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I’ll take one, please!
- I want one, too! - Wow...
It’s 50% off Super Ranger today while supplies last.
That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.
These are the last ones we have in the store.
A Super Ranger half price sale.
Hey don’t you know that’s dangerous?
This is awesome.
Pay attention! You know this isn’t a cross walk!
This is a bad situation.
MOM! I just HAVE to have a Super Ranger, please!
If we don’t get to the store today,
- they’re all going to be gone! - No way.
- Why not... why not? - Why not?
Because I bought you a new toy last week!
But Mom that wasn’t the Super Ranger!
Hey... you promised me.
When I got you that toy, you said you’d study hard,
play with your sister and put all your toys away,
- remember that? - Not really.
Well if you can’t remember,
then I’m sure you’ll forget all about Super Ranger
in a day or so, too.
I remember!
Oh my. We’re out of vegetables.
I need some juice and a quart of milk too…
I suppose I’ll have to go to the market today.
Come on, Mom we better hurry.
Kevin, what’s the... rush?
Well I thought we could stop at the toy store
- on the way there. - Ahh I don’t know...
- You’re the best, Mom! - Oh my.
Hurray! I finally got it!
- What is that, Jin? - This?
Ta-dah! It’s Super Ranger!
But Jin... you’re not a kid.
Amber… For your information,
adults can be fans of Super Ranger, too.
Rescue Team, this is Jin.
- Hi ya, Jin. - Oh hi, CAB!
Guess what! The store’s having a Super Ranger sale!
That’s why I called.
There’re lots of people going to the store
and some of them aren’t crossing at the crosswalks!
If we don’t do something, there could be an accident!
We’re on the way!
- I’ll go, Jin! - Me, too, Poli!
First stop, toy store!
All right but you have to keep your promise.
Don’t worry. I will!
One left!
That’s the last one Mom. Let’s hurry!
No, Kevin! We have to use the crosswalk!
Huh? I don’t see a crosswalk.
That’s too far!
Hey that guy’s not crossing at the crosswalk.
How come we have to?
- Oh no. - I'll take it.
No way!
Poli, look!
- Hey! - Kevin, don’t!
I’ve got to stop that cement mixer!
Kevin, wait!
We all should be glad that Kevin is safe.
Jaywalking’s not only dangerous and sets a bad example,
but it’s illegal.
Guess I wasn’t thinking, Poli.
When children see adults jaywalking,
they think it’s OK,
and that could lead to some terrible accidents.
Remember Kevin, be smart whenever you cross the street.
Use a crosswalk, an overpass or an underpass.
And always obey the lights.
Yeah but what if the cross- walk’s really far away, Poli?
The important thing is safety
even if it takes more time when you’re in a hurry.
It doesn’t matter if a ball rolls into the street
or if someone’s calling you there’s never a good reason
- to jaywalk. - You’re right, Poli.
I was holding his hand, but somehow he got away.
That happens quite a bit, ma’am.
But there’s a much better way to hold on.
It’s pretty easy for kids to get out of hands...
so hold their wrists for a better grip.
I’m very grateful, to the both of you.
Yeah, me too.
Here. This is for you. I’m sure he’s your hero.
That’s really nice but…
I want a bigger hero than Super Ranger!
What? Bigger than Super Ranger?!
Yep. Now I want my very own Poli!
Sorry, Kevin… but I’m afraid I’m not on sale.
Then I’ll pay full price!
Never jaywalk, and always cross at the crosswalks.
See you next time!


[Trafficsafety with Poli] 01.Jaywalking is dangerous!

2550 タグ追加 保存
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