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I've been told that I am very like bootylicious,
so I'm just worried that
it's a look that I won't be able to find anywhere else
and this might turn into a habit.
Guys Wear Leggings For The First Time
I hear they are comfortable.
They're attractive...I guess. I don't know
Leggings make me thirsty as the kids say.
So these are more of your standard jeggings.
These are really nice.
These scream my name.
Good thing I wear underwear.
I was not prepared for this video which is why I wear robot boxers today so please don't show that.
Pants of the past get out of here.
Here we go. These are really colorful.
Oh...like a freaking glove.
Now just feel like I'm getting into a leotard.
Is that kind of the leggings move?
Do girls do this move in private to get these things on.
This is ridiculous! This is ridiculous!
My penis is doing the division sign right now. I got a testicle here testicle here.
It is tight! WHAT!!
I think this is my new style.
Who needs jeans?
This is much better. I should be wearing it to a bar like I think these are like you wear a thong with these, right?
I look like a chicken.
How do you feel?
Feel like Gisele or a gazelle. Gisele's Tom Brady's wife.
I guess I felt like her too.
Like I can kick really well.
That's pretty good.
They are warmer than I expected. They are really sealing flavor.
I felt like a very weired superman right now.
This is like what Spider-man wears,
Spider-man wasn't even into like fighting crime, he just wants to wear these and be comfortable
These are tight, I feel althetic.
Final thoughts
I wish it was socially acceptable for guys to just wear these.
I'd say you know go for it, like if you really like have these be on you as a guy, or you identified it as a guy. I say go for it.


Guys Try Leggings For The First Time

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Reina 2015 年 6 月 13 日 に公開
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