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- Today we take a bath... in ice. - Let's talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
Goooood Mythical Morning-g-g-g! (shivers, puffs air)
Today we're gonna do something that we occasionally do, which is put ourself
through something unpleasant for your entertainment. So get ready for that.
- It's happening again. Ice baths. - I'm just-- Agh, ice baths. I...
- Man, I didn't sleep well last night. - Really?
- Thinking about this. - Thinking about this?
- Yeah! - Well, I feel sorry for you. But I'm also
- doing it, so not really. - I mean, don't you question whether
- we can do this? - I don't wanna think about that. I am
- positive. I'm a positive thinker. - He questioned just seconds ago
- whether we could even do this. - Don't tell them that!
This is what I wanna tell you. I wanna tell you that ice baths are something that
people have done-- humans have done this for ages! In cold places, people like to
run and jump into arctic pools and cut holes in ice and they run and take a
- little ice bath. - Boop!
It enlivens you! It's a way to experience all that there is on the human spectrum
- of experience! Cold and hot! - Oh!
People do that. They get really cold and then they go into a sauna and then they
- come back out, you know? - Are we gonna get really hot?
- It makes you live forever, I don't know. - No.
But, interestingly, one of the things that's happened in more recent past is
- athletics has incorporated... - Athletics have been around a while.
Athletics have happened in recent past, no. So, athletes are now doing this as a
treatment. Apparently, ice baths help with reducing inflammation, so a lot of people
who work out really hard and then they'll go and get in the ice bath, and there's a
quicker recovery time. There's marathon runners that really swear by this thing.
And also when people are injured, it's a great way to treat the inflammation.
And you live longer because everything's being slowed down.
- Slows down. Oh, yeah. - But your quality of life also slows
- down to a crawl. - Here's how it works. Typically,
you take an ice bath for 6-8 minutes, and when athletes do this, they're kinda
doing it for their extremities, so sometimes they'll wear a rubber cover
over their midsection so they don't cool their core temperature too much. But
- anyway, they do it for about 6-8 minutes. - Are we gonna do that? No.
So we're gonna do this today, but there's no rubberized cover. In fact, we're making
- it a little bit more interesting. - Yeah. We have gotten our hands on some
huge metal vats that we're gonna be taking ice baths in. This ain't no dinky just
stick your toe in. We're sticking our entire bodies in these ice baths.
And then we're gonna try to go eight minutes.
- Yeah. - And every two minutes, we have devised
something to up the ante and make it even colder. Who are we and why do we exist?
- For this kinda thing. - This is gonna be great!
People do this and now we're joining their ranks.
(both) To the ice baths!
♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (sloshing)
- Ahh, look at these tubs of ice! - Hey, nice robe!
You wanna take a bath together? Oh, we got our own bath.
(Link) Ah, these are frigid. I put my hand in here a second ago, and the pain...
Oh, you cheated. I'm not-- I'm not ready for this at all. I'm not used to it.
- (sighs) All right. - Let's disrobe on the count of three.
- Three, two, one, disrobe. - (Rhett and crew laugh)
Wow. You probably weren't prepared for that when you clicked on this
- video today. - (all laugh)
- All right! - Oh, gaaah!
- No hesitation. Step in there! - What? What? What? What?
- Put your foot in there! - Eight minutes?!
Yeah, eight minutes. Put your left foot in first.
Three, two, left foot... (high-pitched) Ohhhhhh!
Put your right foot in.
- (Link, breathless) Oooh kay. Hoooly! - (Rhett) Okay, all right.
- Ohhhh! Every time-- ohhh! - (Rhett) Three--
- Noooooo! - Two, one--
- (crew laughs) - Nooooo!
- Drop. Drop! - No, no!
- No, no, no! - Drop! Drop! Drop!
- Okay, drop! - (Rhett) (rapid high-pitched noises)
- (high pitched) Ah! Ahhhh! - (shouts) Oh! It's takin' my breath away!
- Oh! Bbbrh! - Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohh!
(shouts) You gotta bring your arms in! Bring your arms in!
- No! - Be a man!
- No! - Bring your arms in now!
- (Link) Ohhhhhhh! - Three, two, one!
- (sputters) - (pants)
- (Noah) We are starting the timer now! - The timer hadn't started?!
What, are you crazy?! I've been in here for a minute, you freaks!
- (crew laughs) - (Link) Ah, ah...
Ah! Put your arms in, Neal! Agh! Rrgh. (pants)
- I can't, I can't, I-- Ah! Ah! Ah! - Mmmgh my whole life is flashing
- before my eyes! - Oh, oh, oh! It's so cold!
- I'm gonna go to my safe place. - Oh my goodness!
I can't move! Agh!
(sped up audio)
- Ohh! - It's kinda nice.
Cross your eyes a little bit. (laughs) Cross your eyes a little bit, it helps.
- Seriously. - I can't keep my arms in.
(shouts) No, c'mon! Put your arms back in, Neal! What do you think this is?
- I'm gonna be the king of the ice! - Ahhhh! I can't keep 'em... ohh.
(sped up audio)
Ohh, I'm gonna try to pee to warm up anything.
- (Rhett and crew laugh) - No! Don't do that.
- Somebody give me a knife. - Don't do that!
Somebody give me a knife to cut my legs off so the blood will warm... my outerness.
- Is it supposed to burn? - (crew laughs)
- It's burning. - It's burning!
- It's burning me! - You know what? You know what?
Are you burning? (teeth chatter)
Agh. Don't shiver 'cause that makes it worse.
- Has it not been two minutes? - Where are we at?
- We're at two minutes now. - (crew) Gentlemen, two minutes.
Okay, the two minute mark. We're gonna up the ante. Now we're gonna do a
singalong... with Frozen.
(Link) Yes, maybe this will take me somewhere...
(Rhett) Those earmuffs are nice! (laughs) Those earmuffs...
♪ (both singing "Let it Go" poorly while crew laughs) ♪
♪ the cold never bothered me anyway ♪
(sped up audio)
It's the chorus, I know this part!
♪ (both singing "Let it Go" poorly while crew laughs) ♪
♪ the cold never bothered... ♪
- (crew laughs) - Musical interlude.
(sped up audio)
- ♪ (both singing "Let it Go") ♪ - (crew) Four minutes!
- That was nice. That made it better. - It did make it better.
What do we do now? Oh, now we induce brain freeze.
- Oh, oh. - (crew) Raspberry.
- Are your nipples in? - (crew laughs)
Yeah, they're-- I'm right at nipple level.
- My nipples are totally in. - (Rhett) I think they burned off.
I could kill-- I could poke your eye out with my nipples right now.
They're kinda perky. (laughs) Mine are a little perky right now.
Ohhhh! Okay, so we are going to brain freeze ourselves?
- (crew laughs) - Listen, you gotta really go for it.
- You gotta really go for it. - (crew laughs)
- I can't feel anything that's-- oh. - This is actually warm.
- Ah! Brain freeze! - (crew laughs)
Aup! Brain freeze, seriously! Aaagh. I can't believe I'm doing this.
- Op, here it comes! Gghh-- - (crew laughs)
- Lung freeze! Brain freeze again! - (Rhett) Here we go.
I got another one, I'm serious! Aaaaaah!
- ♪ Let it go, let it go... ♪ - That's over.
(sped up audio)
Auh! There it is. There it is. Total brain freeze!
My brain freeze takes a little bit longer than yours 'cause my brain is bigger.
- (crew) Six minutes. That's six minutes. - We are six minutes in.
- (Rhett) What do we do now? - This goes out to all the Mythical Beasts
- out there. - (Noah) Frozen helmet.
- Okay. - All of you out there in Mythical Beast
- Land, don't try this! - Okay, now we put on the frozen--
- the ice helmet. - If you're an athlete...
- Ohh! - This is good for you!
Woooh! That's not, that's not-- ooh. Ooh!
- (shivering) That really-- - (Link) I'm gettin' a body tremor!
(shivering) It really takes it to the next level!
- (crew laughs) - (shivering) How did that happen?
(shivering) Oh, man, I woulda never thought this would happen but...
- (laughs) Wow! - (shivering) But something about putting
a thing on my head is really what made it start going.
- (shivering noises) - (shivering) Putting the thing on my head
is really what made it start going. (sad laughing)
(both making shivering noises)
- Put your arms in! - ♪ Let it go, let it go... ♪
- Put your arms in! - (shivering noises)
(both making shivering noises)
(sped up audio)
- Ohhhh! - You feel healthier?
- No! - (crew laughs)
Ohhh, g-g-g-g-g-gosh. Oh my g-g-goodness.
- Hey, look! There's a Sprite down in here! - (all laugh)
Hey! Hey! I don't have one!
- Here you go, man! - I don't wanna drink--
- It's cold! - (crew laughs)
- Not a sponsor. - (crew) Five, four, three, two, one!
♪ (triumphant music) ♪
- Bring in the crane! - (crew laughs)
(Link) Oh, I can do this. Oh...
(both laughing and shivering)
- Gah. Everything's in slow motion. - (laughs) Oh, gosh...
(groans) Ohh...
(shivering) Uuuugh...
Agh! Ohhhhhhhh.
- Wow. Yeah, straighten up. - (crew laughs)
(teeth chattering) I'm so glad we did this!
- (crew laughs) - Me not.
- Thanks... thanks for watching. - (all laugh)
Thanks for liking and commenting on this video.
- Why're we holding hands? - 'Cause I need you right now.
(both laugh) You know what time it is.
- Hi, I'm Melanie. - And I'm Ashley, and we're from
- Cottage Grove, Minnesota. - And we're at a Minnesota Wild hockey game.
(both) It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality!
If you get cold, you should get a hoodie! How 'bout a Good Mythical Morning
hoodie, or a Rhett & Link hoodie? Available at RhettandLink.com/store
- To warm you up! - Click through to Good Mythical More
where we process what's happened to us. (shivers)
- I don't know if I can turn around. - Whoa, that fell!
WinFace fell, but it didn't happen anyway.
(Link) Contemplating... Lit'l Smokies.
(speaking over thoughtful piano music) (Link) Lit'l Smokies. Smoky and little.
(Rhett) I wanna... immerse myself into a crock pot full o' Lit'l Smokies right now.
(Link) I know. It would feel so warm. I wouldn't even be tempted to eat 'em,
I would just let 'em warm me up.
[Captioned by Caitrin: GMM Captioning Team]


Extreme Ice Bath Challenge

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