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What's up guys
You know sometimes it's tough to fit in
I read a quote somewhere that dating is like acting like someone you're not
until you feel comfortable enough to show who you really are
That's just plain pathetic
and true!
even when making friends
Growing up, I always felt like I had to learn the hot new slang to fit in
At school, I felt like I was constantly trying to catch up to everyone on their hot new phrases
That's cool, that's cool, man
This magazine is ridiculous
That's tight, that's tight
um I mean redonkulous, redonkulous
Yeah YOLO (You Only Live Once)
Am I right?
And for some reason when I don't understand their phrase right away
they make fun of me
but it's not my fault
Recently, slang has just gotten to be weird, strange, and just confusing
Dude, I think my interview went really well
Dude, you killed it
um... I mean...I think it went...well
I know, that's what I mean, you killed it
Oh yeah, yeah.. I killed it, I killed it
You don't know what killed it means, do you?
No, I know, it's...
Dude, get with the times bro
Haha I'm sorry, I killed it?
Look, I don't know where you were raised
but where I come from
killing is generally looked down upon
If you tell me I killed something, I don't think oh my god yeah I killed it
I think I murdered something
to death
You need to tell me that I was so good that I cause...I cause death?
I'm sorry
Man, that was a good movie, huh?
Yeah, man, that movie was nasty
Oh, my bad. I mean there's some blood in the back...
Oh man, that was freak'n nasty, man
Yeah, you liked it right?
No, you didn't like it?
This one is my personal favorite
that's nasty
The first time I heard this phrase
I thought someone was legitimately trying to make me feel bad and put me down
Hey dude, I saw your new video
It was nasty
Rewind...what caused someone to make this a good phrase?
Yeah that's nasty
Oh!! that's nasty
Dude, that's nasty
I just got a hundred on my SATs
That's nasty
What's going on tonight
um meeting you guys at six, then dinner at seven
Really, we're using drugs as expressions of approval? what's next?
dude I won the powerball! I won the lottery, man!
So how was the party?
You missed out! Yeah that party was stupid
Wait, so was that good...or...
and when that girl hit her head on the table, it was retarded
and we danced all night to the best song ever
I think it went oh, oh, oh
I think it went yeah, yeah, yeah
She was BAD
yeah she really wasn't that good...
oh no, she BAD
like BAD, you know what I mean?
she badass, man
to get to the other side.
I'm dead.
Was it that funny?
I'm dead.
Really was my joke that good? Did it kill you?
Man, this guacamole is ham
No, there's no ham in it
No, not ham... H.A.M.
hard as a motherf**ker
well if you thought my guacomole was hard, why didn't you just say so
no, HAM
Hey man how's it going huh?
Keepin' it real man
Keepin' it real
Keepin' it real, wow
As opposed to what, exactly?
Hey man how's it going?
Keeping it fantasy
That's nasty
You're stupid


知るべき8つの英語スラング 8 Urban Dictionary Definitions You Need To Know ft. Ki Hong Lee

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