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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
Today we are making a broken heart cake modeled on the cake in the Taylor Swift song Blank
Space from her 1989 album. So so many requests for something Taylor Swift.
To make this you will need a double quantity of vanilla buttercream and recipe video for
that is on the channela nd on the website howtocookthat.net You'll also find the recipe
there and the video showing how to make the sponge cakes .
You'll also need some white chocolate melts and strawberry or raspberry sauce.
Firstly level the top of your cakes so they are completely flat.
Then use the back of your knife and press gently in the middle of the cake to make an
indent. Then turn your knife 90 degrees and make another indent across so you've marked
the cake into quarters. Carefully cut out one of the quarters and
then on the opposite side of the cake cut straight across where those two indents come
to the edge there. And then do the same thing on that quarter
piece that we cut out before so that you are making it into a triangle.
Then add that triangle to the other side of the cake.
Trim the corners off the top and then use your knife to round it out so that you've
got a nice heart shape and repeat that with your other cake as well.
Place one of the hearts onto a round cake board and sketch out an oval shape. We are
going to decorate it to make it a bit similar to the platter in the clip. If you can find
one of those platters you can just use that but this just makes it easy for you to use
a cake board. Cut that out and then melt your white chocolate
melts in the microwave. 30 seconds stir, 20 seconds stir and then 10 seconds stir until
it is melted. Pour that over your cake board and
spread it out. Lift up your cake board and tap it underneath
to get that chocolate nice and smooth. Heat up a knife and use it to smooth the edges
so that it is not bumpy and leave it to set.
On some baking paper trace around the cake so that you've got the heart shape. Then flip
that over so you don't get the pencil on the chocolate that we are going to use.
Pour some chocolate on and then spread it out, you don't want this to be too thick because
remember you want to be able to cut a knife through it easily so spread it out fairly
thin. You can do it thicker on the edges if you want but keep it fairly thin in the middle.
And you will need two of these so grab another piece of baking paper and make another one.
Place the cake onto some baking paper and use some buttercream to join the two heart
bits together. Then spread some buttercream on top and the
sides. Then add another heart on top. And spread buttercream all over the cake.
Take clean clear piece of plastic and holding it firmly at the base run it up the sides
of the cake to smooth it out, we are going to add more butter cream so if it not exactly
correct it doesn't matter just get it fairly smooth. When you get around to the top top
of the heart you can bend that plastic around so that it matches the curve of the cake and
run it up. So it just makes it really easy to smooth it.
Then use a spatula to pick it up and put the whole heart onto the chocolate coated cake
board. Peel one of the hearts off the baking paper
and add it to the top of the cake, push it down firmly but not too hard you don't want
the break it, because then you'll have to begin again.
Pipe some buttercream around the edge to outline the heart and then repeat that again so you
have a double layer of frosting going around there and make sure there are no gaps in it.
Because this is like our barrier or our pool edge so it's important.
Now pour in the strawberry sauce so we have a beautiful RED heart there in the middle.
Add the other chocolate heart on top and push it down again not too firmly, make you that
you push down just on the edges not in the middle when you do this.
Add another thin layer of frosting all over the top and then spread it out and smooth
it using your spatula and the plastic just like we did before.
Then CHANGE to a small star shaped tip and pipe little stars of buttercream all the way
around the top edge. And if anyone is thinking I wish you would show us how to do this without
a piping bag, I have a video on that, I'll link you to that in the description below.
Then pipe stars all the way around the base of the cake where it meets the cake board
and then another line of stars just above that first one all the way around the edge.
Now to make our cake board look pretty, put some melted chocolate into a piping bag with
a small round tip, or you could just use a ziplock bag with the corner cut off. Pipe
little dots all the way around the whole way around the oval.
Then on each side pipe a dot sort of just a little way in from the edge and then put
six dot as around like you've got a circle or a little flower. Then draw a line of dots
going around the circle and up towards the cake curving in and then out. Do another line
of dots on the other side of that circle just to match it there.
Now pipe a swirl of chocolate swirl around and down around that circle and back up the
other side and curve it around. Add a couple more long swirls to each side and then two
more shorter ones just to give it some style.
Let that chocolate set and then use some white luster dust and a dry paint brush and brush
over the platter. Now I know places like cake decorating stores sell luster dust. People
always ask where can I get it, It is edible and it's called luster dust you can just look
it up online. And it just makes it look a little shiny, pearlized and pretty.
For the full taylor swift effect stab your knife into the cake and if you want splatter
just shake it off the knife. If this was a movie we'd add special effects, but it is
not it is a real cake.
Now slice into the cake the strawberry sauce will flow over and out of the cake.
The first person who can count and name all of the Taylor Swift song titles mentioned
in this video will be THE LUCKY ONE to get a $30 voucher for the how to cook that shop
and the next 9 people will get free copy of the Surprise Cakes App from the itunes app
Subscribe to how to cook that for more crazier sweet creations, click here for last weeks
video, here for the channel and here to go to the website.
Have a great week and I'll see you Friday with a chocolate creation that is beyond you
WILDEST DREAMS. [music: The boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv
used with permission]



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