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Okay so let's start off by on a scale of one to ten, how much do you know about periods?
Probably about two.
Biologically quite a bit.
Well I know they happen every month.
To answer your question, five.
Probably about three.
-Four. -Four?
Six maybe.
Let's see. Cool. Let's find out.
Oh God.
Bag of tricks.
Christ. What the hell is that?
Can you identify the items in front of you?
Okay I think this is a sanitary towel. Is it?
Pad. Tampon.
-No, I can't... -You don't know what that is.
And looks like something the doctor checks your ears with.
A sanitary towel. That's a tampon.
I used to play with these actually when I was younger. My mum I used to ask her, "What
are these for?" and I'd playing them around and she'd be like, "Stop! That costs money!"
That's a... is that a Mooncup?
Don't even want to touch that.
And is this a Shewee? You know, that they use at festivals.
I know what they look like. I couldn't tell you how it works.
I couldn't give you the name, but I'm assuming that obviously it's a cup that gathers.
And this is a menstrual cup.
-A menstrual cup. -Heard of one of those?
Where do you think it goes?
Well I can imagine, but just up and hold.
-So this goes inside the vagina. -Lovely.
Close it like that, and then you insert it into the vagina.
Why do you like...?
Well because it's quite difficult to get it in like this.
Okay sorry.
That opens, and it creates a valve and it collects the blood. And when it's full you
just pull it out, wash it, empty it and stick it back in.
Well, that's quite handy, isn't it? Because it's reusable and you're saving money on the
ol' tampon bill.
And the environment.
Is this the first time you've touched a tampon?
No, but I've not seen anything like this.
Okay so how do you think we use them? How do we insert them?
You put it up somehow.
Okay so you read the instructions.
Click. It's a lot harder than it looks.
Yeah, I was expecting more...
You pull it like that.
Get into a comfortable position. Most women either sit on the toilet, squat slightly with
knees bent or stand with one foot on the toilet seat.
Sorry. That's just quite funny. Who needs the yoga class? Don't worry. I'm just on my period.
So what happens next?
-That goes up. -Show me how.
-Up there? -Yeah.
Oh I see.
This is some rocket science.
So you insert it like that. Oh effing hell. Geez. Sorry.
Well I assume that's inserted into the vagina.
-Using? -Fingers or maybe some... I don't know. No idea.
Press like that.
Nope. Oh, there you go.
You pull that back, and then this dangles out.
It's literally left dangling?
-Yeah. -As in...?
So when you need to take it out...
-You just give it a little tug. -Pull. Simple.
What do you think is going to happen?
I think it's going to fill the width of the glass.
Okay, let's go for it.
Oh my God.
Oh my gosh. That's insane.
That happens? Oh okay.
Ribbing's holding it in.
I'm disappointed. I thought it was going to get wider.
Yeah, it's expanding right? Yeah.
Does it not feel weird?
So once you've got this inside, how often do you think you have to change it?
Three or four times a day, something like that.
You just put it in and it's fine, and then you pull it out later.
You change it daily... or weekly?
-End of the day? -End of the day, okay.
Day or two?
Actually you need to change them every four to six hours.
Well I would be disgusting, wouldn't I, if I were a girl isn't it?
I'm quite glad I'm a man, to be honest. Sorry, not to be insensitive but...
What if you're sleeping?
Overnight. How does that work?
I don't know. Do you need another one?
What do you think is going through your mind now as a woman?
I'd be worried of getting blood everywhere.
You're going to have to have these on you, obviously, in your bag. And then what are
you going to have to do during the day? You're going to need access to...
Toilets to change it. Unless you're going to do it in public.
Right. That's not advisable.
Outfit choices.
Yeah, you'd have to, wouldn't you?
Why do you think people don't talk about it?
I mean, it's bleeding out of your fanny.
You've heard people go, "oh you're on your period" or "it's that time of the month again",
which is kind of an association with you being moody and miserable and things.
I think we have this whole taboo about it, like "oh she's on her period". Well so what?
I'm going for a pee when I go to the toilet or I'm going for number two. You know, what's
the big deal? It's natural.
Stigma around talking about menstruation is the bigger issue than the tampon. No periods,
no babies. No babies, no future. So how important is it to understand about menstruation?
It's very important.
You can't take the bleeding away, but if you could take away the kind of like... shoving
it up your sleeve or worrying that it leaks.
I feel terrible. I'm so sorry.
Do you think this has changed the way you think about women and their periods?
Look, I don't envy you but very sympathetic now.
I came in here thinking I knew at least something about this. Actually I realise how much I
didn't know about this.
So you didn't know as much as you thought?
-No. -No worries.
And I'm sorry.
We boys just don't get it, do we? We just don't have any idea. This is amazing. This
is like something that you girls do on a monthly basis and men have no real idea about.


How much do men know about periods? - #JustATampon

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