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We're two grown men and we're about to make shadow puppets.
Let's talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
- Goooooooood Mythical Morning! - You know how it is. You're at a
camping trip and you're sitting there and you realize there's an opportunity for
- shadow puppets. - (chuckles)
And you have an opportunity to impress everybody in the tent. And then you start
doing it and you're like, "Oh, crap! I wish I knew how to be better at
shadow puppets, because then I would be the most popular person in the tent! Maybe
the most popular person on the camping trip!"
- Whoa! You missed your chance. - Yeah. So today is about seeing how
prepared we are for our next camping trip or other shadow moment situation.
- Shadow Puppet Preparedness Day! - Because people-- listen. Thanks to the
internet, people who have the ability to do things like amazing shadow puppets--
- Do them, and make videos. - (Rhett) ... so that we can all see.
(Rhett) There's a video that you're seeing right now that is absolutely mindblowing.
(Rhett) We're not gonna show you the whole thing, but you get just a sneak peek here
- to get an idea. - (Link) Everything is made with hands!
- (Rhett) Just people's hands, man! - (Link) And the lack of light. Let's not
forget the absence of light is key for this.
(Rhett) But you also need light, Link. It's like life. You need the absence of
light and you need light at the same time. The world's a (smack) shadow puppet.
Okay, so let's play the game!
(Rhett) What is that puppet that you're shadowing?
As you can see, we have entered the shadow zone. Rhett, pull down the shade of
- shadowness. - Hoooo-wee, brother!
And bump up the light over there and look at that. It's a shadow of Rhett! It's Rhett.
All right, we're gonna play this game Pictionary-style.
- (barks gruffly) - We are on the same team, Rhett.
- Right, we are. - Here's how it's gonna work. We're gonna
take turns. We're gonna be given a little note with an assignment of a shadow puppet
to create. I have to guess and then we switch. We each have three rounds.
Yeah, a total of six rounds. There's two points available in each round. If we get
it with no lifelines, you get two points. If you have to use a lifeline, of which
there are three-- those are: You can make the sound of the thing that you're trying
to shadow, you can get a diagram from the internet on how to actually do it
- correctly, or number three-- - (Link) A stencil that's like a hint.
But if you use that, you only get one point. So if we use all our lifelines,
that would be six points. That's not eight points.
But if we do get eight points, we win a prize that we have to share. It's--
- Our very own personal shadow! - (both) Miss Shadow!
- Follows us around all day. - Here's how it works.
- That is a woman. That is Lizzie. - See, anything that I do.
- But it's just a shadow. - Anything that I do... the shadow...
- does... and we get that all day. - Or anything I do.
- Like the Hammer. - Yeah. Whup, she's--
That's not the Hammer. Shadow needs to practice.
The Shadow's gonna have to work a little bit.
All right, Shadow. Go away, Shadow. See, that's how I send the Shadow away.
- All right! (claps) - Rhett, let's get started with round one.
- Round one! - Are you good at shadow puppets?
- All right, you ready? - I got my assignment. And listen, there's
- no time limit. The time limit is shame. - Now, I'm tempted to look at you, but
- I need to look at this. So, let's go. - Are you ready?
Yeah, I'm ready!
(Link) Ah... it's two... it's a hand crawling on a hand. It's a... oh, a whale!
(Link) It's a whale with a tongue! It's a squid! Oh my goodness...
- (Link) It is a hermit crab. - (Rhett) Oh! Egh!
- (Link) Hermit crab? - (Rhett) Ah!
- (Link) Ah... a lizard! Two hands! - (Rhett) Oo-doodoot--
- (Rhett) Oh, can't make noise! - (Link) It's a forked-tongue snake,
- that's awful! - No no no, man!
- C'mon, dude! - (Rhett) Look.
(Link) Do one thing! Stop adjusting. It's something walking. Are those legs?
- (Rhett) Mm! - (Link) Dude, you gotta make the noise.
- (whispers) It doesn't make any noise. - He's getting the stencil. This is going
swimmingly so far. All right.... What? A burger! Is that a burger?
(Rhett) This is a-- This is horrible, guys.
- What is that? - This is a horrible hint!
- (Link) I don't know what that is. - (Rhett) Look, look. See?
(Rhett) ... thing, there, and then there's a something... and then...
(Link) It's got fangs? Are those legs or fangs?
- (Rhett) Just look. What are they doing? - (Link) They're walking. They're swimming?
(Link) It's a.... I don't know! It's a car with legs.
- It's a turtle! - (buzzer noise)
- A turtle?! - (Rhett) It's a turtle! Look at it! Look.
- (Rhett) His head... and then his legs. - (Link) Oh!
(Rhett) It's the shell, and then he's got a head, and he's got legs.
(Link) But that's his eye and those are fangs.
- (crew laughs) - (Rhett) I can't get rid of the eye!
- All right, that's fine. I'll redeem us. - Aagh!
- Give me a chance at this. - Oh, man. That sucked. And this is a
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. - Oh. I can see that now.
- Not a burger. - Okay. Wow, it's bright when I look at
- that light. - Okay.
Okay, here I go. We ready?
- Sorry, guys. I failed us. - (Link) Okay. All right, I got this.
(Rhett) Turkey. Hand. Human hand. Uhhhm...
(Link) Um... My arms are in the way! How do you... There we go!
(Rhett) Amoeba. Oh! Mm... Octopus!
Moctopus? What is that?
(crew laughs)
(Rhett) Hm. Two octopuses getting to know each other. Hold on, you shouldn't be
doing octopus reproduction on this channel.
Hold on, here.... here we go.
- Come on, Rhett. - (Rhett) Squid?
- (Link) Come on, dude! - (Rhett) It looks like a ghost from, um...
Pac Man! What are the... what are the edges? What are those-- oh.
Portuguese Man of War.
- Oh! C'mon, keep going! - (Rhett) Jellyfish?
- Yes! - (both laugh)
- Two points! - What were the horns?
Those were by accident. That was just like--
- (laughs) Those were my thumbs! - I couldn't control my thumbs.
(Rhett) All right, here we go. Moving along.
All right, so we got some points on the board now.
- (Rhett) Okay. - We should just shoot our show against
- a white-- - Woo! Here I go. I'm gonna get this one.
(Link) Uhhhh... snake? Ah, two snakes. Ooh. What is that? A T-Rex.
- Mmeh! - (Link) T-Rex! Dinosaur!
- Yeah! - Dinosaur?
- Yeah! Just like that, brother! Yeah! - Right off the bat!
Look at that, with the little arms! Look!
That's specifically a T-Rex with a huge eye.
Rrrrarh! I was gonna make the noise and everything, but I didn't have to!
- Wow, we're on a roll, Link! - I would've put an eye up like that.
You gotta add an eyeball to it. Reh, reh, reh!
Hold on, it's your-- that's a duck. It's your turn.
- (Link) All right. Ooh. - So we got four points.
Yeah, we're killing it. All right, um... hm. Tryin' to figure this one out.
- You ready? - (Rhett) Yeah, yeah.
(Rhett) Link! Oh, that's just your head. Duck.
(Rhett) Uh... duck with a horn. Oh, that looks like a dinosaur again.
An alligator? An alligator with a pelvis that is detached and can become legs in
different places on its body? Oh, he's got a humpback!
- A camel! - Oh yeah! (laughs)
- (laughs) That was a camel?! - Yeah, that's a camel.
- It looks like an ostrich, doesn't it? - What were you doing with the legs?
Well, I said he has two legs... and then... It was more like-- it's less like a shadow
- puppet and more like Pictionary. - His head looks nothing like a camel,
- but we got it. - It's an animal, yeah.
- All right, that's good! - (Rhett) We got six points.
- Add that hump! - (Rhett) This is, ah...
I wouldn't say we're great at making shadow puppets, it's more like we're good
at hand Pictionary. It's not exactly the same thing.
Two more rounds, Link! We have to get two points in these last two rounds
- to get Miss Shadow for the day. - Okay, all right. That's a shoo-in
as far as I'm concerned.
(Link) Uhh.... the way your hand just starts crawling is freaky.
- Ooh, a demon! - (Rhett laughs)
- (Link) A goat! A demonic goat! - I have no idea.
(Link) What? Um... Illuminati! Scissors!
(Link) Scissors... Rock!
I'm gonna use my diagram.
- We have the diagram, obviously. - I'm gonna look at the ground for
reference. I'm gonna set this on the ground.
Okay, all right. You can do this, man.
- (Link) Bunny! - (Rhett) Holy moly, how in the world do
- these people do this? - I'm just gonna give you a second to try
to figure this out. I wanna see if you can... ooh! Whoa.
(Link) What is happening?
- (Rhett chuckles) - (Link) Are you doing what you're
- supposed to be doing? - (laughs) I think so.
- It looks like a guy holding his own arm. - (laughs) Oh gosh, this is hard.
(Link) What is that? It's a dog... it's got ears... what is this? What is that?
It's a thing. I can't tell you; it'd be cheating.
- (Link) Ooh! A llama! - (Rhett) Ah!
- It's a pregnant llama! - (Rhett laughs)
- A pregnant--! Is it a pregnant llama? - (Rhett) No!
- (Link) It looks like a freakin' llama! - (Rhett) Ah... I'm gonna have to give up.
I'm just doing weird things now 'cause I know you're not gonna get it.
- Rrrah! Rrreeegh! Bleaargh! - It's like a-- a demonic goblin!
- Listen. Look at the diagram! Try! - It's so difficult, Link! Don't put so
- much pressure on me! - You had a perfect pregnant llama
- a second ago. - Okay, well... the hand at the top is so
strange. Like that. And then it's got this thing on the bottom... and then it comes
out like this. It comes out and it's really-- maybe it needs to be extended.
It's like down here. Blodoip, badoink! Blodoip, badoink!
- A kangaroo. - Yeah! Yes!
- (laughs) - We get one point!
- Okay! - 'Cause it was the thing--
All right, once you started making it bounce... I'll take that.
- That wasn't against the rules, was it? - Oh no, it's not.
'Cause I mimicked the kangaroo. I mean, I made a "doink doink doink" sound but
that's not the sound that they actually make.
(Link) Wow, that's kind of difficult. - Okay, Link, it's all up to you. This is
our final round. You have to get one point for us to get eight points.
I gotta be honest. I gotta use the lifeline right away.
- You can go straight to the lifeline. - Okay, well... I don't know how much
this is gonna help me.
(Rhett) Link! Link with glasses. Link holding his hand up. Link with a gun.
(Rhett) Link pointing! Link holding the hand that he was pointing.
Whaaaat... in the world is that?
- I can do this. - Is that a hat?
Is that a man's noooose? Pinocchio!
(Link) Whoa, look at that! I'm doing it! (laughs) I'm doing it!
It's a man with a straight hat like that. It's a cowboy.
Yeah! You got it! Oh, no, it's not a cowboy. Sorry. It's close, though.
- (Rhett) Hm. Ranch hand. - It's closer.
- (Rhett) Rancher. - Nngh, closer!
Ah... bull rider! Rodeo master! At this point I'm just guessing different people
- that might wear hats. - (Link) I mean, look at how good I'm
doing this. It's amazing. I think it looks like a--
(Rhett) Can you make the noise he would make?
- Soo-ee! - (Rhett) A pig farmer.
- Farmer, yeah! - (laughs)
- Pig farmer for the win! - And look. You wanna know what a lying
pig farmer looks like?
(both) Booeep!
- (both) We won! - (Rhett) Woo woo woo woo woo!
We get our own shadow for the day! ♪ Miss Shadow, she's comin' in and she's ♪
♪ doing what we do, 'cause she's my shadow ♪
♪ And then she's doing what I do-- you gotta face the other way 'cause a shadow ♪
♪ faces the same way that-- ♪ No, I'm doing this.
- ♪ Shadow needs to practice. ♪ - Shadow can't really see, because...
Thanks for liking and commenting on this video!
(laughing) You know what time it is.
Hi, I'm Jordan Randall from Pensacola, Florida, and it's time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality.
(slurps) (sighs)
Make sure you're following us on the social medias outlets that we have, where
you will see Miss Shadow follow us all day.
Haha! Click through to Good Mythical More, where we try some other amazingly
- difficult shadow puppets. - Just can't get enough of those...
- We can do this. - shadow puppets.
- I think I have a gift. - (bell rings)
- Woop woop woop woop woop woop woop! - Somebody else wins! That's what's
happening now, y'all! Somebody winning everything.
(Rhett) You can win lots of stuff, man! Oh, it's a fan selfie to win.
(Link) Congratulations, @povenskis. You win a fan selfie. Bring it in here.
- All right, picture time. - Woo!
- Here he is, his Winface. - Boom.
Boy, he's got some rubber bands in there, doesn't he?
(camera shutter)
- Did you get it? - Just as simple as that.
[Captioned by Caitrin: GMM Captioning Team]


The Shadow Puppet Challenge

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