to effective communications. 是對有效溝通很關重的。
There are over a billion people in China, 中國有超過十億以上人口、
and so there is bound to be some confusion. 所以自然會有一些困惑。
Please forgive any lack of clarity. 請原諒任何缺乏明確性。
The Kingdom of Chen fosters cultural, historical, and spiritual understanding!!! 陳國是培養文化、歷史、和心靈理解!!!
It is now available on Google Play, Amazon, and Audible.com. 它現可得到在 Google Play、 Amazon、跟 Audible.com。
Also see our web site at www.thekingdomofchen.com 還有、找我們的網站 www.thekingdomofchen.com
Enjoy!!! 享受!!!
Oh, oh, I got it!!! I know who is Hu. Hu is Hu!!! 哦、哦、我懂了!!! 我知道誰是胡。 湖是胡。
Yes. 對。


Who is the president of China??? 誰是中國總統??? Featuring Ad Twins!!! 擁有廣告雙胞胎!!!

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