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- Since the movie is about the art of seduction and lies,
we thought we'd play a little game.
First we need some volunteers, and when I say "volunteers,"
I'll call your name.
Adrienne Carlson... [woman screams]
And Laura Ocino... - Oh, yay.
- And Patty Suarez. - Don't use that.
Don't use that. Don't--oh, my God.
[screams] - Hi.
[women cheering]
- [screams] - Whoo!
[women laughing]
- So Will is gonna tell you three things.
And so you're gonna have to guess which one is the truth
and which one-- there are two lies, right?
Two lies and a truth.
Okay, so it's gonna be-- it's hard to believe him,
because he's very-- he's a good actor.
- Yeah. - So it's hard to trust him.
So you're gonna have to figure out what is true--
- Yeah, this is my good acting face.
- Yeah, look at that.
It seems like he's really concerned and listening.
- You can't read nothing from that.
Nothing. - You seem upset by something.
- You don't know what's going on with--yeah, see?
- All right. [laughter]
Your concerned face.
All right, so you say three things--
- I'm gonna say three things.
[clears throat] - Only one is true.
- Only one is true.
"In school, my nickname was Lil Willie."
[subdued laughter]
"I have a sister who's a twin,
and her name is Ellen."
"When I was 13, I was already 6'5''."
- The first one.
- The first one:
"In school, my nickname was Lil Willie."
No. - No?
- See, that's deep. That's deep. - Incorrect.
I don't think you have a twin sister named Ellen, do you?
- She is a twin, and I have a sister named Ellen.
- Really? - Yeah.
- I didn't know that. - Yeah.
- How come I'm just-- [laughter]
I'm just hearing that now?
I have a twin brother and sister, Ellen and Harry.
- No, you don't have a twin-- oh.
- They're not my-- they're twins, I'm not.
- I was gonna say, how do you have a twin brother and sister?
- No, fraternal twins. They're fraternal twins.
They, like, came out at the same time.
- Yeah, no, I know, but they're not your twin--
- Separate eggs. - Okay.
I know what twins are. - [laughing]
- But you said-- like you had a twin.
Like, I thought it was your twin.
- I said they're twins.
- Let's not argue in front of them.
- We should move on. Listen, listen.
- We're not gonna argue in front of them.
- We're gonna deal with this in the back, okay?
- All right.
- You do the same thing to me every time, Ellen.
- All right. [laughter]
All right, next.
- Okay. [clears throat]
"I'm fluent in Spanish.
Hola. Mucho gusto."
"I'm fluent in French.
Je suis désolé..." [speaking French]
"I'm fluent in Japanese.
Konnichiwa. Domo arigato gozaimashita."
- What do you think?
- Let's say Spanish.
- Mm, that would be correct. Yes.
[cheers and applause]
All right, okay. - All right, last one.
- [clears throat]
"On 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,'
"I had to kiss Martha Stewart once,
and it was fantastic."
"I once wrote a book called 'Just the Two of Us,'
and there were pictures."
"When I was training to play Muhammad Ali,
"I could 'trush'-- I could crush a can
between my pectoral muscles."
- The first one.
- The first one:
"On 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,'
"I had to kiss Martha Stewart once,
and it was fantastic."
That would be incorrect.
[buzzer] - Aw.
- Not that it wouldn't be fantastic.
- Not that it wouldn't be fan-- yes, yes.
- We don't know that. - Absolutely.
- If Martha's watching, we don't know
that it would not be pleasant.
It might be wonderful. He just has not done it.
- Martha look like she could put it on you
if she had to, you know.
- For sure she could. - For sure, yeah.
- Yes. Yes.
So what do you think it is? - The second one.
- The second one, yes.
"I once wrote a book called 'Just the Two of Us,'
and there were pictures."
- Yes, that is the correct one. [bell dinging]
- That was the correct one, yes.
- I had--I-- - What'd you have?
- I was even cheating, and I still didn't get it right.
- [laughing]
- I even had the right answer on here,
and I still didn't know.
All right, for playing,
you're each getting a 55-inch TCL Roku TV.
Thank you very much for playing. - Whoa.
[cheers and applause]
Wow. - Fit those in somehow.
- Whoa.


Will Smith Plays Two Truths and a Lie

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