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Hello, my name is Jessica.
In this clip, I'd like to give you some advices of preparing for the writing test of the Cambridge English exam.
There are two things you should do regularly to prepare for any Cambridge English writing test.
Read variety of your different texts, and write a range of texts.
For example, if you enjoy reading a magazine, practice your writing by writing a letter to the editor.
In all Cambridge English writing tests, you'll given a reason to write.
For example, you may be asked to write an e-mail to a friend, a letter of a vacation to a company, or an article for a magazine.
It's important that you find out about the different texts you might be asked to write about,
and this will vary from level to level, from exam to exam.
For more information, visit the CambridgeESOL website.
Here is the least thing you should do in any Cambridge English writing test.
Dos. Make sure you know all the task types by looking at the practice tests.
Read the whole question thoroughly and underline important parts.
Consider who you are writing to, a friend, your boss, a newspaper editor.
Writing paragraphs wherever appropriate.
Use a range of vocabulary.
Check tenses endings, plural forms, and well ordering sentences.
Check irregular past tenses and question information.
Allow time to check through what you've written.
Make sure that your hand writing is clear and easy to read if you are taking a paper base exam,
and here's the least things you shouldn't do.
Don'ts. Don't copy too many words and phrases from the question paper.
Try to use your own words.
Don't mix formal and informal language.
Don't waste time writing addresses for a letter as they not required.
If you remember these points and well caught, you can join the global community of Cambridge English certificate holders.
By the way, did you know that all Cambridge English writing tests involved by experienced examiners?
This means each writing test is look-take by a person, not a computer.
We believe this is the best way to ensure our exams among fairly and consistently.
Thank you for watching.


English Language Learning Tips - Writing Test

16260 タグ追加 保存
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