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Lets learn how to do an Egyptian shimmy. The Egyptian shimmy is done with straighter legs.
Remember the shimmy you can always count the movement of the hip in the music. So let's
start with our feet slightly apart. The legs are going to stay a lot straighter as we do
it. So let's start nice and slow. And we are just bending and straightening the knees.
So from the side there, my knees should look like there kind of like scissors. And then
I'm going, as I work the movement up my body, it's going to then move my hips by keeping
these legs straight and then it's going to work all the way up and things are going to
move. Everything is going to move, just let it all go. And then speed it up. And this
is your Egyptian shimmy. Everything is nice and flat and straight and elongated. And then
you get it going really nice, make sure your chest is lifted. Let the movement go all the
way out the top of your head. Just let everything move. Hold your arms out, breathe and smile
and keep it going. That's right. Keep those legs nice and straight and bend, straight
and bend. And you can speed it up, breathe. Practice that in a mirror, make sure everything
looks like it's all nice in line.


Belly Dancing Shimmies : Belly Dancing Egyptian Shimmy

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孫于婷 2015 年 8 月 12 日 に公開
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