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Let's talk about Night Photo and Night Lapse, two killer new modes available in the HERO4 cameras.
Both have been designed specifically for low light environments, from twilight and streetscapes
to wilderness adventures and starry nights. So when the sun goes down, you won't need
to put away your GoPro, you just need to switch modes. Let's start with Night Photo. Night
Photo lets you capture a single photo with a customizable exposure of up to 30 seconds.
Your options are two, five, and 10 seconds for capturing photos at dusk and dawn, plus beautiful
streetscapes, and 15, 20, and 30 seconds for starry nights. You can also select auto, which
recognizes available light and chooses an exposure up to 2 seconds. Now let's get into
Night Lapse. If you're familiar with TimeLapse mode on the GoPro camera, this should be pretty
familiar. Night Lapse allows you to capture photos with the same control as Night Photo,
but at specified time intervals, so you can capture TimeLapse photo sequences of the night
sky. Like Night Photo, you have a range of options for shutter exposure and interval
to give you the most control of your GoPro. Sound good? Awesome. Now that you're armed
with Night Photo and Night Lapse, there's no reason not to get out there and capture
the wonders of the night with your GoPro.


GoPro HERO4: Introducing Night Photo + Night Lapse

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