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Today we answer the burning question, "Will it popsicle?"
Let's talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
Good Mythical Morning.
If it can, we will find out if it will. That is the philosophical discovery that
we are going to make today on Good Mythical Morning.
Welcome into this world of experiment and science and answers.
I think that's what I wanna drill home here, is that...
- This is science! - (stammering) There are answers, okay?
- And we've got 'em. Or we'll find 'em. - We will find 'em.
All related today to the question that's been burning a hole in myself
(laughing) and that is, "Will it popsicle?"
All right. Let's just get right into it. We got lots of things that we've frozen,
and now we're gonna sink our teeth into them and give you the answers.
- It's time to ask and answer… - (Rhett and Link) Will it popsicle?
Okay, we're getting started with something that I have never personally seen
put in a popsicle form, but I have eaten many of them: Cheetos.
- (biting sound) - (Rhett and Link) Will it popsicle?
Yeah, I'm pretty excited and intrigued about this one.
I'm gonna go on record and say that my teeth are very sensitive, okay?
- Really. - And so I don't like eating...
- I don't like biting into-- - Oh.
whoa, you already pulled yours out -- into ice, but...
- Smell that. Tell me what it smells like. - …this is pretty ent-ICE-ing.
Tell me what it smells like.
- Smells exactly like Cheetos. - Like a Cheeto!
Now, we soaked these in water and mushed 'em up and then froze 'em,
(clears throat) and now we're gonna… I'm a have to bite with the back teeth.
Just go with the front teeth.
- Oh. Oh! - Wow.
- It's mushy! - Got a lot of Cheeto in there.
- Not a lot of ice, just a lot of Cheeto. - Oh wow.
If you've ever soaked Cheetos in water and then frozen them… It's really soft.
I like the way it looks like an Orangesicle and you could get a kid to eat it.
Yeah, and it's good for 'em. That's the great thing about it.
- Better than oranges. - (laughing)
Um, wow. I'm really on the fence right off the bat.
- I'm not on the fence. - I felt sure this would popsicle.
I love the way it looks, and I (sniffs) love the smell of Cheetos, but...
The mouth feel is surprisingly soft, in a mushy kind of...
- It's like eating an old sponge. - …not wet way.
- Will it popsicle? - (Rhett and Link) No. (incorrect buzzer)
Sometimes you want a hot breakfast like oatmeal. Sometimes you want a
frozen breakfast was once hot, like oatmeal. So, we have oatmeal here.
- (biting sound) - (Rhett and Link) Will it popsicle?
My mom used to try to get me to eat it all the time.
(Link) Have you ever a had a popsicle for breakfast?
Well, maybe we're about to be the dawn of a new age.
- (sliding sound) - Oh, look at that.
- (Link) Whoops. Mine… - (Rhett) Look at that!
- Mine was peach and it kinda broke. - You just don't know the technique.
- Lemme try… - Here, you take this one. I'll do one.
- Just watch. It's all about how you - (childish voice) Okay, Rhett. Thank you.
- twist it. It's all about this. - (crew offscreen laughing)
This is banana. I don't like banana. Can we switch back once we...
- (Rhett exhales) - (sliding sound)
See? It's all about the technique, man.
- This is also banana. - (crew offscreen laughing)
(stammering) Come on, don't be… Come one, it's a...
I don't want it to taint my "Will it popsicle?"
Bananas are not poisonous! Nothing's tainted.
Three… two.. (biting sound)
- Oh. - Mm.
Put this on the shelves yesterday. Not kidding.
- Wow. It's like banana ICEE. - Mm.
- And then you start eating the oatmeal… - Nutritious and delicious.
- (Link) Mm. - Uh, it definitely popsicles.
- Will it popsicle? - (Rhett and Link) Yes! (correct ding)
This one here is… since it's got the word "chili" in the title,
- let's see if it popsicles. - Yeah.
You guessed it. It's chili.
- (biting sound) - (Rhett and Link) Will it popsicle?
- Heh. Whoa. That looks… - Whoa. Boy.
- That is beefy. - You're a good chili puller.
- That was my nickname in high school. - Oh, yeah. That...
- "Chili Puller." - (Link) The, um...
- (Ben laughing offscreen) - I don't know what that...
(Link) Ben though that was funny.
- (Rhett) Oh, it smells so good. - Oh, man. It smells like chili.
- (biting sounds) - Whoa.
You really don't anticipate ice being that savory.
Ooh. Ooh.
What's wrong with you, man? This is great?
- What? I just don't like it. - This is… yes.
- Well, hold on. Why do you say yes? - 'Cause it tastes like chili.
- (crew offscreen laughing) - And I like chili.
And it's chilly chili. It works as a name. It works as a slogan.
It works as a popsicle. Will it popsicle?
- (Rhett) Yes! (correct ding) - (Link) No. (incorrect buzzer)
- So this is a double experiment here. - What is this?
This is going into the sea land. The ocean.
- The sea land. - (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
(everyone on and offscreen laughing)
The ocean, dude! You know, the sea land!
Whatever. All right, here we go. I'm smarter than I sound.
- Well… that's what your mom told you. - What we...
We have shrimps.
- (splashing sound) - (Rhett and Link) Will it popsicle?
Pull yours out first. You have small shrimps.
- Whoops… - Gooey.
- (crew offscreen laughing) - You have a severed finger.
Looks like something you find and a hospital.
- We took shrimps and put them in the... - Yeah, and it really worked.
- Oh, hey! That one worked. - Now, where's the shrimp?
- There's…there's a shrimp in there. - It's in there.
(Rhett) And there's a shrimp down there.
Now, this version are bigger shrimps that I'm gonna dip.
- Non-bloody shrimp. - Oh. Look at that.
- That looks better than mine. - That's shrimp in brine.
- And I get to dip mine in this. - Okay, good for you.
(everyone on and offscreen laughing)
- Okay. - I'm not overly excited,
but this kinda makes sense, right? Shrimp cocktail is cold.
Yours makes a lot of sense. Mine looks like an accident.
- (crew offscreen laughing) - (biting sounds)
- Guh! Ah! - (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
- (banging on table) - (laughing)
- Wow, you were animated. - (inhales) Whoa!
Whoa, that's the worst! Eat that. I think you're… ugh.
- It tastes like bathwater. - (laughing)
I don't wanna bite this. (biting sound)
- It's like shrimp cocktail. - Yeah.
- Listen… oh, there you go. - (sliding sound)
- Got got my technique, man. - Give it a dip.
(squishing sound) (biting and chewing)
- It's like shrimp cocktail. - This is good.
-This is good. Let's go with this one. - (stammering) That one...
- What happened on this one? - I mean, it was an experiment,
- and it failed. - Bathwater.
But we've got this, and this is what we call, "Will it popsicle?"
(Rhett and Link) Yes! (correct ding)
By show of hands, who's into irony? (laughing) Oh, what a stupid question.
Basically, we've made a hot-sicle. It's hot sauce.
- (sizzling sound) - (Rhett and Link) Will it popsicle?
Yeah, you go. Right there.
- (Rhett) Whoa. - Oh my.
Lemme smell. It's funny because it smells hot and cold.
- Yeah, hold-and-cold-sicle. - Hot-sicle.
- Catchy name. I'm not excited about it. - There's a whole habanero right there
at the top. There's a whole habanero, so I gotta get a little piece of that.
(biting and chewing)
- Woo! It was cold, and now it's real hot. - Yeah. Yeah.
- For the thrill-seeker. - (crew offscreen laughing)
- Wow. - I think this is actually pretty cool.
- You know what? - Yeah, this is a great practical joke.
No, no, no. You go to one of those conventions where they're all
- eating hot peppers and you do this. - Uh huh.
- (Link hiccups) - (crew offscreen laughing)
- I knew it would happen. - (stammering) They'll...
- (hiccup and burp) - (crew offscreen laughing)
- Everybody will be hiccuping. - (hiccup)
- I think the answer has to be… - Laundry services?
Will it popsicle? (Rhett and Link) Yes! (correct ding)
Now we're going into totally uncharted territory. Getting a little creative, here.
- Pushing the limicks. Limits. - (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
- (hiccup) - Let's push them limicks!
With wax.
(Rhett and Link) Will it popsicle?
All right, now let's just give a pull, here.
Now, that looks the best of anything we've had.
- It's a freakin' candle. - (crew offscreen laughing)
Yeah, that's kinda the… It's kind of a joke.
- Unless you wanna bite it. Or light it. - I mean, it's...
- Is there a wick in there? (flick) - There should be.
It smells really good. What flavor of candle is this?
- (offscreen) Vanilla. - Vanilla. Well, just eat
a little bit of it. Surely it's not bad for you.
(rigid snap)
- It's like white chocolate. - (crew offscreen laughing)
- Is that toxic? - (offscreen) Uh, it could be.
The word is, "It could be."
- You know what? I think this makes a… - (spitting)
- (Rhett sputters) - (spitting)
This makes a great decoration. This would be like a cool thing to
have around at Christmas. Just don't let the kids get close to it.
(sniffing) I don't know why you would do this, actually. Just get a candle.
- Yeah, will it popsicle? - We just made a candle out of a popsicle.
- That's all that happened here. - Yeah, we did.
It seemed like a good idea on paper. Or really funny.
- I don't think it was ever on paper. - That's true.
Will it popsicle? (Rhett and Link) No. (incorrect buzzer)
Yet we do push the limits even further. Maybe wax doesn't do the trick.
What about sawdust?
- (saw cutting sound) - (Rhett and Link) Will it popsicle?
- So we sent Alex to the local Home Depot. - (Everyone on and offscreen laughing)
(Rhett) That is a sawdust-sicle.
To sweep the floor when nobody was looking.
- (crew offscreen laughing) - That's exactly what happened.
- It smells like the lumber section. - You know, but it's not bad.
- Maybe this is just a lickable. - (crew offscreen laughing)
- (Rhett) Whoa. - I'm a give it a bite.
(biting sound) Oh, it's so hard. Solid rock. Oh goodness, like...
- Well, it's actually wood. - (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
- "Solid rock, that wood." - (laughing) I couldn't bite into it.
- See if you can bite into it. - We could build houses out of this.
- (Link and crew offscreen laughing) - As long as they're cold.
- Yeah, it's like reinforcing your igloo. - (laughing) I can't bite into it.
I mean, my tooth is hurting.
- I tried. - (Link) Don't break your teeth, now.
- (snap) - (Rhett and Link) Oh!
I thought that was your tooth! (through laughter) I was so convinced!
The sound that it made! Did you hear the pop?
(Rhett) Ugh! That's just a chunkof wood, y'all.
- That's just a chunk of wood. - I'm not gonna lose a tooth over this.
(Link) I have standards. Will it popsicle?
(Rhett and Link) No. (incorrect buzzer)
All right, it wouldn't be a good "Will it" episode if we didn't go to places that
we're totally not excited about. All that other stuff was just child's play.
But we have chosen here the one thing that Rhett says he is unwilling to eat.
I don't like to-- yeah, I've tried several times. Liver.
- (squishing sound) - (Rhett and Link) Will it popsicle?
All right, grab one of these. Of course, I can't eat this either.
I mean, I don't wanna eat it. It's not like, "Oh, I'm into liver."
- (Rhett) Oh my goodness. - Ugh!
You gotta let 'em get a good shot of that. Turn it around.
- (Rhett) Look at that. - (Link) Ooh, it's s-- ugh.
Suspended liver parts. Liver pâté, right? Is that what it was? Pork liver pâté.
- I can't eat this. - Oh! Blargh!
The smell! It's the one thing I can't eat, man! Dang!
- I can't even unsheathe it. Look at this. - Oh, come on. Unsheathe it.
It's magical; it's coming out on its own!
- Ugh. You've got good technique. - Oh my goodness.
- (Rhett) Okay. Come on, Link. - (crew offscreen laughing)
I feel like I should hold hands with a loved one before I do this.
- Like call my mom or something. - It smells like fish baked.
- Hey, it's not a big deal. - (everyone on and offscreen laughing)
It just makes you wanna dry heave.
- The eyes are watering. - Come on, let's do it.
We have to do it together, because I can't watch you do it.
- Okay. - (crew offscreen laughing)
- Here we go. Three… two… one… - (biting and chewing)
- (retches violently) - (crew offscreen laughing)
Gosh! (disgusted noises) I'm sorry, man. Win for us, man.
- Take it down. Take it down! - (Rhett heaving and tapping foot)
Liver King, Liver King, Liver King.
- (retches wetly) - (Rhett laughing)
- (Rhett retches) - Take it down. (laughing)
- Ooh, it's… gelatinous. - (swishes water and spits it out)
- Ugh. - I couldn't do it.
- I got so close trying to swallow it. - It's like cat food.
It would've-- I'm sorry, I--- (gags) It tastes like congealed blood.
The moment that the taste hit (stammering) my tongue, my body rejected it.
- Well, I tried. - I don't know if you saw that.
I really tried, but I can safely say: will it popsicle?
(Rhett and Link) No. (incorrect buzzer)
It feels like I walked up to a dead pig that was frozen
and getting ready for butcher, and just took the liver and went (biting sound).
- Ugh. - That's what it would feel like.
- Ugh. All right, guys. - Oh, it won't go away.
Now you know. And you don't have to go where we have just gone.
Thanks for liking and commenting on this video.
You know what time it is.
Oh, hi. I'm William from Boston,
and it's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality!
- ♪ (Wheel of Mythicality music) ♪ - We've got some exclusive
Facebook videos happening over on our Facebook page.
- (Rhett) All Thanksgiving challenges. - Aw, yeah. Click through to Goo...
- Check it out! - Click through to Good Mythical More
where we get the crew to eat some of these popsicles.
Ugh. Oh gosh, I gotta get that taste out of my mouth.
The liver sticks with you, man. It really sticks with you.
- (Link) Imaginary jumprope… - (Rhett) …jumprope contest.
Whatcha… whatcha doin' over there, Link?
- I'm imagining I'm in a joperope contest. - (Link and crew offscreen laughing)
I just won.
[Captioned by Kevin: GMM Captioning Team]


Will It Popsicle? - Taste Test

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