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  • Warning: this video was made under the influence of caffeine!


  • So you get to work after a long commute and you're feeling a bit tired, you reach for a coffee and within seconds you feel more awakehow is the coffee affecting your brain?


  • Stay tuned to find out!


  • There's no doubt about it, drinking a coffee or any caffeinated drink when you feel tired will make you feel more alert but let's take a second to think about what coffee is.


  • Coffee comes from the coffee plant which grows in many places but primarily Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia.


  • The seeds, also called coffee beans, are packaged and shipped all over the world and are then brewed into your favorite coffee at your local coffee shop.


  • The types of coffee available are endless but no matter which you drink they will all make you feel more alert, because they contain caffeine.


  • How does caffeine make you more alert?


  • It's all to do with the neuroscienceadenosine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and so when it binds to receptors in the brain it reduces nerve activity and makes you sleepy.


  • To the receptors in the brain, caffeine looks just like adenosine and so it can bind to those receptors too, but it doesn't reduce nerve activity, it just stops adenosine binding.


  • Therefore the neurons aren't inhibited, they just speed up, which stops you feeling sleepy and instead makes you more alert and awake!


  • So there you have it, next time you reach for a coffee to give you that buzz, you'll know how it affects your brain.


  • Just make sure you don't drink too much as you might end up with a bad case of the caffeine jitters!


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Warning: this video was made under the influence of caffeine!


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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カフェインが脳に与える影響 How does caffeine affect the brain?

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