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Hey it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business
and a life that you love. And it’s Tuesday. I hope that you’re watching this on a Tuesday
because that’s the day it is and it’s Q&A Tuesday. This question comes from Martina
and she writes:
“Hi Marie, I just want you to know that I find you absolutely inspiring and fascinating.”
Thank you so much. “Here’s my Q. I’ve always wanted to lead an organized life, however,
reality is much more hectic and chaotic. I expect big things for myself and I have a
vision for my life and I push myself hard to achieve it. I’m not a perfectionist,
but I always wanna go further but my friends don't get my goals and ambitions and they
keep telling me to slow down. I feel like I should keep going but maybe I’m wrong
and I should listen to my friends and just let go a bit. What do you think? Thanks, Martina.”
Martina, this is an awesome question. I will tell you, there’s only two reasons that
people tell you to slow down. Reason number one is they don't have the ambition and the
drive that you have. You’ve gotta get, girl, that this is a gift. Most people wish they
had that hunger to create. So if people are trying to tell you to slow down and you don't
want to do it, don't let anybody squash your dreams, don't let anybody keep you small.
I always think about that analogy of crabs being in a pot and one of the crabs is trying
to crawl out and the other one is trying to pull him down. That’s what it feels like
when people tell you to slow down and you really don't want to.
I mean, as a naturally driven and ambitious person myself, the worst thing you can tell
me is slow down. I’m not gonna slow down, it’s not who I am. I have a hunger to create,
to serve, to make a difference, and my biggest hope is that I go through my life and I am
sufficiently used up at the end of it. I’m not talking about getting sick or burning
myself out, I’m just talking about harnessing that natural ambition and drive that I already
have. So don't tell me to slow down, I’m not gonna do it. If you want to slow down,
great, you’ve gotta do you. But don't squash my dreams, don't try to make me go slower,
and for the love of all things holy, don't tell me to slow down.
Now for reason number two. People will tell you to slow down if you’re a hot mess and
you’re always overwhelmed and you’re like crazy chaotic running around like a chicken
with your head cut off. Here’s the deal, if you’re missing deadlines and you’re
always dropping the ball people will tell you to slow down because you’re inviting
it. Now, you can be driven and ambitious without seeming like a crazy person. So you can say,
“You know what? I’ve got so much going on in my life and I’m so excited about it.”
Or you can say, “Oh my God, I have so much going on. I’m overwhelmed, I’m crazy busy,
I can’t keep up with anything,” and then of course people are gonna say, “You know
what? You need to slow that shizzle down.”
One last thing. I want you to pay attention to who is telling you to slow down. If it’s
someone who has an amazing life and they’re creating great results, it’s someone you
respect, and you really want to take a page outta their book, well, maybe they’re worth
listening to. And on the other hand, if the person telling you to slow down has a crappy
life, they’re not someone you admire or respect, don't listen to them. And I want
you to remember this tweetable.
When you’re hungry for success, don't let anyone feed you crap about slowing down.
That was my A to your Q Martina, I really do hope it helps. And now I would love to
hear from you. If you consider yourself a hungry, driven, ambitious person, are there
things that people say to you that drive you absolutely bananas?
As always, the best discussions happen after the episode over at MarieForleo.com, so come
on over and leave a comment now.
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Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special
gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on MarieTV.




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