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Whoever brought in the most money after six months was usually hired.
Yes, hello, Chris Gardner calling for Mr. Walter Ha
We were all working our way up call sheets to sign clients.
from the bottom to the top, from the doorman
to the CEO. They'd stay till seven.
But I had Christopher. I had to do in six hours what they do in nine.
Good afternoon, my name is Chris Gardner. I'm calling from Dean Witter
In order not to waste any time, I wasn't hanging up the phone in between calls
Okay. Thank you very much!
I realized that by not hanging up the phone
I gained another eight minutes a day
Why good morning to you. My name is Chris Gardner, and I'm calling from Dean Witter
I also wasn't drinking water so I didn't waste any time
in the bathroom
Ah, yes, I'd love to have the opportunity to...okay. No problem at all, sir. Thank you very much
but even doing all this
After two months I still didn't have time to work my way up a sheet
(secretary) Walter Ribbon's office. Yes hello my name is Chris Gardner
and I'm calling for Mr Walter Ribbon. (secretary) concerning? (Chris) yes ma'am, I'm calling from Dean Witter.
(secretary) Just a moment
(Walter Ribbon) Hello? (Chris) Mr. Ribbon, hello sir
My name is Chris Gardner, I'm calling from Dean Witter (Walter Ribbon) Yeah, Chris? (Chris) Uh, yes Mr. Ribbon, I would love to have the
opportunity to sit with you to discuss some of our products, and I'm certain that I could be of
some assistance to you. (Walter Ribbon) Can you be here in twenty minutes? (Chris) Uh, twenty minutes? Absolutely!
(Walter Ribbon) I just had someone cancel. Come now! I'll give you a few minutes before the 49ers.
Monday night football, buddy. (Chris) Yes sir. Thank you very much (Walter Ribbon) See you soon. (Chris) Bye bye


The Pursuit of Happyness 6 8 Movie CLIP Cold Calling 2006 HD

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