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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • In this last exercise of the chapter, I'm going to show you how to close

  • documents. Now normally I won't have to show you how to do that. Closing

  • document is fairly implicit. One way, for example, is to just go up to the File

  • menu and choose the Close command or you can press Ctrl+W, Command+W on the

  • Mac. That is a consistent shortcut throughout the Adobe applications.

  • But because of the redesign to the CS4 interface, which we are going to be

  • discussing in more detail in later chapter, it's a little difficult to just go

  • and click the close box here on the PC. For example, if you go up here to this

  • close box right there, which is kind of the most logical thing to do, you think

  • well, I don't see any close boxes up there. I'll click this one. If you do

  • that, you are going to close the entire application, and that's, its takes time

  • to realize, so it's something that you can cause regret, put it down way. The

  • better way to work, if you are going to work with these close boxes is to look

  • up here, at the tabs. We have got this new tabbed view that's available to us,

  • and each tab has its own close box. So this is a close box for the current.

  • This is the close box for the nonactive document essentially.

  • You also have the option of closing all document that are open at any given

  • time, and you do it not by going up and searching for a command here under the

  • File menu. Notice we got Close, but that's just for one illustration at a time,

  • as I say. Instead, you add Alt or Option to the keyboard shortcut. So it's

  • either on the PC, it's Ctrl+Alt+W, or on the Mac it's Command+Option+W. So

  • allow me to demonstrate. I'm going to press Ctrl+Alt+W, or Command+Option+W on

  • the Mac, and notice that Illustrator went ahead and just closed everything that

  • I had opened. All two documents. If there were any unsaved changes you would

  • have got a warning. That would say Do you want to save? Do you want to not

  • save? Do you want to cancel? If you want to cancel the closing, you will press

  • the Escape key or click on Cancel. If you wanted to go ahead and save your

  • changes, you will click Yes on the PC, or Save on the Mac. That's going to be Y

  • and S respectively, if you want to do it from the keyboard. And if you don't

  • want to save your changes, you can click No on the PC, or don't save on the

  • Mac, and that's in on the PC indeed, to don't save on the Mac. So everything

  • has got keyboard shortcuts. There it is folks. In the next chapter, we will

  • take a look at opening and organizing, and we will take a look at the Adobe Bridge.

In this last exercise of the chapter, I'm going to show you how to close


動画の操作 ここで「動画」の調整と「字幕」の表示を設定することができます

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